Larry Burns | Strengths SAS Offers Institutions | OSU

November 14, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

I think SAS offers an
institution that’s really interested in having a
data-informed kind of culture they give you the
tools that you need. All of the tools. They give you the
tools to make sure that your data is
structured in the way it needs to be structured
to answer the questions. Gives you the statistics
background you need to validate your questions
validate the data, validate the trends
that you’re seeing. But it also gives you the
ability to think about what’s next. You can learn- use
machine learning, which is not something that
a lot of people in higher Ed are doing. Use machine learning
to help you figure out some of these trends. It gives you the tools that
you can do those things. Increasingly our world is judged
by how businesses are operating especially in higher education. And so we need to be
using the cutting edge tools to show the value
to our constituents to our legislatures
to our regulators that we are doing
everything possible. We’re using data. We’re using every
statistical model out there. We’re using every tool at
our disposal to show results, to show that the
value of what we do.