The Hopeful (ft. Taryn Southern) | The Temp Life | S4:E13

November 15, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Well, this is a real treat. Nancy Roeder has come all the
way from Sherman, Oklahoma to meet with us in hopes of
getting a job in IT today. We saw her video resume. -On your resume, under
experience, you just wrote “life.” Do you have any IT experience? -IT jobs, no. I do, however, ride my bike on
a weekly basis to the Sherman Public Library to get
on the public Internets. But, unfortunately,
our janitor, Jose, he’s been logging on and
hogging all the time. So I would say my skill
set is more in the aerobics and bisonry categories. -Oh, bisonry. Bison are animals. And you know who loves animals? Laura’s boyfriend
Pete, actually– -Wow. —and bison– -I’m sure he’s seen one. -He’s probably seen
one in a picture. -Yeah, probably. -My ex-boyfriend used to love
my animal Pickles, my cat. But Pickles had to be
put down last week, because he went feral. Have you ever seen
a feral animal? -Yes. -They kind of resembles
small diseased tigers. -That’s terrible. But you know what’s happy? They are completely,
completely in love. And what’s great
about them is they have no idea how
boring they are. There are just so
that much in love. -You cannot replace a true love. And that’s how I
feel about Pickles. -Um, OK. -OK. -Laura and Pete have
been talking marriage. -Well, mazel tov to you. That’s what the French
say for “good luck.” I’ve got to say, Rosetta
Stone works miracles. -I know, we saw it in your video
that you’ve been brushing up. That video was haunting. -It’s really going to
stay with me forever. -So, Andrea, let’s get
down to brass tacks. Here’s the deal. I think, what we need to do is
get you into speak to a Alina Dolores, who’s the head
of human acquisitions here at Cellton’s
She hunts bison. -No way. -Yeah. -Really? -No. -Wouldn’t lie. -Wow, to meet another femme
fatal who can hunt bison is a very rare thing. -I think, they’ll
be best friends. Absolutely. -Sure. -And we could even hunt for
bison together on the weekends. -Yes. -I’m excited. [MUSIC PLAYING]