Parkland College – Office Professionals 4

December 3, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

the U of I as a whole but also
specifically with my office which is staff human resources we’ve hired a
total of three interns they’ve been very successful in our program extremely they
they come at least with the mindset that they’re ready to work they come with the
skills necessary so all of the programs that are taught here in the office
professional program and then the other ones of course are specific to
departments so as you go to different departments they may require certain
things until they learn that on the job they come with the business at a kid
they come with the experience of having the microsoft office products they come
with the knowledge and understanding that it will take time but they are
eager to learn they’re ready to take ownership and responsibility and beyond
bored with the team take them get them Mike I think that is a very good
investment to have a parkland students from our experience they’ve been
extremely successful in our office and so I would encourage more employers to
jump on board and be able to get those parking students and invest in them