November 7, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (Jack) Yesterday, I asked you…
– (Sheila gasps) Oh my god! – (Chelsea) jacksfilms!
– You have a big fan. – (Eric) …I saw him
was on Teens React five years ago,
and he looks the exact same. – Look at that.
– I’ll take that. That’s a compliment.
– (Jack) So I whipped up a shareable picture
that you can post… – He’s not amused.
– (Erin laughs) – (Kostas) He’s so great.
– He loves you. – (Sheila) I’ve seen
all his videos! – (gasps)
– (Sheila) Mwah! Me Me Big Boy. – She’s a fan.
– That’s pretty coo– mwah right back at you.
Thank you! – (Ethan James) What does he do?
Just comedy like that? – (both laugh)
– Oh my god! – “What am I even watching?
What is this? I don’t get it.”
– “Does he think he’s funny?” – (Jack laughs) – (Chelsea sings along) ♪ Favorites
on the next episode ♪ – She knows it. She knows it. – That’s cool. – (intern 2) Ah, memories.
– MyMusic fan. – (Jeannie) …interesting way
to have your audience be really engaged
with your content. – Agreed.
– (snickers) (softly) Thank you. – Oh yeah. – (Jack) …dressed up
as Alexander Hamilton. – (Eric) He’s such a snarky bitch,
and I love it. – (chuckles) I’ll take it.
– Snarky bitch. That’s what my pet name
for you is. – (Jack) ♪ Got yourself a problem,
you can Alexander… ♪ – Look at her dancing. I love it.
– Yeah. – I think you’ve
won Kostas over, man. She is not feeling
your vibes, though. – She’s not,
but that’s cool… – It’s okay.
– …’cause Kostas gets it. – (Ethan James) Not really my humor,
but I’m sure someone finds it funny. – (both laugh) – Devastating. I can respect it.
– Let’s go talk to Ethan after this. – Yeah. Give him a piece
of my mind. – (Sheila) If you guys show me
the dog one, he has this– (gasps) Oh my god!
It’s the dog one! – This is your best video.
I’m biased. – (Jack) Alexa, give me a kiss.
– (Eric) That’s so cute. – Yeah, she is. She’s just as cute…
– I won him over. – …in real life, too. – (Jeannie) This guy’s just crazy.
– (Erin laughs) – I’m nuts! You don’t know
what I’ll do next! – (chuckles) She really is–
– I made him laugh! – Yeah. Oh!
First time. – Look at that! – (Dionte snickers)
– See? Look at that! Look at that! You broke him. – (Jack) Today’s episode
is brought to you by PETA. – (Dionte laughs)
– (Erin laughs) – (Dionte) I was hoping there was
gonna be a PETA joke in there. – Hell yeah! I got you, buddy! – (Ethan James) I don’t mean
to be rude, but it’s just… this isn’t college kid material. – [Bleep]. – Please tell me what is.
– Them be some fighting words. – Please tell me what is
“college kid material.” – I am 30. I’m 10 years
out of college, and I’m like, “That’s funny!”
– Humor is subjective. – Yeah. (laughs)
– (Jack) Fix Your Pix is the show where you send me…
– (Chelsea) I love this. – (Sabrina) Oh, he’s gonna
do some dumb [bleep]. I can feel it.
– You’re right. – Oh, I like this one.
– Thank you. – Yeah.
– (Jack) …beautiful. All people are beautiful.
Let’s remove that… – I hope you break him.
– (Kostas laughs) – (Erin laughs)
– (Jack) Ah, dope. Just a picture of you…
– See? He’s smiling. He’s smiling.
– Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. He’s just being polite.
– (Jack) Clone the moon, so that now it spells out…
– (Chelsea) It scares me how good he is with Photoshop.
– Scares me too. – I’m really not that good. I’m not.
– It scares me. Yes, you are.
– I know the basics. – (Jack) If you have a pic
you want me to fix, please tweet it to me
with the hashtag, #FixPix. – That’s still real.
– (Chelsea) I do it all the time, but sadly, I’ve never been picked. – Well, keep tweeting at me!
I’ll see ya! – (Sheila) …his fiancée, Erin,
are my favorite. – Girl!
– Damn. – (singsong) I just got a shoutout.
– She is funnier than I am. – (mouths along) ♪ Oh, [bleep] ♪
– (Jack) ♪ I just made you click ♪ ♪ With a vague-ass title… ♪
– She’s feeling it. – (Chelsea) This is
the YouTuber’s theme song. – Damn right.
– Yeah. – (Sheila) He makes
all his beats too, by the way. – How does she know that?
– Damn right, he does! – Wait, how do people know that?
– Original! No loops! – (Jack) ♪ Is he gay? ♪
♪ Nah, man, I like boobs too much ♪ – (snickers) – She’s not really
feeling your vibes, man. – That’s fine.
I’m not for everyone. – (Eric chuckles)
– I made him laugh! – (Eric) Never a dull moment.
– (Jack) Thank you so much. – (Jeannie) This guy
has so many talents. – (Eric) I’m glad intern 2
finally found a job. – Aww. Same. – Actually, he’s now Flowchart,
if you’ll recall. But that’s fine. That’s fine. – (Sheila) I can be here all day
just watching videos of Jack, and I’m so okay with it.
– She’s awesome. – Yeah, she’s…
– She’s awesome, dude. – We should have her
be your PR person. – (Eric) jacksfilms is such
a genius content creator. – Aww. Thanks, man. – (FBE) You were actually
in that episode, so we’re gonna take
a quick trip down memory lane… – I wonder if she liked you
any more or less. – Wow!
– (softly) Woww. – Dude, look
at how different he looks. – (FBE) What do you think
of that name for a YouTube channel? – (Eric) If he pushes it together
without a space, that’s terrible grammar. Hypocrite. – And there’s no apostrophe.
– You’re not wrong. – So it’s not possessive. – (FBE) Would you want
your bad grammar exploited by this guy?
– (Brianna) Yes. – (FBE) You’d be fine with it? – (Brianna) It’s because
I don’t do bad grammar that often. – (Brianna) I know.
– “I don’t do bad grammar.” Same. (laughs)
– Oops! – (FBE) Did you enjoy his videos? – (Jeannie) He’s really funny
and he’s not bad looking. – She’s like…
– (Jeannie laughs) – She’s like, “Is he?” – I’d much rather
be cute than funny. – Really?
– Cute opens doors. Anyone’s funny.
Do you think this just happens? – Yes.
– Shut up, man. – (FBE) …since 2006.
– (Brianna) That’s crazy. He’s OG YouTuber.
– He’s just old. – (FBE) Why do you think
he has not just had longevity, but is growing now more than ever?
– (Sheila) Because people are tired of fake comedy. People are tired
of fake people. And he’s genuine.
– (softly) Did you hear that? – Are you?
– Did you hear that? She called me REAL! – (Eric) It used to be
kind of the memes would shape him, and now he shapes the meme.
– Hell yeah! That’s the best praise I’ve heard.
– Whoa. Dude, that’s like…
– “He shapes the memes.” – I disagree politefully, but…
– Oh, I do too. I still am largely reactionary,
but I would love to be the guy that shapes the memes.
– (FBE) A lot of the series revolve around fan submissions,
things of that nature. What do you think
about that format he uses? – (Sheila) I have submitted…
– Oh no. – (Sheila) …every single time.
He’s literally collaborating with his fans.
– I’m saying “oh no,” because I thought she was
gonna say, “And he’s never picked me once,” you know?
Like, that’s where… – I think that’s where
she was going with that. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – (Kostas) He’s making fun of you,
but it’s almost an honor to be made fun of by him.
– Aww. – (FBE) …comes up with new formats,
ways to interact with fans. – He’s like, “Okay,
I don’t– what? Why? I don’t– I don’t care.”
– (FBE) …a long saga with the Emoji Movie last year.
What do you think of Jack’s place in YouTube history? – (Ethan James) I think
he’s definitely– he could be on the Mount Rushmore of YouTube.
– Aww. – (Ethan James) He deserves
the respect for the work and his ethic… – I think he’s feeling guilty
about what– – Same.
– Right? – Same. I thought he was
gonna rip me apart. “Put him on Mount Rushmore
of YouTube. I don’t give a [bleep].” – (chuckles) Yeah.
– Just get him away from me. – Nobody goes
to Mount Rushmore anymore. – (laughs) That was the subtext.
We missed that. – (Dionte) When you think about comedy on YouTube,
you’re gonna think of jacksfilms. – Wow.
– What?! – (Kostas) He’s been around
since the beginning for one, and he’s had the longevity. It’s important to have him
on the platform. – Wow.
– “It’s important to have him on the platform.”
– That’s pretty cool to hear. – You should tell
your Google rep that. See? Aren’t you glad
you watched it now? – I am. I am. That was
a lot less cringy than– much less cringy
than I anticipated. – Yeah.
– (FBE) So Jack, we’ve known each other
for so long. – Too long.
– (Erin chuckles) – (FBE) Here you are
where this Teens React to jacksfilms was back in 2012.
I don’t even think you were even near
a million subscribers back then. – I was less than half back then.
You guys pushed me to over half, and then
it snowballed from there. – I met you right after that.
– Yes, you did. – (FBE) So you’ve been
around now long enough where you’re growing, but your fans
are growing along with you. – Right.
– (FBE) So what is it like to see not only when you look
at your channel of evolution of content, but something like this
that allows you to also see the evolution of the fan reaction
to your content? – It’s cool, man.
– Isn’t that funny? – It’s kind of surreal
is the right word. – I think your comedy’s
evolved too, you know? – I think it’s definitely evolved.
– “Comedy.” – For me, the biggest honor
is still making these people laugh, like, laugh out loud.
That’s all I want. – (FBE) So for Erin…
– Yeah? – (FBE) What has been
this experience kind of coming in to Jack’s life where he was
compared to now really seeing this huge rise
from your perspective? – Yeah. It’s fine now,
but in the beginning, it was REALLY strange.
The first night I met Jack at Irish Pub,
there were girls there that had come there to meet him.
It was hard in the beginning to understand people
that just wanted his attention, and now it’s kind of fun.
– (chuckles) – It’s kind of fun.
I think it’s kind of funny that this– my private life
is on display sometimes. I think it’s flattering.
Honestly, I love it. It’s fun.
– Well, you’ve become quite the… – It’s fun!
– …influencer yourself, babe. – No.
– Yes. – No.
– Yes, you have. People love watching you, okay? I regularly get,
“When’s Erin coming back? She’s way better.” – (FBE) Can you talk about
your creative process and how you’ve come up
with ways to make such great content that I would say
engages with your audience better than anyone on the platform?
– A lot of these series start as just a trial run.
So I did a first Fix Your Twitter Bios
as a YIAY. And that did really well,
so you just– If something does really well,
you spin it off into a new series at least on YouTube.
That’s what I’ve learned. – (FBE) So finally, our reactors
always like this part of the video. What would each of you
wanna say directly to camera to any of these college kids
that reacted to you as you’re reacting to them? – To the people that laughed,
thank you. That’s really cool. To people who didn’t laugh,
that’s fine too. Thanks for watching.
– And I was able to see my biggest fan, Sheila.
So Sheila, you’re my girl. – Sheila’s awesome, man.
– (chuckles) Yeah. – Yeah. Huge, huge thanks to FBE
for having us. And if you wanna follow me
on YouTube, you can. It’s jacksfilms. Also, Twitter,
it’s jacksfilms. – And I’m on Instagram
at 2toesup.