Sport Management Degree | Post University

November 8, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

– What’s really great
about our program here at Post University is the
Sport Management Program is housed in the School of Business. And because everyone who’s going to be hiring you down
the road is interested in your business skills, it’s important to understand
that in the School of Business, you’ll be getting a lot of the ground work for what you’ll need in your career. The concentrations we have
available in Sport Management includes Sport Marketing,
Sport Communication and Sport Psychology. In the Sport Management
program, we make it personal by working with each
individual student on where and when they want to do
their internship opportunity. We have a wonderful advisory board for the Sport Management
program and all the people are currently working
in the sport industry. We’re able to take their
experience and apply it to the academic end of sport management. And remember, if you’re
not interested in business, you shouldn’t be interested
in sport management, because what you’re really
getting is a business degree geared around the world of sport.