UNOH – Accounting  Degree 2018

UNOH – Accounting Degree 2018

September 12, 2019 1 By Kody Olson

(compelling music) – [Narrator] UNOH is your path
to a future in accounting. The field of accounting
is exciting and demanding as a professional career. As an accounting major,
students will learn how to prepare financial
reports and statements, perform cost procedures, and complete audits for business firms. Every company needs an accountant, from a small family business to large Wall Street corporations. The university’s accounting
programs are unique, because you’ll take accounting classes during your very first quarter. At many other colleges, you
don’t start accounting courses until your third year. Plus, our instructors
bring their real life accounting practices into the classroom. [NATSOUND] Any time we have a change, the very first thing you
wanna do is determine what has already been depreciated out, so what’s my current book value? [Debra] The professors are
definitely very experienced in their field, you have CMAs, CFEs, CPAs. I feel like it made them better teachers, just because they had to
get to that level themselves and know the material so well. Knowing it so well helped
them teach it better. They really knew hands-on,
not just book knowledge. – [Narrator] The UNOH accounting program will help you develop the
strong managerial skills required in today’s workplace. You’ll learn how to
organize financial reports, evaluate financial operations, and make recommendations to management. Accountants comprise the
backbone of every business, whether it be a restaurant,
non-profit organization, or Fortune 500 corporations. [Ryan] The accounting program really gave me a good educational foundation of where I’m at now in my career. It really opened up a lot
of opportunities for me, and gave me a very good starting point. – [Narrator] UNOH has
three accounting tracks, so once you have your
foundation in accounting, you can expand your
career options by taking the CPA track courses, or
specialize in forensic accounting. Our Bachelor’s degree in
accounting with a CPA track requires an additional year of education. It will provide the necessary
additional credit hours needed to sit for the
CPA exam upon graduation. CPA’s typically specialize in auditing, tax preparation, and consulting. The forensic accounting
program offers courses that focus on fraud, including
prevention and detection of illegal financial activity,
such as embezzlement, bribery, and securities fraud. Graduating with this
degree will give students the knowledge needed to sit for the certified fraud examiners exam. [Xander] Both of my
parents are police officers and forensic accounting is
sort of like police work, so I’ve always kind of had that background of just being around my
parents and I really enjoyed the fact that with forensic
accounting, you can catch someone doing something
wrong and hurting people and prevent them from doing that again. – [Narrator] CPA’s and
forensic fraud accountants will find opportunities in
manufacturing companies, financial institutions,
governmental agencies, not-for-profit organizations,
and opportunities to start their own business. According to the Bureau
of Labor Statistics, job opportunities will
be the greatest for those with specialized accounting education, including CPA licensure or
certified fraud examiners. The FBI is one of the biggest recruiters of forensic accounting
graduates who have sat for the CFB exam. UNOH graduates that are accounting majors find great jobs in many
types of organizations. So no matter what your goals
are, you’ll be prepared to achieve them with
an accounting education from the University of Northwestern Ohio.