The Role of Higher Education Institutions in the Future of Learning 8/8 | Cognizant

November 19, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

[Music] These are what I would call as concrete, which is absolutely important. But universities also play a vital role, in terms of provision of abstract skills. You know the ability to deal with uncertainty vs the resilience part or more importantly creating global mindset, entrepreneurial mindset and a relentless curiosity to learn and so on, those are abstract if you will. So the point is well-taken that we absolutely need to focus on a skills part, but as a university I would be failing in my duty to the external world, to the civil society if I only focus on skills. This is not to say the skills are not important for professional segments. You are 45 years old, and you now need to upgrade your digital skill. Absolutely, universities have a role in terms of upscaling so that is the nuance that I want to focus on. So what is the solution from a university point of view? Obviously can we embed certain skill-based components into our into our degrees etc? I think Kaplan called it cre-degree CRE degrees, credential degrees, etc. So you get the degree, but you also do some sort of a certification and so on. Again the larger point is there are incredible opportunities for higher ed. You’ve always thought about it in terms of undergraduate product line and a graduate product line, but in the future, the world is going to belong to upskilling and reskilling, which is fundamentally going to be skills driven. So universities have to transition into that space and offer not only abstract thinking skills, but also concrete skills. [Music]