Learn Blockchain to future-proof your career!

October 9, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Everyone’s talking about blockchain at the
moment, because this is one the most profound and exciting new technologies that we’ve
seen in decades. The changes that we’re seeing in financial
services as a result of blockchain technology are truly disruptive. When you hear someone like Forbes say, ‘Blockchain
technology is where the internet was 20 years ago’, you sit up and want to understand
more. The question starting to arise in probably
most boardrooms: “what is our blockchain strategy? This course creates new opportunities for
Australian businesses and government departments by not only understanding the fundamentals
of blockchain and what its capabilities are, but also learning strategic models to apply
back inside your work. People need to upskill in blockchain technology
because it’s a technology that’s becoming more universal and used across a whole range
of industries. It will give the skills to individuals who
are in the courses so that when they move into industry, they can help businesses really
extract value from blockchain technology.