QUT Master of Business (Professional Accounting) graduate, Jessica Zhou

November 7, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

My name is Jessica, I originally come from China and I have been spending three and a half years here in QUT to finish my Masters
degree in Professional Accounting. I chose QUT because of its high reputation
and global recognition around the world and also it has triple accreditation in the Business
area which I believe this business school will deliver the most advanced and practical
knowledge to its students. The reason I chose this area is because I
want to extend my business skills based on my engineering background and also my first
Masters degree in International Business. I believe with this area I will be able to
build a more rounded perspective in understanding the business operation of the company and
to help the company grow further and bigger. I’m very impressed with QUT Business School
in Professional Accounting, because the mixture of the different form of the assessments such
as individual assignments, group assignments, and also presentations, will provide the students
and also train them into more team work skill base and also leadership, time management,
which is highly valued by employers in the workplace. I spent my recent summer holiday with PricewaterhouseCoopers for three months, that was definitely valuable time and experience for me, so during the
three months I applied all the knowledge I’ve gained in QUT into practice, and also I bring
all the skills I’ve learned in doing my assignments, such as teamwork, time management,
within my team as well to provide my service to the clients. I’m also proud of my contribution in the
team, and I believe I’ve learned a lot in the experience. QUT Business School is definitely the best
place to be, because they provide the most advanced knowledge to you and also the teaching
staff here they’re just so nice and actually put themselves in the students shoes to provide
their service to you as well and they make the good connection rapport with the students,
that’s exactly what happened to me, so I really value my student life in QUT for the
three and a half years.