Who Are You in the Accounting Profession

November 19, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

hi there Roger Knecht president of
universal accounting Center wanted to speak with you today about who are you
who am i what i mean by that is this in our culture so many people identify
themselves by what it is they do for a living what tasks they performs what
jobs they have when were younger perhaps it’s just here’s where I work but the
point is is when we get older one of the things that we need to understand is it
so important that we quickly identify ourselves is not where we work or what
task to perform but what career what profession if we embraced and where is
it that we’re passionate what I’m trying to communicate here is are you an
accountant are you a bookkeeper that’s what I’m trying to discuss so let’s have
this conversation from a standpoint of the stereotypes we oftentimes deal with
in the accounting world you might be referred to have hurt perhaps the idea
of being a bean counter someone that actually is a pencil pusher well these
things are derogatory and I hope you’re not using them as you’re discussing with
others what you do for a living what you want to do is you want to step beyond
that now I’m not suggesting just stopping at the point of I do account
money nor bookkeeping I want to actually take to that next level and actually
give you some things to empower you in your career so the first thing I’d like
to do is talk about this statement of I am a successful accountant bookkeeper
tax preparer in fact my clients referred to me as a profiting growth expert in
fact that right there is what makes the big difference now one of the things
that I want to do with this statement here is just trying to break it down and
try and give it some structure for you first of all these are statements of
declaration what it is you do so for example I am an accountant well if you
aren’t then great state that you are if you’re a bookkeeper than say that you’re
a bookkeeper if you’re a tax preparer than say that your tax preparer but by
all means what are you what is it that you do for your clients for your
employer that makes you who you are today now complement that with this
other important fact what I shared with you just a moment ago is this concept of
becoming a profit and growth expert is something that we here at universal
accounting Center very much pride ourselves on helping people with in
there accounting career identify themselves as
being just much more than that accountant or bookkeeper that they might
might have seen themselves as maybe a month ago maybe a week ago maybe a day
ago so here’s what I’d like to do is now have you understand that there’s so much
more in the accounting profession look at it this way what’s the difference
between a corner and a doctor you as a bookkeeper as an accountant as a tax
preparer primarily looking at the past trying to explain what happened or are
you more of the doctor taking the approach of what is potentially possible
what can we do to improve things what can we do to actually better the
situation are you proactive that way as you’re working with your employer and
clients so in any case what is that profit and growth expert that’s what I’m
introduced to you and encourage you to contact Universal accounting Center and
speak with someone today about what is it to become that profit and growth
expert and actually make a difference in the lives of business owners who are
doing the best that they can do with what it is that they do well so take
care have a great day and remember this if it’s about accounting it is universal
and if it’s a about accounting success accounting success is definitely
universal so have a great day