TESTOSTERONE & AGEING – Dorian Yates on Steroids

November 20, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

If I wasn’t a professional bodybuilder, I – I wouldn’t if I had not continued with my professional bodybuilding career at that point, that critical point where I went to knife champions? [I] wouldn’t have take(n) steroids if I would have stopped right you know and Also, there’s a psychological side to it. A psychological addiction Perhaps to Steroids. there may be more than psychological Maybe it’s slightly physical as well But a lot of people get into this sport because of insecurity [so] [they] don’t feel good and they want to build up and to feel stronger to feel more powerful and You know steroids [where] will allow you to take that to the next level you know so if your whole Importance of self is built up in how big and muscular you are You’re never going to want to stop taking those steroids because you’re going to lose that When you can’t it’s not you know you can’t keep that level of development when you stop taking those hormones you will come down to a degree, so And it’s going to be a crash is going to be a physical crash There’s going to be a mental crash all those things you need to you know before you step on [that] Merry-go-round You need to think about those things. Did you start right away 97 did you scale back? I mean, do you know what [I] didn’t like my [normal] typical approach is black and white so I actually just Pretty much stopped which was not the wisest decision [rate], you know My testosterone levels were very low I was still married at the time and we’re thinking about trying for another child and my sperm levels were nearly nearly non-existent after 18 months, two years My daughter was conceived so things were coming back to normal um But I was 36 37 and my testosterone did not come back in the normal healthy range it was suppressed it was somewhat under so At that point I decided to take testosterone placement. Which if I hadn’t taken steroids Maybe I wouldn’t [have] to take that or maybe it would have been later or so on so you know there was some Long-term implications and that it shut down my own production. Okay. [do] you still take yeah? I take and probably Most people as they get middle-aged it. It’s actually better for your health to keep it in that range than to have low help That’s what they’re finding now people with low testosterone Have a much greater heart disease more of aging related diseases, diabetes, arthritis these kind of things. Actually, one of the guys that is You know kind of promoting the male hormone replacement is from Birmingham? And he said [he] [said] patients have been on multiple [medications] for you know for these [Dobia] Diabetes are arthritis different different things and he put them on a testosterone placement, basically Is off all the other medications, so maybe it’s a cheap way for the NHS to Avoid You know all those other medications and problems that come with aging their eyes related diseases You know do you think steroids are too easily accessible now for the high school football player? You know for the for the girl wants to get in shape for [the] beach? Maybe that’s not the best example or for [teak] There’s too much of it out there because when you started only bodybuilders took steroids. Yeah Because there was some like a subculture And it was only in that world and people outside of it hadn’t really her heard that much And I remember when I first started training, I asked a couple of guys in the gym and they were a bit like You know I don’t know. No, we don’t take them You know? It was a bit like that. Like an inner circle That you have to penetrate and like you know to really find out yeah to watch the rest of this fascinating interview click on the link below and go to London real Academy.com there you can sign in with your social media log in and watch the rest of the episode for free Along with all of our episodes on London real my webinars and all of our premium content all located over at London real academy.com So click on the link below you’ll be directed there. You can watch the rest of this fascinating interview, and I’ll see you there