What made the launch of your academic institution a success?

November 7, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Well, I think that I should be modest. I mean
we are successful because we have no competitors. So everything is relative. So we are successful
because there is nobody else that is more successful, just because there is nobody else.
But I think that we are successful because we have identified the market, that there
is the market there, and we build up a package that would be relevant to this market. That’s
what makes us successful, because we are tuition free, and that’s the only thing. People
can afford it. I don’t think that– we are a non profit. I think that you can be for
profit and still be tuition free. So we are successful in doing that, but we are mainly
successful because we’re building up a model to show other universities how to go beyond
their boundaries and reach this population that nobody tried to touch them. They’re
the untouchable of the higher education. And we show, we build a model for governments
to spend a fraction of what they spend on traditional universities and be able to educate
all the masses, everyone in their country. We are the first to identify this need and
to build a product and jump in and offer it. There is a price to it because there is a
lot of skepticism out there. And be the first moving, be first mover, be the revolutionizer
has a price to it because people come and said, “Well, what is the hidden motivation?
Well, will you succeed? Well, will you get these, will you do that? Probably won’t
be able to make it. Probably it will not last.” So it’s hard because you have to convince
not only succeeding the business, but convince people that your motivation is pure and that
you will succeed and what you’re doing is the right thing and you’re doing the right
thing at the right time for the right reason with the right people. There are a lot of
skepticism, which is really hard because it’s hard– well, it’s hard for you as an individual
because you always feel, “Why do they attack me?” Right? But on that [INAUD], I think
that it makes things, you know, students– some students are even skeptical. “Will
you be there in the next few years?” And quite a few students that we have right
now are there not because necessarily they feel that we are the best choice, but because
they have no other choice. So quite a few students come and say, “What alternative
do I have?” Some others look at it– our academic background and the people who are
behind that and said, “Well, if these sort of people are behind it, I’m assured that
it will succeed and I will get a proper education.” But others says, you know, “We don’t know.”
So it’s a– it’s challenging. Let’s put it this way, yeah?