Learning Space: Elmo visits NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

January 3, 2020 0 By Kody Olson

      Music   SLATE: Do you know much about space?   ELMO: Elmo knows nothing about space, just that Elmo loves it.   Elmo loves watching it and seeing it because it’s really pretty.   SLATE: What makes NASA and Kennedy Space Center cool?   ELMO: Well there’s a lot of things that make it cool, like the rockets and all the   robotic stuff that you use here.   Elmo always love to see that stuff.   SLATE: What do you think of going to space?   ELMO: Elmo thinks it’s really cool! You see different things that you don’t normally see   down on Earth.   You get to see the moon and the stars up close.   And you get to move like this.   SLATE: If you could go anywhere in space, where would you go?   ELMO: Elmo thinks Mars. Or the Milky Way (laughs). If there’s such a thing.   SLATE: What will you tell your friends about visiting here?   ELMO: That Elmo had a great time! And Elmo got a nice uniform outfit, too,   and a nice hat, too.