Using Builder Profile in Education

November 11, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

I’m Dawn Nizzi. I’m an educator for…, this is my 31st year in education. K-12. And I am Kathy McGauvran. I’m a business and talent specialist. So our CAPS program, CAPS stands for Center for Advanced Professional Studies. What’s unique about our program, and why it’s so entrepreneurial in its nature, is that it comes from a Youth Career Connect grant, which was funded by H1B visas from the Department of Labor. It is specifically designed to drive students to recognize that they have talents and passions around the STEM fields, healthcare and the financial sector. Part of what we also do is we reach out to the business community and listen to their needs. And industry is telling us that we have these great, bright kids, but that they, you know, have some deficiencies when it comes to working as a team and being an entrepreneur and, you know, going with the passion that they have to be a leader or to be a builder or, you know, to take an idea and run with it. So what we do is we develop professional portfolios for the kids and we help them identify what their passions are and to actually not just tell them yes, you can do anything you want, but to show them the avenues on how to get there and BP10 has been a critical tool for them. Because it makes them see, you know, what the different aspects of BP10 is and how they can apply that to their lives and take it out into their next steps, whatever it may be; if it’s the job field or if it’s their college or if it’s just their everyday life and how they can adapt that and make it work for them to their best advantage. All kids are builders. Absolutely. Everybody’s a builder. We’re all…
Yeah. And it’s been neat watching their reactions because when we’ve done the BP10, they’re like well, I don’t want to start a business. I have no interest in doing that. But everybody has it in them. It’s an innate sense to want to make a difference. And if it’s the person who’s got the idea, or the person that is driving the train, or if it’s the person that’s going to build the idea, or run the show, everybody is a builder. And it’s been fun for us to see them identify the fact that yes, I am a builder and to walk around now and say oh, I could do this, because I’m a builder. In our use with the BP10 with our students, it’s about the conversation with them. So Kathy and I also share our BP10 results and so we can have a conversation with each student, or each team of students, around their top talents and not about who’s got disruptor first and, oh, you’re profitability. It’s more about what we have and that conversation and how we complement one another. We have the ability to work with our students every day and to take them out of a traditional classroom and apply a concept like BP10. The best or the most beneficial thing is to actually watch somebody transform. You watch somebody come in on day one and they’ve got the I’ve been in a traditional classroom, I’m bored, I’m tired, I’m not interested in being here, to okay, this is kind of interesting. Or oh, I have this kind of talent. Or I have this capability. And I have literally watched this young woman go from being very closed and very, you know, to herself, to really exploring what her options are. She never thought she could go and do something different. She always thought she had to stay on the path that was chosen for her. And she said to me just the other day, “If it wasn’t for this and if it wasn’t for you guys giving us the tools, like the BP10, and being able to have myself do some self-discovery”, she said, “you’ve changed my life. You have changed the course that I have been on and I am going to do something now because I believe in myself. Not because my parents told me. Not because you told me. Not because my teachers told me. But because I believe that I can make a difference.” And it’s because of things like this. Hi. I’m Dawn. I help students build their lives. I’m a builder. Hi. I’m Kathy. I help our students believe in themselves. I am a builder.