Preparing Students to Become Builders

September 21, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

My name is Father Tom Neitzke. I’m president of a high school. And the different roles that are there, I think, for me, the conductor is a role that I fulfill and I play in my role as an educational leader. It’s important for me to be able to look around and find those people who can solve educational issues in the classroom, in the business part of our institutions, all of those things. And so while I might not be an expert in certain areas, I need those experts. I might need the rainmaker to come in and be able to help me look at things in a different way and understand things in a different way and get certain things done that I, myself, don’t have that specific role. But my role, as a conductor, is to bring those folks together and create and produce something wonderful for our young people. Talent is very important in education across the board, whether it’s a freshman or a senior, it’s important for us to be able to find the individual talents in our young people and then be able to help them develop those talents, not only for use in the classroom, but outside the classroom, in service, in athletics, in competitions. So I think in our unique position as educators, we do have a great position to really develop those talents of young people. I think all students have builder talents. I think it’s a way for us, the way for us to find those is the question. And how do we develop those in different ways. In education there’s, you know, a multitude of ways of doing that, but how we do that in this time, in this place, is the challenge for us. Education is changing. How we educate young people today has to be different than what we’ve been doing in the past. No longer can we just have 25 young people sitting in 25 desks in five rows. That model has been successful in the past, but in the future, to prepare these young people to be builders, we need to find innovative ways to do that. And so building innovation spaces and having young people go into those spaces and be able to work together to solve common problems that are given to them, in unique ways, is the future of education. It is very important for all of our faculty to understand the individual talents of all of our students. We’re excited to integrate Gallup science into all aspects of our school. My name is Father Tom Neitzke. I help prepare young people for a better future. And I’m a builder.