Investment Accounting Manager: Job Profile

August 26, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

My name’s John Michael Howison and I’m an investment accounting manager for
JP Morgan My team provide investment accounting positions to our client so that each morning their traders
know how many shares and what cash they’ve got
to deal in on a daily basis My role is insuring that the data we send to the client is valid accurate and delivered on time. We have a number of systems that we use to validate the data which we send across We’ve a number of checks both manual and system-based all of which are designed to capture both
known and potential issues which might be present within the data I studied mechanical engineering at university I joined the financial services industry straight from university that was about 11 years ago. I’ve worked in a number of different firms doing different roles learning different skills throughout those
roles which has brought me to this position I’m
in now. Engineering’s quite similar to the financial
services industry in terms of the skills required. You’ve got problem-solving skills you’ve got project management skills personal management skills that you need to be a good engineer. A good understanding of the problem how to solve that problem. All of which gets used on a daily basis in the financial services. What motivates me to get up in the morning
and go to work is the opportunity to face a challenge to identify a problem and solve that problem and ultimately have a happy client at the
end of the day. There is no option but to deliver on a daily
basis and therefore you and your team need to be
there until that delivery is completed. Since I’ve joined the industry I’ve sat
a number of exams a number of qualifications constantly learning both through academic
study and through skills training within the company. The financial industry is an amazing place
to work it’s got opportunities so many different avenues which you don’t necessarily think about. The variety is incredible I’ve never finished a year doing the same
thing that I’ve started the year doing so it’s constantly moving and changing and challenging me on a daily basis.