The Future of Airbnb: Interview with an Airbnb “Experience” Host

November 23, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

hello youtube this is richard founder of short-term rental and Airbnb super host and today I’m coming to you live from Calle Ocho in Miami where we’re doing the very first Airbnb experience and we wanted to review it there’s definitely some partying going down here in Miami and in little Kulick iho affiliate cruise Avenue what you call it Antti Niemi right whatever it’s got four different name there’s a party going on and we’re having a great time and Max is a wonderful hostess introducing us to your native flavors and your cuisine it’s been remarkable but now I’d like to turn a little bit to sort of the business of being a host or hostess on Airbnb for the experiences how long did it take how’d you come up with the idea what’s your experience been it’s angry I reckon printout mine like my oh yes although after meeting off you’re thinking about us a great a good yeah and I’m really excited about that I think there’s a couple of things like move around and buy some new furniture but good get started yes I have some more videos ignore that accident to water I see the pictures right exactly yeah but but until then I’m doing the hosting it came to Miami probably a couple months ago and I saw a Facebook ad for it and I said my gosh like this is what I do with all my friends and anyone’s company introduced them secure food and culture and drinks and ice cream I might as well do it as business and I’ve loved it so far that’s really people and I’ve been able to share my culture which I love I get to hang out in Kyoto both we get it now and it took about probably about a month between from the start which was what kind of experience do I want to her to it actually lies on the map and I think everybody’s really trying to do a good job of creating and curating really quality experiences so I actually submitted an experience before this one and it wasn’t accepted oh god it was just too big I was pretty much saying like oh I’m happy to like create itinerary for you and they were like no no that’s not would want what they say it could someone into your experience and carotid Hamilton and the answer should be no right it’s such a it’s so reliant on you and your personality and your connection and knowledge of the community that no one else should be able to provide your experience for you so that’s really what I’ve tried to do with la bocha colada right really give you the history and the tour and really curious for you well you did quite well with that we really appreciate it it’s been fabulous and I guess my question for people that are doing this to make money from a business perspective what are your thoughts and yeah so I when I built the experience I knew wouldn’t find it with a shelf would look like right that’s the type of experience in line people to have and then I came down here to kyocho actually choose the because I expect I’m not at all time launching all the time I didn’t know which restaurant I wanted to choose I look around and actually slope the managers and then look the food and taken a couple places to make sure that it was up to my standards and right anyone to have any want people to walk away with vacuum experience that was that one took the most time and I haven’t actually I’ve spoken to the proprietor they all know that I’m going to bring we’ll hear but I haven’t done any kind of like open you give an appetizer for free or a free copy right because I want them to get to know me first and the type of people that I’m bringing and then I know that that will come naturally and that will figure out some kind of wait and before for the customers and so I think you know for people who do want to build an experience like this that would probably be the way that I would I mean unless you already have those connections are most really long time oh yeah building that relationship I think you want to develop that trust in the relationship like you said and then that business component of it will come naturally yeah and one thought that I have is I here to speak to you about your business and then my business is maybe you can reach out to some super hosts in the Miami area and say here my I don’t know my business cards or here’s my experience or you know I’d really appreciate the lead and so on right because like the host of we’re staying and gave us a little list of things that he recommended like there’s how you get to the beach and here’s where you get coffee and he agreed to this and if he had hyperlink to here’s a great experience run by a friend of mine I likely would have clicked on that right so like from a marketing perspective yeah so maybe from a marketing perspective just go search on Airbnb look for super hosts in and around the Miami area introduce yourself maybe maybe give them you know a cup of coffee or baby yes exactly they cannot men too great but we didn’t you loved it exactly I love that now I’m going to be cool ah well look that would be a good problem to have right and you said you also submitted another experience within the review process yeah yeah I was thinking a little bit longer version you can do an experience which is about to our experience and then an immersion is at unit 3 day where you really immerse yourself and so with that one it’s kind of very similar to what we do at the dinner your coffee but they’re dancing and volcano shaking people learn how to dance salsa wow that’s something I do as a public service well if I see some a little out of those of him and then the next day we actually go to the Cuban museum it’s called the Americans able to Cuba diasporic it was being in Miami and it actually is celebrating the work of artists in the Diaspora the beautiful medium and great exhibit up and and so it’s kind of giving another part of the Cuban culture our art and what we see in the Diaspora all we’ve been exiled for our country today is like absolutely Nathan well look it’s been a real pleasure to meet you it’s been a real pleasure to taste your entire cuisine and learn so much about it and it’s also gonna be a real pleasure to get on the spin bike tomorrow at 10:30 in the morning and you know work some of this off because my goodness I don’t know how you could do this every single weekend but I you know I feast it and I appreciate it very much yeah I really did and I mean I’m proud of myself you know so for any of you that are interested in this and I highly recommend it you should come to Miami and you should do this dining experience you can find max in our link below in the video so go ahead and click on that and I just want to thank you so much max it’s been a real pleasure and it’s been a memorable experience and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well and I wish you nothing but continued success amazing thanks so much for having us he wasn’t dead