Mister Blot’s Academy (1984) movie

November 8, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Co-production movie Zodiak Film Studio, Poland and M. Gorky Film Studio, USSRBased on the novel by
Jan Brzechwa
Starring: Piotr Fronczewski Mister Blot… MISTER BLOT’S ACADEMY Part One Prince Matthew’s AdventureCastScreenplaySet decorationMusicProduction managersPhotographyDirected byMy name is Adam Niezgódka.I’m 10 years old.
And four 4 months.
I’m going to tell you now
about Mr. Blot’s Academy.
I was a hopeless boy…awkward and always late
for school.
All thumbs,
my mother said of me.
Nobody ever asked me to
join in any games…
…because I was supposed to
bring bad luck.
But I found games boring.
I preferred books.
I dreamt of marvelous adventures,though I was afraid I might
really be no good.
That was until the day…but wait and see for yourselves.Welcome, Adam, we’re waiting for you in our tale of…
Mister Blot’s Academy. Mr. Blot himself has invited
you to join us. And you’ll be welcomed by his
favourite song.In the Island of CockaignePuss in Boots spins his cane.And prances hand in hand.With an ass on an ant.A guinea hen they say,lays a golden egg each day.An oak has apples on it,each in an ermine bonnet.A venerable whale
wears specs to read his mail.
There’s salmon and sardines
in tomatoes and baked beans.
And a circus of white mice.
Skating on a mountain of ice.
Where’s that happy place?
Vanished without a trace…
I’m so pleased you found
your way… …into our tale. I’m sure you’ll like it here. You’ll have lots of new friends
and great fun. The classrooms,
bedrooms and dining-room… …are on the ground-floor. On the first floor you’ll
find the kitchen, my study and doors leading
to other tales. My secrets are on the 2nd floor
where only… Mat the starling and I are
allowed. No entry except through
the chimney. As you see the stairs
end at first floor. It’s noon! We’ll start our tour
with the kitchen. You can help me get the
meal ready. Every tale has its own
favourite color. Much depends on color. Mood, effect and simplicity. In our tale you’ll find all
the colours of the rainbow. Each stands for a quality
I value highly: Candour, helpfulness
and spontaneity. Hand me a clean brush. Thank you. I know how to make
edible paints… …which represent different
flavours. Blue is sour,
green tastes of mint, pink is sweet, red is bitter… …and yellow is salty. By combining different shades
we obtain… …other more complicated flavours. Green and white with a touch
of gray… …tastes of vanilla. Brown and
yellow tastes of chocolate. White and silver with
a hint of jade… …tastes of pineapple. Today we’ll serve… flower soup. Flower soup in three flavours. It’ll be ready in a moment. As the second course
we’ll serve duck. I’ll just have to blow
it up a little. That’s what my magnifying
pump is for. I’m not a wizard or a magician. I just like to invent things… …and I’m an expert of
story-telling. Let’s hurry.
Mat’s ringing the bell for lunch. Pour the soup into the tureens
and take them downstairs. Meanwhile I’ll see to the duck. Alfred I, Antony and Andrew II. Adam II, Alfred, Andrew… …and Adam. A new boy. – What’s your name?
– Adam. You know what’s for lunch today? A Duck.Dotty Duck.
I give you my word.
Was a very Peculiar bird.Instead of staying at home.She took long walks on her own.At the barber’s she
quacked nicely “please
just weight a quarter of cheese”.And at the drugstore next door,she asked for half a pint more.At the laundry she ordered
a yard
of stamps to put on a card.Her family set up a howl.Can nothing be done with
that fowl?
She hard-boiled her eggs
in the snow
and pinned up her curls
with a bow.
It made the other ducks foam,when she used a match as a comb.Once when she’d gobbled a book,she broke into Gobbledygook,she chewed up a lot of spaghettiand said she was making confetti.And once she swallowed a dimejust for the sake of the rhyme.Her folks all quacked in distress.Oh dear what a terrible mess!At last they found her a buyerwho said he was willing
to try her.
He picked up our Dottie
and trussed her
and in a hot oven he thrust her.But he wished he had saved
his money,
when Dottie turned into a bunny.That is the last news we heardof this very peculiar bird.Flower soup! I’ll serve the duck myself. You decide what we’re to
have for afters.I thought to myself……this must have been the start
of my great adventure.
I hoped it wasn’t just
Well, what sweet have
you chosen? Omelet and cherries in chocolate. Omelet and cherries in chocolate… That’s a specialty of ours! I’m sure you’ll like it. What’ll you eat, Professor? Two pills to make my hair grow
and four freckles. Don’t laugh, freckles are good for memory,
mental powers and against colds. No more freckles? Go to Philip Barber for
a fresh supply. Philip visits us every Thursday… …but I can’t wait that long. You’ll find his shop in Grey Street.I found the place without
any trouble.
I wondered what it was
like inside.
I’d never been to
a hairdresser’s before.
Mr Alois! Mr Alois! What are you doing here,
you little scamp? My establishment is for
adults only! A little thieving rascal,
are you? Who are you and who sent
you here? Mr Blot sent me for some
fresh freckles. So you’re a pupil at my dear
friend’s academy! Happy to make your acquaintance. You don’t look like… …those affected little fops
he collects there. I’ll find you some freckles
right away. Straight from the safe, today’s… fresh… …freckles. Mr Blot will be pleased. Give him my regards, and tell him it’ll soon be his turn
to do me a favour. – What?
– You look as if you… …had your head screwed on properly. Soon you’ll all have a big surprise. See you soon,
my little know-all. Very nice… F16, 2-c… PHILIP
Gent’s hairdresser PHILIP
BarberI was in a hurry to tell Mr. Blot……about Philip the barber’s
strange behaviour.
Adam… I’m glad you’re back. You’ll tell me everything
tomorrow. Now, go to bed,
and have some wonderful dreams. – Good night.
– Good night. Uncovered as usual… Oh dear. Sleep tight. Good morning my merry
warblers… Good morning… Mat, time to wake up the boys. Why do you always start
with us, Mat?The moon once visited a pool
because he wanted to be cool.
Morning, Adam. Come and join us
under the rain-tree. – Who’ll preside?
– Adam III.The moon once visited a pool,because he wanted to be cool.The fishes all… came up for air.And sang in great surprise:
who’s there?
The moon flashed brightly
on their tails:
A goldfish,
can’t you see my scales?
Oho my friend, you’ll soon be mine,an angler cried and cast his line.He caught him by a curly beam,ate him for breakfast,
braised in cream.
He caught him by a curly beam,ate him for breakfast,
braised in cream…
– Is everyone up?
– Yes. – No one’s idle?
– No. – Where are all the loafers?
– Loafing on the sofa!Loafing there is Lazy Loafer,loafer’s shirking work again.What do you mean by shirk?
Isn’t what I do work?
Who ate breakfast, lunch and tea?And who’s that sitting here but me?Who scratched his head
and then his nose?
Who sat right here and
wiggled his toes?
And who mislaid his bat
and ball?
You see!
I’m not idle at all!
Loafing there is lazy Loafer,loafer’s is shirking work again.Hey! Didn’t I drink my
cod-liver oil?
And didn’t I watch the
kettle boil?
And didn’t I nearly get stung?And didn’t I put out my tongue?And didn’t I let them cut my hair?You call that idle?
It’s just not fair!
Hello, my scallywags! Tell me about your dreams. We’ll put the best in our album.With a piece of cotton wool……soaked in sleepy essence…Mr. Blot collected our dreams
in a big bowl.
When they were dry he rolled
them into pills…
…which we took before going
to bed.
That way we had wonderful dreams.One of mine was put into
our album too.
It was a dream of seven glasses,
but I’ll tell you about it later.
After soaking up our dreams……Mr. Blot put us to various tasks.You’ll stay by the gate. Albert and Antony I will tidy the
park and the football pitch. Alfred and Antony II
will lay the table. Artur will dust the schoolroom. Alfred II and Antony III
will sweep the stairs and bedrooms. You’ll go and get matches
from the little match-girl. Dress warmly,
it’s winter in that tale. Classes after breakfast. Good morning my boy. I can see you’re from a whole
different tale. What brings you here? Mr. Blot asked me to get
some matches. Mr. Blot sent you?
I like that old fellow. You shall have some matches
right away. Give me one box, dear. Take them to Mr. Blot and
stop crying. This little girl is only pretending
to be cold and hungry. It’s just a tale! Give my love to Mr. Blot… but, you don’t recognize me,
do you? My name is
Hans Christian Andersen. Run along now, Mr. Blot will
start worrying about you.In a trice I was back
at the academy.
I handed over the matchesand joined the others in
the classroom.
I won’t bore you with the
multiplication tables. Or grammar, or fine handwriting… Or anything else usually
taught at school. I’ll simply open your minds… …and sharpen your wits. Have I told you about
flying carpets? Yes! Or the famous cap of
invisibility? Yes! What about incredible
shrinking objects? Yes! – I have it… Blottography!
– Blottography! Who’ll begin? Anastazy.Here you have a friendly bear.Friendly bears are rather rare.Bruin, give this lad your paw!You don’t want to?
What a bore!
Dad was red and so was mum.Red’s my tail and here I come.Red is the color Of my tribe.Get away or I shall bite!When a bear is wild, he’s wildand he keeps
his tusks well filed.
If you see one don’t delay,climb the nearest
tree straightway!
Now maybe you’d like to meet.A shaggy bison on his beat.Come on, Bison, there’s a dearsmile, before you disappear.When a bear is wild, he’s wildand he keeps
his tusks well filed.
If you see one,don’t delay…Monkeys flying high for kicks,getting up to monkey tricks.A baboon’s a monkey too.Take a look, he’s just like you!When a bear is wild, he’s wildand he keeps
his tusks well filed.
If you see one.
Don’t delay.
Climb the nearest
tree straightway!
When a bear is wild, he’s wild.And he keeps
his tusks well filed.
If you see one don’t delay.Climb the nearest
tree straightway!
I find this creature
quite absurd.
Is it a rhino or a bird?Enter in pairs. Careful! Take great care! This is a hospital for
sick appliances. You must be careful not to
upset any of them. Hello, how are we today? I see your temperature’s
come down. Feeling much better, aren’t we? No more twinges, you look fine… It’s healed up beautifully, quite beautifully. In a day or two you’ll be
as right as rain. Another patient… Well, how’s the cough? We’ll try a little oil. Don’t worry, dear.
Soon you’ll be perfectly well. Lovely! And now… …watch carefully. I’ll teach you how
to cure a cracked mirror. Just concentrate… Later we’ll hang it up in
the dining-room. It’s well again. Fine, fine… Now then, form two teams for
a geography lesson. I see you’re in a great shape!
It’ll be an exciting match. The two captains,
come to me, please. Now take your places. Ready, steady, go! Europe! London, Berlin, Madrid,
Rome, Thames… – Asia!
– Iran, Gobi, Oman, Ganges, Tokyo… – America!
– Mississippi, Colorado… California, New York, Ontario…Occasionally something gets
lost across the wall…
…but nobody ever brings
anything back.
I think I heard them say.
That summer’s on her way.
The mole grunts, for my part
I expect her on a cart.
The magpie cries, oh no,
that really can’t be so.
Last May I saw her plain,
she was riding on a train.
That’s nonsense if you like,
I know she rides a bike.
– No! No! She prefers a chaise.
– A chaise? I am amazed.
I have it at first hand,
she never comes by land.
Meanwhile summer pranced
on foot. Meadows danced.
And in a blaze of flowers,
welcomed the sunny hour.
In today’s lesson you’ll
learn the language of birds, frogs, crayfish and fishes. As you know, these creatures
all speak in verse. On, no! Don’t worry,
we’ll try to get it back. I can hear… I can hear… I can hear Mat calling us
in for dinner. We’ll put off learning bird
language until Tuesday, dawn. That’s all for today. You’ve been very attentive. I’m happy to see you are all… …friends of nature,
respecting her ways.After dinner the boys
went fishing…
…and Mr Blot took out his
It’s his favourite play.Got you!I wanted to tell him about my
visit to Philip Barber.
Come in. You’ve discovered my secret. I’ll tell you my story… …and then you’ll understand… …why I’ve such a large
collection of buttons. Close your eyes… It’ll make it easier for you
to imagine my adventures. Know that I’m not a bird
but a prince. Once there was a great realm
that lacked an heir to the throne.My birth, therefore,
was anxiously awaited.
Your Majesty, Her Royal Highness
…has given birth to a boy! Our kingdom has a heir
to the throne! Long live the king! The Island of Abracadabra,
prosperous but in debt. Cape Codswallow – very poor. The ambassador of Tellatalia. Proverbia, a very rich country.My father
was wise and benevolent.
Many rulers sought his favors.I grew up amidst kindness
and plenty.
My slightest whim was
becoming law.
Every smile of mine……was entered in the
Book of Royal Smiles.
My youth was spent on
riding and hunting.
I did not neglect my lessons……but the call of the
saddle and the gun…
…was stronger than anything else.I spent days on my favourite
horse Ali Baba.
This angered my tutors……who persuaded the court
physician to condemn…
…my favourite pastime.His health and even his life
are at risk. I have advised against it. The horse is wild and
might bolt. Hear the royal wish! Motivated by concern for
the health of our son… …and royal heir… …we have forbidden him to
ride on horseback… …or to take part in
shooting contests.The royal command filled
me with bitterness.
Have no faith in fortuneyou who have raised up high.But on her turning wheelkeep a watchful eye.What fortune has bestowedshe can take away.And no old acquaintancewill help to bid her stay.Those who gather round youand sign your praises now,are not drawn by friendshipbut to your fortune bow.In spite of the prohibition
I stole away.
If I had known
what the outcome would be…
…I should not have defied
my father’s will.
In the name of the king!
Let me pass or I’ll put
a bullet through you. My dearest child… we were unable to stem the
flow of blood. The wound must be healed! By royal command! Hear the royal proclamation! Whoever succeeds in stemming
the flow of blood, can have half the contents
of the royal treasury.The wound went on bleeding.
I became gradually weaker.
The physicians’ efforts were
in vain.
My father despaired utterly.But one day…We bring news of the arrival
of Dr Pai-Chi-Wo. Personal court physician to
the emperor of China. Let him enter. Save my son, doctor! I’ll give you as many rubies,
emeralds and diamonds… …as will fill this chamber. I’ll put up a statue… …in your honor and make you
my first minister. Your Majesty! Wise and just ruler! Keep your jewels for the benefit
of your subjects. I don’t deserve a statue. In my country only poets are
honored thus. And I’d rather not be a minister… …as I might fall out of favour. Allow me to examine the patient. If I succeed in curing him… …I beg you to hold a
magnificent feast… …for all your poorest citizens. It shall be as you wish. Would you allow me to have… …a few moments alone with my
noble patient? I was able to cure you,
my little prince, because I command secrets known only
to my people from my country. I know how you came by
your wound. You killed the king of wolves
and werewolves… …and they’ll wreak a terrible
revenge. They’ll never forgive you. That was the first wolf king… …to die at the hands
of a human. You are in very great danger. I’ll give you a magic cap
that I got… from the emperor himself.
It may only pass into royal hands. Never part with it. Look after it like the apple
of your eye. When your life is in danger… …put it on and you’ll be able… …to change into any creature
you like. When the danger has passed… …just pull this button… …and you’ll regain your
former shape. Long live the prince! Long live the king! Sir, I bring dreadful news! Packs of wolves are ravaging
towns and villages. They devour food supplies
and attack people. Hordes of wolves from the south
have trampled all the crops. There are hundreds of
thousands of them! They might even attack
the capital. We must stand up to this threat!We march together.
No enemy we fear.
Before our mighty army
all obstacles disappear.
Howl! Wolves, howl!No mercy shall be shown.With iron jaws, Iron will.The world we’ll call our own.We advanced and on the world.
Our shadow falls.
Brother wolves, forward!
Destiny calls!
Your king appeals to you. Only you can save our country. We must not surrender
a single street, a single house
or a single button. Commander of the Guard! In the name of the wolf king
I call on you to yield up! – Give way or you’ll be shot.
– Traitor!I don’t know what happened.When I awoke my parents
were both dead.
I remembered the magic cap.But without the button
that meant
I would never regain the human
shape if I decide to use it.
I want to be a bird!I was captured by a bird-catcher,
and sold to a trader.
What a bizarre fellow!
Bizarre fellow!At the market I caught the
eye of a traveling scholar.
I’d be glad to buy this bird. What’s your price? 100 pesetas is quite a modest sum,
wouldn’t you say? But I must know who’s buying
this bird… …who has mastered the
human language. Doctor of chemistry,
philosophy and medicine, disciple of the famous
Prof. Pai-Chi-Wo. Lecturer in mathematics
and astronomy at the University of Salamanca,
Ambrose Blot, at your service. Now you know my story.
Today I am a starling. But I’m not at home either
among birds or people. Don’t worry, Mat. I’ll do my best to find
your magic button. But why didn’t Mr. Blot help you? After all,
there’s nothing he can’t do. Mat! Adam! Mr. Blot wants us to assemble
in the square. I’d like us all to be present… …at the lift-off of
the balloon I’m sending… together with my third eye… …to one of the planets of
the solar system… known as the Star of hope. If what I suspect turns out
to be true, I’ll tell you another story,
a tale of star-dwellers. When will the third eye be back? I don’t know.
But certainly before Christmas. Fly…
towards the stars! Come along with us to the pond. – We have a rabbit.
– I’m waiting to talk to Mr. Blot… …about something important. Well then, we’ll go without you.During “time off” everyone
can do what he likes.
While I was waiting for Mr. Blot……I thought about how easily
he rose into the air…
…and how wonderful……it would be to fly
like a balloon or a ball.
Suddenly I felt strangely
I floated upwards without
being afraid.
A new adventure!All this time Philip the Barber……was working on his
mysterious invention.
What does he intend?Who’ll win this exciting duel?
What new adventure awaits Adam?
You can find out in Part Two of……Mister Blot’s Academy
The secret of Philip the Barber.Film Polski presents:StarringBased on the novel by
Jan Brzechwa
Mister Blot… MISTER BLOT’S ACADEMY10-year old Adam Niezgódka……was introduced by Mat,
the talking starling,
Into the tale of
Mister Blot’s Academy.
At the gates he was greeted
by the school-song…
In the Land of Cockaigne.A venerable whalewears specs to read his mail.There’s salmon and sardinesin tomatoes and baked beans.And a circus of white miceskating on a mountain of ice.Where’s that happy place?Vanished without a trace…Mr. Blot showed Adam round
the Academy…
…and told him about his
special secrets.
He also asked Adam
to go and get…
…some fresh freckles
from Philip, the Barber.
Philip’s strange behaviour……made Adam suspect something
was wrong.
He was anxious to talk over
his suspicions with Mr. Blot.
The Academy is a place
where work and play…
…are equally interesting.The individuality of every
pupil is respected there.
After the classes Adam set
out to look for Mr. Blot,
who was out catching
Following a mysterious
cloaked figure,
Adam found Mat the starling’s
secret hiding place.
This was full of buttons
of all kinds.
Mat told Adam the story
of his adventures.
He was the only son and heir
of a wise and powerful king.
He grew into a brave
but undisciplined youngster.
Against his father’s will……he set out on a nocturnal
…during which he killed
the king of the wolves.
The dying wolf wounded him…but the young prince was cured
by Dr. Pai-Chi-Wo
who gave him a cap with
a magic button.
This enabled him to turn
into a bird…
…when he was attacked
by wolves.
But without the lost button……Mat couldn’t turn back
into a boy.
A bird-catcher sold him
to a trader,
who in turn sold him to Mr Blot.Adam would like to help
Mat find the button.
While waiting for Mr. Blot
Adam looked upwards…
…at a ball flying through
the air…
…and found himself flying
towards a new adventure.
All this time Philip,
the barber…
had been waking on his
mysterious invention.
Part TwoThe secret of Philip, The BarberCastScreenplaySet decorationMusicProduction managersPhotographyDirected byAfter flying for some hours……I landed softly outside the gates
of a miniature city.
I decided to get in.Hi, I’m Susie. Open up, Tom! – Is it you, Rex?
– What a lovely surprise!Rex was my favourite dog.
I lost him two years earlier.
Come right in! You’ve come to our dogs’ paradise.
We all live happily together. Come and meet my best friends. He’ll ignore me, of course. Bulldog Tom – he served at
the English court. That’s why he commands such
respect here. That Pekingese is a
terrible chatterbox. He’s called Glu Glu. Allow me to introduce myself…
my name is Lord. And I often wondered why do people
put up notices saying: “Beware of the dog”!
Dogs are not wicked. We have kind hearts
and become attached to people. It is people who are
sometimes wicked. Go away,
that was tactless of you. And now please welcome out
star performer… Susie the Poodle.Here are some aggravations.That try a puppy’s patience.The first is, when it gets dar,they won’t let us
run in the park.
The second,
that water’s not dry.
The third.
There’s a fly in my eye.
Then there’s the fact.
That cats will scratch.
That chickens
are so hard to catch.
That one can’t bite.
A postman’s knees.
That sausages
don’t fall from trees.
That men can ride
and dogs must run.
Alongside and not join the fun.But just give your puppy a bone.The aggravation, is gone.I’ll show you round our town. We’ll start with White
Fang Avenue. That greyhound, named Cora,
is our pride. He always wins the races. That dog, Tango,
eats too many meat-pies… …and has to be dosed with
castor oil. On the left is our Salami orchard… and on the right we have
a black pudding and liver pate farm. In front of us…
the Three Poodles Theater, and in the square you’ll see
a chocolate statue of Dr. Dolittle. We eat it up every day
and put up a new one. When there’s nothing left,
we know a day has passed. Now I’ll show you
Tormentors’ Corner. I teased my dog by feeding
it with pepper. I pulled my dog’s tail. I threw my dog
into a hole filled with lime. Here we come to
Merry Tricks Square. That’s where we have
our fun-fair. Have you noticed that there
are no fleas here? They simply don’t stand
our climate. Go on, Adam, eat! We’ve been promised some more
chocolate this afternoon.I enjoyed staying with Rex……but I soon became bored.I couldn’t stand the
sight of sweets.
I never liked soup but now
I longed for a plateful.
I missed the Academy……and often thought about
Mat’s secret.
Who’s that? Mat! Here are instructions
on how to steer your flight so that you land
right by the Academy. All the boys miss you very much. And just then Mat brought
me your letter. You’ve done very well. I’m going to reward you with
a golden freckle. Wear it faithfully and never
take it off. It’s our Academy’s highest
decoration. Aren’t you pleased? What happened? Is anything the matter? When I told the boys
what happened to me, they said
I made up all my adventures. Have you thought about why
they said that? I expect they’re envious, just as Philip
is envious of your Academy… and resents us all being
so happy. When you came to us you were
a nice, well-behaved boy. Now you’re also thoughtful
and considerate. Your parents will be pleased. Maybe you have a wish? I know you want to find
Mat’s magic button. That’s simply a matter
of your determination. Maybe you’d like to be let
into one of my secrets? What is there on the other
side of the Academy? Look, my window overlooks
the other side. Through that window you
can see the future. I keep the curtains drawn… …because it isn’t always
a good thing to see ahead. Maybe it’s better to enjoy
every day as it comes?I was happy to be with this
unusual man, Mr. Blot.
Nobody suspected that at this
very moment Philip, the barber…
Come here! Right away. You must always remember
this moment. Here’s the germ of a new
order planted by whom? By you? That’s right. By Philip,
a modest hairdresser… Here you see a child of
the electronic age. Steered by remote control,
programmed throughout. Obedient, without any whims
or fancies of his own. A disciplined computer terminal! This prototype is the first
step towards regimented… …playgrounds,
nurseries and schools. If it works, we’ll be able to
control every fairytale. You won’t need to dress up as
a guard or a bird-catcher. No more jokes about
hairdressers! No more untidy mops of hair! Imprecise dance-steps! Choreography will once again
become musical drill! We’ll start with a certain
long-haired band of nuisances. If this works
we’ll start mass production. What do you say? Only one question,
how will he move? That’s a minor detail I leave
to my good friend Blot. We’ll be monitoring it all. I have my cameras all over
the Academy.I am special, ’cause I knowhow to talk to my dog Joe.I learned how to from a manualwritten by a clever spaniel.When I call “Joey here!”,he sits up and cocks an ear.When I shout “Joey hop!”,he is gone before I stop.When I whisper “Joey He!”,he lies down and so do I.When I scratch him on his chin,his teeth flash
in a wicked grin.
Of course he wouldn’t
hurt a fly.
Though sometimes
he pretends to try.
Joey likes to chew my shoe.That’s what all dogs like to do.When I started on this rhyme,he slept by me all the time.When he woke he did a roll,that means…
time now for a stroll.
We went out, my dog and I.Joey made some feathers fly.Joey barked, I did not.We enjoyed ourselves a lot.I’m so happy, ’cause I know
how to talk to my dog Joe.
Autumn is the best season
for treasure-seeking. Don’t forget to look
in the park. Go in pairs for the sake
of company. I have a prize for the one
who finds the best treasure. Adam, when you were away I found
a hollow tree-trunk… …but I was afraid to explore
it by myself. Do you want to join me? This is it. – Not bad, is it?
– It looks quite ordinary. Just listen! Let’s go in. OK! What are you waiting for?Today I’m just a memory,a glimpse of a far-off time.Once I was a dream you had,when I called your whole
world mine.
The world of childhood,
play and thoughts,
first joysand wonderful dreams.Now when you shut your eyesin the greyness of memoryamong pale shadows thereit is me you see.I am your tale.Your fairytale.The tale of your dreams.I can see you’re from
the Academy… …and have wandered into
another story. The tale of the sad princess. It’s a beautiful story,
but it has no ending. I’ve been waiting for
someone to finish it… …for the last 100 years. If you touch me you’ll turn
into frogs… …and stay here forever. Do as I wish and I’ll grant
each of you a wish. I’d like a key to open all doors… …and a whistle to take me
anywhere I like. You’ll find both in that box,
Antony. I’d like the magic button
of Dr. Pai-Chi-Wo. Hurry up and you’ll find
it at the Academy. That’s it! I won’t go on! Find yourself
another hairdresser! I’m not going to cut your or
your pupils’ hair any more! I’ve had enough of your
promises! I’ll be bringing him along
this week! The Academy was intended
for students like him… …and not for that noisy
band of pipsqueaks. Good day Mr. Blot! No more free freckles!
That’s it. Wait! I see the treasure-hunt was
a great success. You’ve found many
wonderful treasures. As a reward for searching so carefully
you can keep all you found. After supper today… …I’ll take down our album… …and read you Adam’s dream. Great! Adam’s dream. I dreamt… that I awoke. Today I’ll take you to China. We’re off! Adam, save my train! Adam, what have you done!
You stole a cloud! There’ll be no more rain,
wind or snow. We’ll be parched with the heat
and drought!Winter’s bringing white
snow for your delight.
Now some snow we’ll take
and a snowman we make.
We’ll make him jolly-fat,
give him a pipe and hat.
Snow’s falling on his head,
his nose is getting red.
Winter’s bringing white
snow for your delight.
By eating flowers all day
I’ll make December May.
Adam, turn on the light,
I can’t see. I feel like having a snack.
What about a thunderbolt?Dancing, prancing Mister Blot,we enjoy his games a lotThank you.
At last I have a glass of my own. The third eye!
I can see the third eye! My third eye has come back
from its trip into space. Fancy that! Fantastic! What fantastic views! No one’s ever seen anything
like it! Miracles! Fantastic! I can see life on the stars! No-one’s ever thought up
a story to match it. It’ll put all other tales
in the shade. Tomorrow we’ll invite the
neighbours to a viewing. Tidy up indoors and outdoors… …and I’ll get the projector ready. Space travel in the Academy! Fantastic!I thought a great deal about what
the sad princess had said.
Something very important
happened that evening.
What a storm! A good thing the third eye
landed before the rain. We have visitors. That’s strange. – Open the umbrella.
– Just a moment! I thought we’d drown. This is Adolf, a new student.
He’ll be your star pupil. He’s welcome. Please come in. In the Academy, Adolf. You’ll have many friends
and an excellent teacher. Careful! He’s tired. In the rain
we lost our way three times… …before we found the
right turning. You must be hungry. We’ll ask Mr. Blot
to make you both some supper. There’s no need to bother him. You’d better find Adolf a bed. There’s a spare one in our room. I haven’t much time
so I’ll be off right away. In his clothes? He doesn’t like being woken up. You’d better let him sleep
in his clothes. If all goes well I’ll let Mr Blot… …have some fresh freckles. You’ll get very fond of Adolf,
just wait. – Look!
– Don’t touch him! Go to bed! Good night. I don’t like it, somehow I’ll find Mr. Blot.I was suddenly terribly tempted……to steal a look at
Mr. Blot’s secrets.
I thought the entrance was in the
sick appliances room.
Hello, what brings you here? Philip, the Barber brought
a new student. – Have you seen Mr Blot?
– He’s not on the third floor. I thought he was with you boys. I’ll go to the kitchen
and you try the classroom. Mr. Blot’s worried and has been
shrinking steadily. I’m afraid he misses his
fresh freckles. Don’t wake me… I’m having a wonderful dream. Look, Adam… This boy hasn’t been
dreaming at all. – Did he come last night?
– Who is he? Look, he slept in his clothes. It’s a doll! You’re right, Adolf’s a doll. I was always afraid of having
dolls in our Academy. But it’s too late now. He was smuggled in by a trick. He’ll cause us a lot of trouble. We must teach him to feel, think… …and speak.
Perhaps I’ll manage it? Pick him up and carry him
carefully to my study. There’ll be no classes today. Remember to tidy up for our
visitors tonight. After dinner we’ll start my
tale of star-dwellers. You stay, Adam.
I’ll need your help. Here’s an ointment made
by Dr Pai-Chi-Wo. Rub Adolf’s hands with it… …until veins and arteries
begin to appear. I’ll see to the heart and brain. Microprocessors,
transistors, diodes… A doll equipped with the most
up-to-date technology. Is that dangerous? Technology is neither good
nor bad by itself. It all depends what use
we make of it. We’ll do our best to
help this doll… …to feel, see and hear. Can it exist with dignity? 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! It looks as if we’ve made it. Where am I? In Mr. Blot’s Academy. Can I breathe? Of course. What’s your name? Adolf. Give me a stick of some sort. Here’s your new fellow-student. Is this a circus?
Don’t stand there and gape! I’m going to take a look
in the bushes. That’s where you keep your
treasures, isn’t it? We’ll soon get rid of them! Welcome to our story!Come join us, we invite you.
Our story will delight you.
Leave behind what’s dreary,
here no-one’s ever weary.
Pinocchio comes here dailyto play the ukuleleand kids all get to fly
in an airplane in the sky.
There’s sausages and cheeses
and no-one ever freezes.
And really, it’s quite true
telltales have nothing to do.
Come join us, we invite you,
our story will delight you.
Pinocchio comes here daily
to play the ukulele.
We’re having lots of funso join us if you can.Past hillock and past hollow
adventure bids us follow.
We’ll seek herall together,in this finesummer weather.A certain hen, I have heard
was an awfully snobbish bird.
Good manners, she’d say
is what’s lacking today.
She asked friends to a meal
so they’d see what’s genteel.
A donkey came in and brayed
and broke a vase, I’m afraid
the hen cackled; Alas,it’s quite plain he’s an ass.A cow came in, forlorn,
broke a pane with her horn,
cried the hostess: now, nowdon’t be a clumsy cow!A muddy pig came through the door,
the hen was ruffled even more.
She gave an angry cry!
My house is not a sty!
A sheep came in late,
broke a seat with his weight.
Now here, the hen said,
is a proper mutton-head.
Teaching manners to swine
is a sheer waste of time.
She had quite enough!The guests left in a huff.Now did that hen display
good manners, would you say?
Boys, show our visitors
their seats. – Please, take a seat.
– Please. Please, help yourselves. Mr. Blot himself made all
these delicacies. Another glass, perhaps? This is the rainbow cocktail. Will you drink with me? My dear guests! Beyond seven nebulae, beyond seven moons… …lies a planet wrapped in
colorful clouds… …known as the Star of Hope. My third eye flew there… …and what it observed you’ll
see for yourselves. The flight took the whole summer. Many-colored cosmic kites
drift through space. The third eye flew to the most
interesting part… …of our solar system, where the collective memory
of the universe is stored. There it was given details
concerning the history… …and position of the
Star of Hope. How interesting! Look, little Red Riding-hood,
how lovely! The planet’s central computer
was informed… …and an unmanned spaceship
was sent to help… …the third eye make a safe
landing. Star-dwellers are hospitable… but also sensible and cautious. They learned to be careful during
their war with King Chaos… …who set out to conquer
the universe. They put the third eye through
many tests… …to discover what my
intentions were. When they learned… …that contact with another
civilization… …might help to unite mankind… …the planet’s protective screen
was raised… …and above the horizon
appeared the beautiful… …Star of Hope the story of which
I’m about to relate. What’s the meaning of this
Mr. Blot? You’re giving a party without me? Is that why I was sent out
into the park? What are you staring at? Get out before I lose my temper. Get a move on, will you! Scram, you silly bird! Buzz off, dwarfs,
or I’ll jump on you. It’s my turn to have fun. I’m the Queen of Toy-land and
I order you to stop! Too late, my lovely,
I’m no longer a subject of yours. I’m alive now,
thanks to this old idiot. He must be regretting this now. We must examine him! Out of my way, doc,
or I’ll break your bones. What are you waiting for,
you fat lump? Get out, Pinocchio,
or I’ll punch your nose. Out of my way, Snow-queen,
or I’ll melt you. Get out! That’s not all!
Your Academy’s finished! You’ll be sorry you ever
started on those stories. Sawdust, that’ll remain of
your Academy! It’s a pity, my boys… …I won’t be able to finish
telling you… …my tale of star-dwellers. We must put it off to
another story. It can’t be helped. It’s high time we all had
our supper. Clear the room. There’s still autumn to come before
winter, isn’t there? Yes. Cheer up!It rained throughout October
and November.
There were no more
games outdoors.
Mr. Blot became melancholic
and strangely quiet.
He complained there were
no butterflies.
He neglected the kitchen……and forgot about our meals.He neglected his freckles
and didn’t take his pills.
As a result his shock
of hair grew thin and gray.
At last winter came,
and with it Christmas.
On Christmas Eve
Mr. Blot seemed…
“former self again when
we sat down to supper.
Boys, our tale is coming to an end. I’ll be sorry to part from you. We spent a whole year together. It was great fun,
but nothing lasts forever. What’ll happen to us? You’ll all go home for
Christmas. Open the gate at midnight… …and throw the key into the pond. That’ll be the end of our tale
about my Academy. – Won’t we meet again?
– In another story, maybe. The story of my travels. It’s time for some surprises. I’ve got ready some presents
for you. – Do you know what you’re getting?
– No. Do you? The magnifying pump. Adam Niezgódka… Adolf… Someone’s inside
Mr. Blot’s secrets! Here you have old Blot’s
secrets! There’ll be no carols
or presents… …but tears and gnashing
the teeth! Here are your silly old secrets! You can’t read it because you
don’t know Chinese, so I might as well tear it up. Go on, read it! The secrets will all be
torn into tatters! You’ve destroyed my secrets.
For that you must be punished. Well, I was afraid my story would
end like this. These scrolls, Adolf destroyed, contained the knowledge passed
to me by Dr. Pai-Chi-Wo. Now there’ll be no more
cooking with colours… flying in the air, healing furniture, or making up magic songs
and rhymes. But luckily I’ve taught you
some of that knowledge. Before you unpack your presents
we’ll sing a carol. So that’s it, Mr. Blot? That’s how you stick to
our agreement? I devoted 20 years to
my invention. It was to allow me to find my
way into every fairytale… …and destroy it from within. But you destroyed my doll,
my life’s work! All my efforts are wasted, although I went on supplying
you with freckles, in spite of the risks involved. I’ll show you what
I’m capable of… …when I set out to take
my revenge. Just wait and see! I’ll send this place up
in smoke! Here’s the button you were
looking for. Farewell.If you hurry up,
you’ll find him in the Academy.
Hand me that button. Are you Prince Matthew
or was it all a dream? I’m not a prince, Adam. I simply told you a story. I made up the adventure of
the wolf king. And the prince,
and Dr. Pai-Chi-Wo? In fairytales good is always
victorious. Maybe you thought this
story was true… – because it was different?
– And you… who are you? I wrote the story of
Mr. Blot’s Academy. I wrote it because I’m very
fond of children. Some people even maintain… …that I myself am that
strange fellow Blot.Also starring: