Student Life and Athletics at Wright State University

November 20, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

College is about experiences.
It’s about how you grow and develop. You come into college
wide-eyed and nervous and you leave with a
sense of direction. I’ve been able to not only excel
in the classroom, but I’ve been able to make friends, I’ve been
able to do job opportunities, so it just keeps growing. If you got to college and you
get involved in these student organizations, and you start
making these friends, and you really just have these
opportunities to benefit yourself, you’ll really love
your experience at Wright State. There’s a lot of different
areas for students to just kind of do their own thing.
If you wanna go and hang out with friends at a basketball
game or on campus somewhere, there’s a pool on campus,
recreational facilities, and multiple gyms in the
Nutter Center. Other things that are fun on
campus are events that happen at the Nutter Center. It’s kind
of like the epicenter of Wright State. There’s
Wrestle-mania, Kevin Hart, there’s Lil Wayne, men’s and
women’s basketball, volleyball, and more
importantly, I think the baseball games
are pretty nice. You can become part of our
Model UN Team or you can become part of greek life.
You can become part of organizations that specialize
in something you’re interested in so that you instantly find
like-minded people that have the same passion as you. There’s also a lot of
opportunities to go do stuff in the Student Union, like
there’s the rock wall, and there’s of course, the gym,
and a bunch of events that they hold. Living on campus is
fantastic because you’re close to your friends,
you’re close to your classes, you’re close to your professors. People that you’ll live with on
your floor, they may be your same major, they may be
different majors, but you’ll be able to make friendships that
are going to last the whole time that you’re here at
Wright State. I came to Wright State
University looking for an education and I found a home.
It’s really just a welcoming environment, from the residence
halls to the student activities and groups on campus. Everybody
can really find their own place and their own niche on campus
to have something for themselves The legacy of the Wright
brothers is someting subtle at Wright State. There is this
inspiration that’s coming from them all the time. It just
brings out something special in the students here. And I can
go and aspire to do really anything.
I can change the world. Wright State lets me do that.