Touring the Ryerson Student Learning Centre

January 1, 2020 0 By Kody Olson

the student learning center, being
at the corner of yonge and gould, really has to try and take
the character of both of these environments and blend with them and bring them into the building. something that says that this is
ryerson and this is where you enter ryerson campus from, from yonge street. so the first goal of just
containing the upper floors could have been achieved by just a plain box, as you can
see here – a straight extrusion. but the second goal of creating sort
of the signifier – of creating
something with character, we had to take this box and be
a little bit more creative. so on the west side we have this
retail frontage along yonge, and then you turn the corner to the main plaza that brings
you into the entrance hall of the building, which we like to call the valley. it’s
this kind of bowl-shaped, it’s sort of
like an amphitheatre and really creates this sort of cozy space for this event hall that we have in the centre of the lobby– this cafe. so this, it’s like this
bowl for this activity. the lobby leads really well into the second
floor, which we like to call the bridge. and it creates the connection into the
existing library, but it also creates an overlook for all the events going on in the entrance hall. so the third floor of the building is
called the bluff and it’s this set of spaces at the top of the atrium looking down on the event space– the lobby below. in this floor we have the dmz, which is a multidisciplinary
workspace for entrpreneurs specifically working
with digital media. and so in this place they can innovate–
they can collaborate with students and researchers at the university. the fourth floor – the garden – is a place of student support. so on this level we have
seminar rooms and tutoring rooms, and offices for different support staff that can
help the students in different ways. we also have a large common room that
overlooks a green roof that connects to the existing building. the fifth level of this building
is called the sun. this level has a series of open spaces surrounding
a group of rooms. and these open spaces have different
characteristics depending on the
positioning within the building. they have
different qualities of light, different heights and different uses. the rooms within the main volume are study rooms or seminar rooms that can be used for
either instruction or for video conferencing. the sixth level of the building is one of the most exciting levels that we have. it’s been named the beach. it’s a floor that’s completely dedicated
to open study space and it’s got this really interesting
interpretative floor created of a series of levels that go down towards the southwest
corner of the building. it’s really sunny, it’s really open, and it’s got a great view of the surrounding
city. and it’s got all sorts of features
that allow students to kind of interpret and use the open study space in
any way that they see fit. the seventh level is one that we call
the forest. it’s dedicated to what we termed sort of traditional study. on this level we have some large open spaces:
one dedicated to silent study, one to computer computer desks and another to grad study. the eighth level – the top of the building –
is a level that we call the sky. this level is divided into two halves
by a bar of study rooms, and it has a large open study room on either side of this bar of study rooms. this level transitions dramatically from
an aread of low ceiling height to an area of double ceiling height by this grand, sloped ceiling
that we have in this area. so students can study in the southwest corner in the sunlight with this grand view of the cityscape around them.