Tech Dorm Room Tour – Princeton University

September 19, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

What’s happening guys, my name is Nick che I’m a freshman here at Princeton University studying economics and today I’m gonna give you guys a dorm room tour and show you guys how I’m using tech to you know spice up my Room keep things cool keep it interesting Also, make sure you guys stick around to the end because I have some very exciting news All right So first off how Princeton dorming works is your freshman year when you come in you’re assigned one of six residential colleges There’s Whitman rocky Mattie Butler Ford’s and Wilson. And a lot of people say it’s the nicest one It’s the most newly renovated the dorms are really nice The hallways are really clean compared to other residential colleges that have been around for so long So in Whitman, I’m in a quad meaning that there’s four of us in one room well essentially we have Two bedrooms and one common room meaning that I have a roommate and then the other two people in my quad and we share a common room luckily, I get along really well with my roommates, you know, we always have friends over we have, you know, similar friend groups Which makes it really easy for this common room to be just a place to relax So first off we have this futon that we got from Amazon, I think for around like a hundred bucks But split between the four of us It’s super convenient when you’re trying to watch a movie or your friends from out of town are staying it’s just another bed That people can sleep on it’s not like super comfy But it does the job. Behind me I have my Photos that I printed out on campus and just have them hung up there Speaking of if you guys are interested in buying some of these prints leave a comment down below I’m considering opening up a shop for that. Next up, we have our refrigerator. One of my roommates brought this with him I definitely think it’s a College essential I couldn’t imagine not having a refrigerator just because you know We have drinks in there left overs food snacks just like it’s a very convenient place to store your food So it doesn’t go bad I personally like having a protein shake so I have a blender which I use and then just buy some frozen fruit ice You know milk which is all located at the convenience store on campus. All right, next up We have a TV and a TV stand and I don’t know the exact dimensions. It’s not terribly big. It’s not terribly small I think it does a job for what we want what it’s just like to watch a movie or hang out or watching Netflix It’s one of the Roku TVs meaning that there’s already Netflix on it, which is super convenient I also brought my xbox from back home. So every now and then we’ll play some call of duty All right. Now Princeton desks are pretty standard all across campus meaning that, you know, everyone has the same desk Everyone has the same chair. So if you don’t know I’m a photographer and videographer Meaning that I just have a lot of gear in general whether it’s camera gear or monitors or like editing stuff So first off on my desk, I bought a second HP monitor right when I got here. It’s not like crazy expensive I think it was around like a hundred hundred fifty bucks, but it’s super convenient when I’m editing I can just plug that right in and then I have a second screen if I need another window open I also have this headphone stand for my beats, which I like to just keep there when I’m editing a fan I have this a typical desk lamp also some photos hanging up and then to my Left I have just my wall of hats. All right in the pullout drawers That’s just where I keep a lot of my miscellaneous stuff You know pencils pens batteries cables anything that I don’t want out in public and in my pull-out desk I have a magic trackpad and then an Apple keyboard and then a chi mini and to the right of my desk This is the bookshelf that I had to buy it wasn’t included on the top shelf I have a charging dock for my Apple watch in my iPhone right next to that I have my Amazon echo dot which is super convenient. If you guys know have an Amazon echo yet I highly recommend you get one They’re super affordable right now and it’s just completely changed the way I’ve you know, listen to music or you know Call people or make texts. It’s not even being lazy. It’s more. So just that it’s so convenient I wake up every morning and I say Alexa, what’s the weather like today? And she’ll say Alexa play Drake Playing songs by Drake from Spotify That’s up pair of bluetooth I Also have it paired to my Harman Kardon speaker, this is a really great speaker has amazing sound It has really a solid base right below that I kind of had this camera shelf where I just keep Some extra equipment that I don’t need in my backpack right away So it’s my Canon film camera my polaroid some extra lenses things that just aren’t being used in the daily But are still good to have as a photographer and then other than that are just some books that I want to read Just miss laser equipment there now moving on to my bedroom. This is pretty standard size for Princeton They’re not crazy big and they’re not crazy small. Luckily. I think it’s a good size for two people. The closets are pretty standard I wish there was just a little bit more room because I tend to have a lot of clothes and then I just bought like this coat rack where I hang up a lot of my coats during the winter the Swami R which is super convenient and on my Dresser, I just have things that I use every day to get ready So my deodorant Cologne lotion things like that that’s swinging from the walls. I have these really nice light bulbs They’re a little bit bigger than just your standard Christmas lights. And I think they gave moth is really warm glow It’s just a lot more relaxing and homey feeling than the standard lights that they come with then on the side of my wall I have more Polaroids I use the Instax wide which Captures them this way and it’s super convenient me the bigger Polaroids compared to the smaller ones that people usually have just some miscellaneous things are around the room we have the string of LED lights that can change color. These are great for parties or when friends come over or you’re watching a movie It just totally sets the mood. You could get it to change colors everything which is super cool. These are on Amazon It’s like 20 bucks I definitely recommend if you’re a college student just to give it that You know college vibe now when it comes to like making your own food and snacks we have a lot of cabinets and drawers that we just kind of fill up with like plates or napkins or chips that we just restock when necessary I also have these shelves which I like to keep my cuffs and utensils and anything else I might need to you know, make a smoothie or you know, heat up some food or whatever above’s TV We have this really really big whiteboard because my roommates are good science majors They like to do a lot of their homework, you know in writing on the board so they can see it. It’s overall That’s just kind of a dorm room tour of an average room at Princeton I wouldn’t say that. This is the best room here or the worst room I just think it’s very great for freshman year when you’re just getting acclimated next year I am going to be moving to a double but luckily there’s two separate rooms So that’s gonna be super convenient, you know, the biggest thing about a dorm room is that essentially it’s your home away from home It’s where you do all of your sleeping. It’s ready to do some of your work It’s where you come to just relax and get away from the stress of college Meaning that you don’t have to make it feel like home. You don’t have to put up decorations Do things to your desk that make it personal to you? that way you just kind of have this like Refuge when you know stress from school is getting too much and you can just come back to your room and relax I know a lot of guys were asking me to make this video So I hope that helped If you guys have any other suggestions for videos what you want to see before the end of the year? make sure you leave it down below if you’re new to this channel and want to see more about my life at Princeton in my Photography and videography stuff, please. Make sure you guys subscribe I mentioned this in one of my previous videos But this summer I am actually going to Paris for June and July because I got an internship at a TV and film studio So I’m super super excited for that. I just got my apartment and flights and everything booked So yeah, if you guys want to see those videos in Paris, which are gonna be so sick. Make sure you guys subscribe Thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you guys next time