Introducing FOH: Faculty Office Hours | Arizona State University

November 13, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Do you suffer from stress, sleep
deprivation, and academic status report denial? living in a world of why? who? how? what the? If any of these symptoms
sound familiar you may be one of the millions of
college students suffering from fear of meeting one-on-one with my professor or
FMOOWMP Is it dangerous? Yes, patients who have untreated cases can experience
increasingly debilitating outcomes and persistent pangs of regret How did I even get FMOOWMP? Science may never know. The important thing to remember is that FMOOWMP is 100% treatable. Introducing FOH, faculty office hours or ‘oh!’ for short. Oh? That’s right, FOH is a ground-breaking treatment plan for students suffering from fear of
meeting one-on-one with my professor. Do I need a prescription to get FOH? Oh no, FOH is an effective treatment that begins with the simple visit to your doctor of
philosophies office Oh! Does it hurt? No, contrary to popular belief FOH patients report painless experiences that are often described as
much better than expected Is it habit forming? it is absolutely addictive. The vast
majority of successful FOH users continue for up to four years Sounds amazing! How do I sign up for FOH? Simply call
or email your doctor of philosophy today to set up a free trial appointment to find out if FOH is
right for you. Once I tried FOH, everything fell into place. I understood what was
going on in class and I knew how to study for my next test, I’m hooked! Possible side-effects of FOH include seeing professor as a human for the first time,
understanding course content, Increased GPA, a general sense of well being, healthier sleeping habits, improved confidence. (These statements have not been approved by the federal drug administration, they have been approved by Dr. Michael Crow which means they are science. Do not take FOH if you have a fever or are experiencing other symptoms of an actual disease.) FOH, because there’s literally no good
reason not to go.