Life as an International student at Anglia Ruskin University

November 16, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Anglia Ruskin University is a very good
opportunity for you to find a better future. The UK is just a friendly
environment, it’s multi-cultured. It’s one of the best countries where you could get a degree because it will be recognised worldwide. Anglia Ruskin has very very affordable fees. Here in ARU, it’s not only about the education and study, it’s about the experience here. Be sure that you’re going to find a new family and Anglia Ruskin will make you feel at home. I think I made the right choice. We are coming in a different country or
foreign country, but our university just make you feel you’re a part of it. I was part of the International Buddy Scheme. Someone will be a friend for you that
will meet you from the airport when you arrived, then help you settle in. There was a pickup service, it gave me peace of mind and my parents were also very very
comfortable knowing that I’m going to safe hands. I felt so comfortable and I was so happy that the University is being so supportive. Here in ARU, they have module leaders, they have course leaders, so additionally if we have certain doubts or something we can always have a face-to-face one-on-one discussion with them and we can clear our doubts. Anglia Ruskin University have a great language
course and have great language support. My supervisor is very expert in my study area. She always share her experience, her knowledge. Really the personal tutors, whenever we have any problem regarding
the studies or anything we can go back to them. You have that interaction with a
with the teachers and the students and have time to develop your own opinion. I really think there’s some incredible facilities here. Specifically I kind of fell in love
with the Bloomberg Suite. We started the Anglia Ruskin Investment
Group, which is generally just a gathering of students with an interest
for finance, financial markets and investing. The science facilities here are amazing. I like the fact that the class is diverse in so many ways. I love this campus.
It’s very nice, it’s a good atmosphere. There’s so much history and
just so much knowledge in the city of Cambridge that I just love learning
about and love seeing. I love the environment and in terms of the space, there’s a lot of green. Where you can just sit around and just relax to get your
mind off things. I have got everything in Chelmsford. Everything is close to us. It’s very close to London, like 30 to 40 minutes you’d be in London. If you live on campus everything is quite convenient. I live in the student village, everything
is walking distance. Safety is something I really need to mention
because within the Uni you’ve got 24/7 security. You can walk back to your
home from the University very safely. Whilst studying here I’ve had the
opportunity to travel around the UK. I absolutely love it. It’s so connected with other European countries. So I’ve been to Sweden, to Malta. Paris and Italia. Amsterdam. I went to Morocco, Croatia. There’s cheap tickets, it’s easy
to find the way how to travel. The best piece of advice I could give would be just come with an open mind. Don’t be shy to ask for help. Don’t bring a lot of stuff you can buy everything here. And get ready for adventure of your lifetime, studying away from home. I think that’s the essence of Anglia Ruskin. They give us a chance to represent where we come or what our cultures are. Anglia Ruskin has been a really inspiring place for me and I’m really excited for my future.