Match Day 2019 – School of Medicine – Wayne State University

November 17, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Our students are training in a very
challenging urban environment. They’re seeing, you know, some of the most
challenging patients. They have great faculty mentorship. So our our graduates
are very well prepared for any situation in any clinical setting. There’s a lot of
good lessons I feel like I learned in medical school. But I think, at the end of
the day one of the biggest ones was learning to just be selfless and
empathetic, and treat all patients equally and fairly. It was the exact
experience I needed clinically to be around the people that I cared about, the
populations I wanted to work with. I matched at my first choice at Brigham
and Women’s Hospital in Boston. I matched at the University of Kentucky in
Lexington. I matched in pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. We often
forget why we’re doing what we’re doing. And I think that Wayne State has so many
opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community, that it’s a very
sobering reminder of why we’ve stepped into medicine in the first place. I matched at Henry Ford Hospital. At Ventura in Miami, Florida for emergency medicine. I matched at Wake Forest. Wayne State is a place where they care about the community,
places where you get the best clinical experience treating patients that you
know. I learned compassion here and how to advocate for your patients when they
may not be able to themselves. I matched at my number one choice Spectrum in Grand Rapids. I matched at Orlando Health, my number
one choice. I could not be happier right now. What made the Wayne State experience unique for me was the urban excellence and volunteering opportunities of the
first a second year. I matched at New York University for internal medicine. I
matched today at my top choice, Henry Ford in Detroit. I am going to take a lot of
heart and a will to succeed because Detroit is full of fighters and that’s what I am.