UCPath Center is hiring now. Work at the University of California.

September 21, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

(fast upbeat music) – Being able to take that pride and saying I work for the University of California, it says something. – [Man] I think a big part of what I enjoy about working at the UCPath Center is that really it’s like a startup company. – [Man] But also a place where it has the support of UC. – That’s something that really excites me is knowing that whatever I’m doing today, there’s an impact towards 200,000 employees. – [Woman] We’re at the forefront for educational institutions everywhere. – It’s just a place that you can feel innovative. – [Woman] I feel that my ideas and suggestions do have a large impact. – [Man] The culture and energy here is phenomenal. – [Woman] I love the diversity of the group of people I work with. – [Woman] You have unlimited opportunities for growth here. – I have a wonderful supervisor who has already assisted me with my short term and long term goals. – [Woman] I started as an HR generalist. Today I’m an HR supervisor. – [Woman] You have a team behind you that’s so supportive and wants to see you continue to achieve amazing things. – [Man] The pay here is competitive. – [Man] Excellent benefits, it’s just a great place to work. [Man] I expect to have
a lifelong career here. (upbeat music)