International Live Chat #1: Connecting to Campus

October 12, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Hi! Good morning everyone. Thank you for tuning in. Just to let you know, we will begin the proceedings
to our first Live Chat in approximately four minutes. So during that time you’ll be able to hear
a bit more about us and some behind the scenes action that’s going on in our lives right
now. So hi Limei and Shreena. Hey! So how is your summer coming along? My summer is going great. I’m just enjoying the summer. I think two weeks ago was Canada Day – we
had a long weekend. Yeah. So I remember I got dressed up in red; very
patriotic! I went to the mall with a few girlfriends. We enjoyed a feast at Jamie Oliver’s, which
was great. But, it was a little bit hard on my wallet. Of course. But, it was totally worth it. That’s perfect! Absolutely. How about you Limei? I saw your photos and you looked great in
the red dress. Thank you. For me, I went to Wonderland with my friends. We went there last year to have some fun and
take a break from school. It was a really good experience for us. What about you Kealan? My summertime? How is it coming along? Yeah sure. For you that are just tuned in, we are about
to start today’s proceedings very shortly. So bare with us as we get everything set up. My summertime so far: beach every weekend. You know, Canadian winter, you want to take
advantage of being outside as much as you can. I’m surprised, I’ve had to put on so much
sunscreen lately. True. Other than that, salsa dancing every week;
lots of activities around there. What else? Also, yes – so, in September, I know I probably
told you guys this already, but I will be going on my international placement to Peru
for seven months. So I’m just, you know, very busy organizing
that, but it’s going to be a great time. So if anyone is from Peru, I’m coming to you
very soon. That’s great. That’s awesome. I just love summer generally because everyone
is in such a happy mood and it’s bright, everyone is outside, and you see a lot of people playing
outside too. They are on scooters. There are so many activities going on. I remember one of the most memorable things
that I did during this summer was I performed outdoors for the first time. Interesting. During the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural
Festival. Basically, I had a dance performance that
I was doing with the Indian club at the University of Waterloo. Wonderful. It was amazing because there so many different
people from different cultures that performed at this event, and there was a lot of food
– street food – that was happening at the Victoria Park that is nearby. But yeah, it was absolutely awesome. It sounds like a good experience. You enjoy dancing? I love dancing. I love dancing. I was born a dancer. Let’s just say. Okay. Okay. I am going to join you guys for salsa dancing
in the future. I am going to hold you to that Limei. When I come back from Peru, you’ll be dancing. That’s great. Anything interesting that you did, Limei? Yeah. So I’m actually really looking forward to
the Waterloo Uptown Jazz Festival because one of my friend’s is going to perform. So she is part of the UWaterloo Engineering
Jazz Band and the group is going to perform for the festival. I’m going to go down to support her and see
her performance. Just to let you know we will begin our live
chat very shortly – in actually one minute. So we are very excited. If there is one thing you would like to do
before summer ends, what would it be? Quickly – before we start. Oh gosh I actually really… No pressure! It’s just I have so many things on my bucket
list, but I can’t believe I haven’t been to the beach yet. So, I am definitely going to, at least once,
go to the beach. I would want to go to the beach too. I want to play beach volleyball. I’ve only tried it twice before, but I really
loved it. So that’s really what I think I am looking
forward to. That’s great. And for me: beach, beach and more beach! It’s summery and great. Okay so, let’s start our live chat now. Let’s do it! Yeah. So hi everyone. I am Limei and we are starting our very first
International Student Live Chat series 1: connecting to the campus. So here, I really want to thank you for joining
us and congratulate everyone on accepting your offer to the University of Waterloo. So, 大家好. Hi, my name is Limei and I am currently a
third year student at the University of Waterloo studying mathematics and majoring in financial
analysis and risk management. The reason why I chose Waterloo was that while
I was looking for universities, I was really interested in math programs, and Waterloo
definitely has a really good global reputation in the faculty of Mathematics. So that’s why I came here. That’s perfect. That’s amazing
Yes. Well hello everyone. Namaste. My name is Shreena Maistry and I am currently
in the Environment and Business Program here at the University of Waterloo, in the Faculty
of Environment. I am in my second year and I come from a very
small island called Mauritius, which is found in the Indian Ocean. So basically the two reasons that I chose
University of Waterloo was first I always wanted to study in the Western world. After applying to a bunch of schools across
the U.S. and Canada, University of Waterloo turns out to be my best option. Yup – totally agree! And the second reason is that my program is
so unique that it combines my love for business with a little twist, an interesting one, of
environmental studies. That’s a very interesting program. Hi everyone. Bonjour à tous! Buenos Dias! My name is Kealan Branellec and I am a student
in the International Development Program in the Faculty of Environment at the University
of Waterloo. You know, I’ve lived in Trinidad and France
all my life, and over time, moving from place to place, I’ve developed a yearn and a desire
to find adventure. I’ve become so curious about expanding myself
and coming out of my comfort zone. I saw that the International Development Program,
the scope of the study, encompasses so many different disciplines that it just compelled
me to push myself, and get out there, and leave an impact on the world somehow; however
it might be, like you guys. Absolutely. These live chats in our perspective will help
you and will equip you with the necessary tools; some form of ideas of what to expect
when you come here to make your transition a lot smoother. So now, you will see in my possession I will
have a tablet in my hand. I will not be watching YouTube videos or anything
like that. This is how we will be communicating with
you so I highly encourage you to take advantage of these interactive sessions that you have
with us. So the first question we have for you today
is we want you to tell us where you from, where are you watching us from? That’s interesting to know where everyone
is from. Definitely. So now I will go through today’s agenda for
the whole live chat. The live chat will be mainly three parts. So the first one we’ll introduce the transition
resources to the campus, such as the airport pick-up and orientation programs. The second part we’ll introduce our immigration
services and the support that the University offers to international students. The third part, which is my personal favorite
part, is about Waterloo Residences. We have our guests here to answer your questions. So if you have any questions please leave
them in the chat and we’ll try to answer them in the end. If you are having any technical issues, please
message “Ask Us” panellist by clicking on the ‘speech bubble’, I think it’s
on the side, and we’ll try to help you. Be sure, if you are ready to chat with everyone,
you can message all participants. That’s great. Well now that you’ve heard about the schedule
of today there’s a little interesting thing for you. So we are going to have a giveaway at the
end of this live chat and I’m just going to tell you what you can win. So we have here an amazing water bottle, a
University of Waterloo water bottle, and it says migration innovation and graduation with
little goose symbols and stuff. Caricatures I guess. But, this water bottle is a go to student
essential. You’ll see everyone walking with one, especially
during summer time. You need to be hydrated. And the next prize that we have is Mr. Goose. This is a Canadian Goose and there are tons
on campus. That’s great. Well you know I’m very excited for whoever
is going to win this goose. It looks like a very comfy pillow. It doesn’t bite! It doesn’t bite. So we’ve already got some feedback from you
– our audience. Priyanka and Rashmi are watching us from Trinidad. Hi. Caroline Rumer is from California. Quang is from Vietnam. Yujin is from Korea. Ruhi Modi Gujarat is from India. Ceanna Aranha is from Qatar. Hisham Rahman is from Delhi. Oh wow! Keshini is from Mauritis. Oh hi! Bonjour! Arun is from India. You know, we’re getting so much overwhelming
feedback from you guys and we’re so happy that you could tune in with us. But one more, we have Deepak. Deepak, hi! At this time, before we go further in to the
segments of our live chats, we’d like to begin with our territorial acknowledgement. We acknowledge that you may not be familiar
with what that is, but for us and for all university events, it is very important to
acknowledge the presence of our Indigenous brothers and sisters who are living amongst
us. So I’m about to do this. You may hear some very unfamiliar words, but
bear with me. This is something that you will get used to
as you continue your studies at the University. We want to acknowledge that right now, we
are sitting on the traditional territory of the Neutral, Anishinaabeg and Haudenosaunee
peoples. The University of Waterloo is situated on
the Haldimand Tract, the land promised to the Six Nations that includes ten kilometres
on each side of the Grand River. We believe that this is a very important part
towards reconciliation between the states; between us, between the indigenous communities
that surrounds us. That’s great. Well now that you’ve heard our land acknowledgement,
I will move this to you. So coming back to you. We all want to know if you’ve bought your
plane tickets yet and when are you landing at Pearson. Let us know in the comments on the side and
make sure that you message all participants so that you can share your awesome answers
with all. So I’m going to come back and let you know
about an awesome service that the University of Waterloo offers here for international
students, which is called the Airport Pick-Up Service. We have here two of our airport captains,
Hayley and Tina, who are going to come and talk to you more about it. Hello Hayley. Hello Tina. Hi everybody. Hi. Why don’t you introduce yourself a little
bit? Yeah. Sure. So hi everyone. I’m Tina and I’m a second year Accounting
and Financial Management student at the University of Waterloo, and one of our airport captains
this August. Nice. Hi everybody. I’m Hayley. I’m a graduate student in the Recreation and
Leisure program and I am your other airport captain. Amazing. Well it’s great having you, Hayley and Tina,
here today. So I have a question for you. So could you tell us more about the service,
the Airport Pick-up Service, and when does it run? Yeah for sure. So the airport service is running from August
29 to the 31 from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. each day. The service is open to all incoming international
students who need transportation from the Pearson airport to the University of Waterloo. Yeah. That’s it. Oh thank you Tina and Hayley. I noticed that you guys are wearing such yellow,
cute shirts today, so could you tell us a bit more about that? Yeah sure. I’m very happy that you like my T-shirt. I think they are super cute as well. So, we’re just wearing these T-shirts today
to kind of show you what to look for at the airport. So all the volunteers will be wearing this
bright, yellow, University of Waterloo Ask Me T-Shirt at the airport in Terminal 1. So you know who to talk to at the airport. The yellow T-shirts. So are you an airport captain as well? Oh no! No! No! No, but I wish. So what could students who signed up for this
service expect from you? They can definitely expect a warm welcome
from us at the airport. Once you arrive at the airport, you’ll find
us wearing our yellow T-shirt. Once you check in with us, our lovely volunteers,
as well as ourselves, will be there to answer any questions or concerns you have about the
university. We will then lead you to the bus. They’ll take us directly to the University
of Waterloo. On the bus. It’ll give you a chance to relax and hear
about all the amazing things you can do at the university. That’s great. Yeah. We’d actually like to loop back to our activity
and hear some of the feedback that you have submitted. Om Nandika Gupta is flying on the 26 of August. Quang Hoang said, “not even close to book
a ticket!” He’ll be waiting for last minute prices. I understand. But, the sooner you’re here, the more time
you’ll have here – so get it! Raksha Shanbhag on August 12. Manav Sharma is driving from the States and
arriving on the 29. Marilyn Almeida, 18 of August. Raksha is arriving on August 12, and Jaishree
on the 19 of August from Kuwait. Wow. Right? Kuwait? You know my accent tends to – So I’m sorry
once again if some of the names are kind of – you know. So thank you so much for that feedback. We’d like to inform you that registration
for this service is now opened. If you have not received it in your email
as yet, it should be coming to you very soon. So look out for that email from the Student
Success Office. So thank you Tina and Hayley for joining us
today and we look forward to hearing more from you. But, before we go, we actually have some more
questions. No way! I’m so sorry. So Ravpreet Sethi wants to know, “Hi. How far is the university from the airport?” Well it definitely depends on traffic, but
it takes roughly about an hour and a half to two hours, I’d say, to get from the airport
to the University of Waterloo campus. But great question! So enough time for a nap. Okay. I think they are ready to let you go. At this point it’s not us, it’s the tablet. They are in charge of the show! So thank you so much for your time today guys. Thank you! Thanks for having us. Absolutely. We’re so excited to meet you guys soon. See you very soon! Bye! Okay, now let’s move onto the next part. So speaking of the Orientation, how were your
Orientation experiences? Oh yeah. I remember having the most fantastic experience
ever. So basically for me, Orientation is one of
those things that you always remember and I’m pretty sure every student at the University
of Waterloo would agree with me because it’s the first point that you come and have Orientation;
you meet so many people as well. I remember my Orientation was mainly focused
on like outdoor activities. So we had, I remember, like a whipped cream
fight, a Frisbee game, plus so many games. It was at Waterloo Park, which is very nearby
here. But, my most cherished moment, was when we
had our flash mob. So we were divided in to groups. We had a choreographed dance session and everyone
was dancing in a synchronized way. It just made me feel part of the community,
which is absolutely amazing at the first point at the University of Waterloo. Well that sounds really amazing. So to add on to what Shreena had to share,
I’m going to introduce you to two orientation programs for the international students. So the first one is going to be the International
Student Orientation program, which is free. So like who doesn’t like free stuff? And the second one will be the First-Year
Waterloo Orientation. So now I’ll go into more details about the
International Student Orientation. So this is a free orientation program for
the international students and this year it’s going to happen between August 29 to 31. In the past years, we’ve had events such
as a bonfire night, a paint night, and games with the upper-year student leaders. So this is definitely something you can expect
too. And, besides the fun part, we also have some
presentations on how to find a job in Canada, or like how’s the Canadian classroom culture
like. I remember these presentations were really
useful for me as it gives me a first feeling of how it’s going to look like. And, my favourite part is that we went on
trips to the grocery stores and the malls and banks around. So it can help you to set up your bank accounts,
buy your phones, and also get your groceries and supplies. So definitely, you should look forward to
that and it’s a free program, so please sign up for that. Yeah, definitely make the most of the International
Orientation. It’s absolutely awesome and helpful. So coming back to the First-Year Orientation,
this is your official welcome to the University of Waterloo and it runs from August 31 to
September 7. And you’re going to be one of over 6500 new
incoming students, which is amazing. You’re going to be able to meet your future
friends, classmates, and learn more about campus, learn more about the faculty culture. It’s going to be an absolute blast and you
must definitely go for it. You know these sounds like such interesting
accounts of International Student Orientation. Unfortunately, I did not attend the session
because, you know being Canadian by birth, I thought that I was not eligible, or
I didn’t have the need to go to the Orientation. But you know, I heard so many stories about
that program facilitating a sense of community and helping others, just like myself and you
all, to adjust and adapt to a new country, a new culture, and new environmental conditions. All those different things. And it’s a great medium to facilitate that
process. I would also have learnt a lot more information
regarding banking information, insurance information; that would have also made my
financial transition a lot easier. So I definitely encourage you to take advantage
of this free resource. Yup. It’s free? Yeah. It’s free so make sure you make the most
of it. Yeah so the email is coming to you very soon,
which has the links to sign up for the Airport Pick-Up Service, International Student Orientation
program, and the First-Year Waterloo Orientation program. You will do all of this at one go. And let’s move on to the next part. So I remember before I came to Canada, I was
really curious about what Waterloo looks like. So I definitely searched for pictures online
and I heard stories from my friends. But, I was still wondering how it feels when
I am here in person. So now, let’s move on to the next activity. We want to know what about Canada, or Waterloo,
are you most curious about. So please tell us in the comments and message
all participants. We would love to know what you’re curious
about; Waterloo or about the University of Waterloo in general. But, I remember I was very curious about the
people and culture definitely before coming here and my resource for it was to refer to
the International Student Guide that the University has organized for international students specifically. It gave me good foundational information about
the University and about life in Canada in general because I didn’t know anything about
it. I was just watching YouTube videos, which
is not the best resource. But, definitely the International Student
Guide is important in the sense that it was kind of a all in one crash course for me before
coming here and especially since I didn’t know anything about Canada. It’s the first point that is very beneficial
to you as international students. Perfect. And so while you all are taking your time
to bombard us with your lovely questions, we would like to go over some of the things
that some students are curious about that were submitted by the registration process. So Harmeen is curious about the festivals
celebrated in Canada. Maple Syrup Festival I see you coming very
soon. Stuart is curious about how to get involved
on campus. That will be covered in more detail in the
second live chat on July 17, so keep an eye out for that. Sanya’s curious about what to pack. That’s something we can relate to. We can relate to. Summer clothes for all your needs. Neil is interested in learning about culture
shock. So all of this information will be covered
in the International Student Guide. But before we get into what the student guide
includes, we have some questions that were submitted by the chat, and Jahnavi is curious
about the culture. And Manav Sharma is curious about the geese. Yup. That’s a very good concern. And lots of you, including Kiarash, wants
to know what Waterloo is like as a university city. So what is Waterloo like as a university city? What do you think? I feel like it’s a great university environment
in the sense that it is not too distracting, it’s a great place to study, but we also have
so many other things happening, like live music shows and we have a lot of social gathering
networking events. It’s not only about studying, but it’s also
about other activities. It’s the perfect balance; not too much distraction
perfect for studying. That’s the only way I can summarize Waterloo. Perfect. Also, I just have a quick question with regards
to rugby and other sports teams, and who can join them. The Athletics and Recreation website encompasses
all of that information and all of the information with regards to contact information of coaches,
so you could look into that. It’s a great resource. The Athletics Website is perfect for that. All of these again are covered within the
International Student Guide. As well, you may want to check out the Countdown
to Campus video series available on YouTube on the University of Waterloo YouTube channel. Where you’ll be able to obtain a lot of information,
not limited to just academia, but also life outside of academia and all of the links to
these great resources will be provided in emails to be sent to you. And also in the chat to the side. So that concludes that segment of our live
chat. At this time we would like to get in to immigration
services available on campus. With us today, we would like to introduce
you to Ambreen who is one of the five licensed Immigration Consultants available at the Student
Success Office and she’ll be providing us with a lot of information with regards to
these services, so hi Ambreen. Hi. Hi guys. How are you? I’m good how are you? Good. So, Ambreen. Would you tell us a little bit more about
the services that you offer to the university students? Of course. As an international Waterloo student, you
can visit our office for any status documents. We provide information and guidance to students
regarding their study permit status and working in Canada options. You can visit our office any day, like Monday
to Friday, for an in-person appointment, or you can even book your appointment through
the Portal app. Please do bring in your documents whenever
you visit our office. That’s very important. We do have a lot of information available
on our website that you can refer to regarding your status documents. I won’t be able to provide specific answers
to questions right now regarding your status documents, but we’ll be sharing the link on
our resources later on. So that’s all I wanted to tell you about our
services today. Absolutely, and this is a terrific opportunity
for you to make use of here at the University of Waterloo. So, Ambreen, I have a question for you: what
is some advice that you are willing to share with our new incoming students? Of course. I think there are a few things that I would
really like to share with our students and especially in preparation for your trip to
Canada and arriving at the airport. The main thing I want to tell our students,
our incoming students, is that they will be issued a study visa, like an entry visa, upon
approval of their documents. Please make sure to have your passport with
this visa, your study permit approval letter that you will receive, and Waterloo’s acceptance
letter in your carry on luggage, so that you should be able to show it to the boarder officer
when you first arrive in Canada. Very important: please do look out for any
errors on that document once they issue it to you, such as spellings of your name, your
date of birth, country of birth, because a lot of times those things can create some
issues. But, just make sure you do check those as
well. Another thing I wanted to tell our co-op students,
I’m sure there will be a lot of co-op students as well, that they will be issued a co-op
work permit as well as a study permit by the same person, the same officer at the
airport. In case you do not receive your co-op work
permit – that’s okay. Not a big deal, but make sure you do apply
for your co-op work permit as soon as you arrive in Canada. We do have a lot of information regarding
that on our website, as I said earlier. You can refer to the resources, or you can
simply visit our office, and we’ll be happy to assist you. That is perfect. Make sure to order her a Double Double, for
Ambreen. She’ll be happy to help you with several
questions. Very, very valuable information here today. Make sure to record this information on the
free Immigration Consulting Services website. Give them a call. Pay them a visit as soon as you get here. So thank you so much Ambreen for everything. Thank you for inviting me. Yes. So now, how about moving onto the next part,
which is my favourite part about residence. So now we are starting another activity. We are curious to know, have you found housing
in Waterloo? So will you stay on campus, off campus, or
you haven’t decided yet? So now, as you can see, we are sitting at
one of our residence buildings, the Claudette Miller Hall, and this is the lounge on the
third floor, which as you can see it is very big and spacious, and is very colourful. This is most probably the place you and your
friends are going to hangout very often in the future. Yeah. So now we have another guest for our residence
part and we have Diya. Hello Diya. Hello. So Diya, could you introduce yourself to our
audience? Absolutely. So hi guys! My name’s Diya and I am in fourth year of
Health Studies in the faculty of Applied Health Sciences, and I’m here to answer your questions. Oh also I’m from Dhaka in Bangladesh. That’s great. Well, it’s great having you here Diya. I have a question for you. Absolutely. So what was your biggest misconception about
living in the residence as an international student? So, as an international student it’s always
apprehensive to come to a new country especially if you haven’t been there before. And so, one of the biggest misconceptions
I had was to do with food. I’m a really big food enthusiast, so I thought
that I wouldn’t be able to adjust to the food here. But, I was happily proved wrong because, especially
in residence, you have such a large variety of food. On special nights you can also get food of
your home country. So it’s just perfect. Honestly. So going off of food because we love that
that topic so much, which meal plan do you recommend students get? So in terms of meal plans we have two different
options here and I’ve tried both because I’ve lived on residence for three years now. Essentially, for the traditional meal plan
you are required to purchase a meal plan. So essentially, you go downstairs, there’s
a cafeteria, and using your WatCard you purchase a meal plan. And at the same time that really helps because
the first three years at university I had no idea how to cook. So that really saved me because I could go
downstairs and get food. Very convenient. And that’s also super helpful for when it’s
exam time, or like really stressful times when you don’t have to worry about cooking
and you just go get your food. If you’re living in a suite style residence
apartment system, so essentially it’s kind of like a best of both worlds in that case
because you have the opportunity to cook because you have your own kitchen, but at the same
time you can also just go downstairs and get food for you know those times, like exam times. So it’s super convenient. That sounds really awesome. So this reminds me a lot of my first year. I stayed at Village 1 in a double bedroom
with my twin sister. Nice. So for me I feel like I was really used to
having a roommate and at that time we had many activities going on in the residence
and we met new friends, which was a really great time. But, I’m wondering, do you have any tips for
the students who are first adjusting to a life with a roommate who never had one before. Absolutely. Yeah. So one of the top things that I’d like to
tell people in terms of advice on roommates is agree on some ground rules. So from the get go if you have a conversation
with your roommate about living habits and your preferences then that really helps because
you just, you know, have an idea of what to expect. So, whether you’re living with your friend
or you’re living with your twin sister in that case, or just someone random that the
university assigns you to live with, it really helps to kind of have that conversation from
the get go. Oh absolutely. I wish I knew this advice before, but I got
lucky because I had an absolutely amazing experience with my roommate. The other thing as well, just like to add
on to that, is the other thing that I would really, really recommend is have an open mind
because whether you’re living with, like I said someone random, you guys may not have
similar choices in life. So I would just keep an open mind and try
new things that really helps because it helps you grow as a person as well. But, if at any point in time you need some
alone time just, you know, to cool off, then you have so many opportunities on residence
that will allow you to do so. So you have lounges, you have study spaces,
areas in the cafeteria, lots of multi-faith rooms as well. So those things really help with your personal
time. And lastly, and most importantly, my advice
would be communication because that is really key. To build a successful roommate relationship,
you need to keep the lines of communication open for both talking and listening. Most roommate conflicts that occur happen
due to miscommunication or a lack of communication. If you guys keep that in mind and kind of
go forward with that in your mind then that really helps. That being said, if you guys have any conflicts
that you cannot solve amongst yourself then we also have lots of support on residence
that will help you do that. So we have the residence life coordinators,
we have the dons who are all there to ensure a smooth living environment for you. Absolutely. I remember when I was living in residence,
I would totally apply this advice. Absolutely! But another thing that I wished that I knew
was about storage advice because I remember as an international student I was only allowed
to bring two suitcases. I remember bringing a lot of notebooks and
stationary for some reason. I don’t know. I thought that we wouldn’t get it here in
Canada, but we do. We do! So, from that experience, I think the only
thing that I would say is just bring personal things. I wish I bought more like photos and souvenirs
that made the space where I was living and the residence more comfy and more homey as
well. Absolutely. But, I am pretty sure that our incoming students
would like to know about storage advice. So how much storage do we have in residence
and what would you suggest people pack before coming here? Great question. So as an international student I had a lot
of stuff and I was so glad that there’s so much storage space on residence. So, you can literally keep your suitcases
under the bed as well. In general, there’s lots of cupboards and
desks, and things like that where you can store your stuff in, and you don’t have to
share your cupboard with your roommate. You get your own one. In terms of what to bring, I would say pack
light. Like she said, you get everything in Canada
so you don’t have to worry about that. But, bring something that’s personalized. So bring something that reminds you of back
home, things like that. But other than that, just bring the basic
things that you may need. In terms of living in a suite style residence. I would say have a conversation with your
roommates beforehand so that you guys aren’t bringing two of the same thing. So on residence you’re already provided with
most of things, so you get your own refrigerator, you get your vacuum cleaners and things like
that from the get go. If you wanted to bring, for example, like
a pat or a pon – sorry! Pot or a pan! Sorry – you get what I mean. If you wanted to bring that, then you could
just bring one of each so that you’re not taking up more storage space. Absolutely. I have to shout out all of these various stores
in Canada that provide all of these essential items at such a reasonable price. So I know as international students we are
so tempted to bring as much as possible with us in our suitcase. That included a half-full suitcase full of
summer clothes when I came here, and you know of flip-flops, but I would encourage you to
hold off on those purchases. When you get here, you will actually have
a service that is implemented in the International Student Orientation. You’ll have buses take you to and from these
local stores with student leaders who will be able to advise you on what to purchase,
where to purchase it, and when you should purchase things. And yes. So great advice with regards to that. And take advantage of this free service in
your free International Student Orientation. Looping back to our activity. We have a couple persons who have found housing
in Waterloo. So, Alia Gaham is at UWP. Sharanya is at MKV. Dishina is hopefully going to UWP. Raksha is hopefully also going to CMH, in
this lovely building. And, Abhiraj is hoping to be at REV. Great choices for residences. And, Diya we have some questions for you. We have lots of questions for you. It is really good to take advantage of this
opportunity to ask these questions before you arrive. So yes. That’s what I’m here for. We are glad to have you here. So Denise wants to know if the suite-style
residence is furnished. Yes, it is. So, suite-style residence as I was mentioning
before briefly, they are fully furnished. Some things you would need to bring, for instance
a microwave. So if you have a conversation with your roommate
who may be – so if you’re international, but your roommate is local from here, then
sometimes what they do is they just bring one that they have back home, or a spare one. So what I would just suggest is like have
a conversation with your roommates, for suite-style in particular, because in terms of bringing
the appliances it really helps if you guys just share it instead of everybody bringing
everything together. So yeah, just have that conversation that
also opens up a line of communication for the future. So that’s a win-win. Perfect. Navya asked how to apply for early-arrival
in residence. Also another question. Gorja Vasudev asked: can we choose our room
style? So if you could answer these two questions. So, the room-style that you are assigned by
the University is the best possible room that we can offer at that point in time because
we take twenty different factors into account. So depending on all of the students that come
in – there’s about like four to five thousand students that come in every year. So depending on what everybody’s needs are,
we go through a thoughtful and thorough process to basically ensure that everybody gets their
top choices. Essentially what we say is to be comfortable
with your top five choices. But we, as I mentioned before, we put our
best efforts to ensure you get one of your top three. But, if you have any issues when after you
move in with your room, like you don’t like it or there’s any other issues, we have lots
of support on residence that will, in particular, look in to those aspects to ensure that you
are taken care of. So don’t worry about, you know, the kind of
room you’re assigned because, at the end of the day, it’s more about the experience
regardless of where you’re placed and the people that you are with because these relationships
will last you a lifetime. So super exciting stuff! Perfect. Sushrut wants to know how to get an off-campus
housing lease reviewed. Should students sign leases before arriving
to campus? And also, Parsa wants to know, can we get
food at a caf even if we live off of campus? And, would it be hard to make friends if you
live off of campus? Okay, I’ll see if I can remember all of
that. Yeah sorry. Should students sign leases before arriving
to Canada? So, we have the housing department in the
University of Waterloo. And basically we do any sort of, all sorts
of, lease reviews, advice, and consultation in terms of off-campus housing. So if you do have a lease that you’re looking
at that you want to sign, I would suggest sending an email to the housing department
in Waterloo. Basically we can look over it and go through
a little bit more of the details because it’s a really specific thing and I don’t want to,
you know it can pertain to particular cases, so I wouldn’t just give you a generic answer. But, do email housing Waterloo and there’s
lots of people on board to help you with these things. Yes and there is a big off-campus community
also available on campus. All of these resources will be available online. So take advantage of all of these things. Anand wants to know if only REV and CMH have
gyms? Jahnavi asked, can we use all of the food
outlets on campus or is it just our residence? And finally, Aryaman: is there a gas stove/induction
cooker? Wow. So. Yes. So basically for gym, REV and CMH do have
gyms right here in the building itself. But on top of that, we have Columbia Ice Fields
and we have Physical Activity Centre. Complex! I’ve been in Waterloo for four years now,
and I don’t go. Shame on me. So we have those, which are really close to
the campus. The thing with Waterloo University is because
it’s in one vicinity everything’s really easy to get by. So even if you’re not in REV and CMH, you
are free to use all the gyms really close by. So all the buses go there. It’s a good walk on good weather as well. In terms of the Food Services question, you
can purchase – it’s not just in Food Services so like not just the cafeterias in the residence
itself – anywhere on campus. So there’s Tim Horton’s. There’s Williams. There’s a really big food area in our Student
Life Centre where you can also purchase food from. So everything will work with your meal plan. On top of that, there’s some restaurants
off campus as well that you can purchase food from with your WatCard; with the flex dollars
in your WatCard. Yes and the last question: is there a gas
stove or induction cooker in residence? So we do have gas stoves. I don’t exactly quite know the definition
of that, but we do have gas stoves. If you’re living in a suite-style residence,
then you do have your own kitchen so you can cook and it is a electric stove. More common. More common one. But if you are living, for example, in this
residence – so some of the residences what we have is like – you don’t have a kitchen
to yourself, but you have a shared kitchen per floor. So even if you’re on a traditional meal plan,
but one night you and your friends want to hang out and cook a meal for a particular
event or an occasion, you are also free to do so. Just grab the stuff from either the cafeteria
or outside, bring it upstairs, and you can cook together. Well thank you for those answers. Absolutely. And thank you everyone for participating so
actively. Thank you. So Diya, do you have anything else you want
to share with our audience? Yeah. So if you are coming in fall to the University
of Waterloo and you haven’t applied to residence yet, please do so. It’s going to get one step closer to maximizing
your university experience. We are giving out offers until the end of
summer. So please apply as soon as you can. Also, we have a Get Ready for Residence live
chat event on 30 of July where staff and students basically talk about everything you will need
to know in order to basically ensure that you are prepared for getting ready to move
in to residence. And also we are looking forward to welcoming
you to the Waterloo community. Definitely. Thank you Diya. Of course. My pleasure. Have a great day. See yeah! Okay, well this is the moment that you’ve
been waiting for. It’s time for our giveaway! So let me remind you all what you’re going
to win again. So we have here the water bottle that we talked
about. For those of you who joined us late, it says
migration, innovation, and graduation. It basically summarizes your university life. To your degree in goose caricatures. And we have Mr. Canada Goose here as well. So you’ll find a lot of those around campus. So listen to me carefully for this one. In order to win this prize, you will have
to be the first one to tell us, or comment, what a group of geese is called. So I know there are different ways to call
a group of geese, but we’re looking for a specific word that refers to a group of geese
that are grounded. That is, they are found on the ground – walking
on the ground. Yeah, just type out your answers and we’ll
share them, and we’ll see who wins this giveaway. In the meantime, we’re just going to answer
a few questions that we’ve received during the registration and the chat. Yeah so while you guys are googling – or
not googling away! As you are going through your dictionaries. We have a couple of questions submitted through
the registration period. We had a question from Nisarg about how to
do course selection. And you do course selection through Quest
– the University of Waterloo’s online information system. Through that system you can view your classes,
well enroll in classes, view your schedule, pay your fees, and have a look at your enrollment
status. In addition to that, be sure to check out
the Countdown to Campus series. Where you will be able to find out a lot more
about how to use what you will call your WatCard for various services on campus, and a lot
more on how to get involved on campus, and how you can take advantage of various services
on campus. Sonya was interested in learning about what
to pack. It seems like a very popular question today. As we mentioned there is a whole section dedicated
to this in the International Student Guide, that will be made available to you in
the chat, and also in the emails that will be sent to you from the Student Success Office. So make sure to check that out. With regards to packing, remember pack light,
pack what you need, and remember that in Canada you will be able to obtain all of those essential
items at very reasonable prices, under the guidance of the student leaders in the International
Student Orientation program. Bring something from home, whether it be your
spices, whether it be pictures. Take advantage of the space in a very smart
way; pack smartly, pack lightly, and don’t forget your documents for when you get to
the boarder and you need to present everything to the immigration and customs services. We also have a question from Neil Fernandes. “Hey guys, I wanted to find out about the
move-in dates.” Are you familiar with the move-in dates Limei
and Shreena? Specifically? So, I will just refer to my experience, I
believe that as an international student you can move in a few days before. Okay. But you will have to check that with the residence
that you are assigned to. And I’m pretty sure they are going to make
them available through their website, or even if you want to email them or give them a quick
call. I’m pretty sure they’re going to tell you
all about it. But I remember moving – I think two days
before the normal move-in day. What a luxury. Saarang wants to know, “Is Columbia Ice
Fields free for all the UW students?” Once you’re enrolled as a full-time student
that is taking three courses or more, you are eligible to take advantage of all Athletics
and Recreation services available on campus, and others as well. So yes, you are free to use the field even
– yes at any time of the year. During winter, it’s a bit difficult to be
outside. But, by all means, if you want to take advantage
of that – go ahead. With regards to Neil’s question about moving
in, to move in early you have to apply for early move-in. Applications for moving in earlier will be
open later in July. So check the housing website in one or two
weeks and you will be able to be provided with all of that information. So, are we ready for the giveaway answer and
winner? Yeah, absolutely. So, Arun made a hilarious comment, “Here
goes race to type fast on Google.” That is true. Lots of people actually said goose, or gaggle,
or flock. Well the answer we were looking for was a
gaggle of geese. I have no idea. Flock was the first thing that came out of
my mouth. And the winner of today’s giveaway is – drum
roll please – Lauren Knoff. Lauren, congratulations! Congratulations! You have won yourself, not a moose, but a
goose and a fashionable water bottle. To take you throughout your university journey. So, Lauren Knoff, we will get in touch with
you privately. So if you can please send us your contact
information and we will get in touch with you to get you this lovely goose when you
come to Canada. So yes that concludes the giveaway section
of our first live chat. Would you like to tell Lauren how to message? Yeah, definitely. So Lauren, please private message the “Ask
Us” panelist with your email address and we can keep your prize until you arrive in
Canada. Well great. It’s been great to have you here. Unfortunately, we’re reaching the end of our
live chat. I hope that this was helpful and please you
can quickly complete a quick survey that is going to be available to you after the live
chat. Thank you for being here! But, we actually do have another question
from Vanni. We love hearing from you. So, please – we love this! At what time do classes start? As early as 8:30 a.m.
Yup. 8:30’s …
I don’t think you have a class earlier than that, right? No, not earlier. The earliest class is at 8:30. Yeah. So actually, it does help you to get a good
start in the day. Keith wants to know, in case we miss something
from this talk, is there somewhere we can find all of the information? Yes. This information is available on the International
Student Guide, which is available to you in the chat to the side. Or, in your email, which will be sent from
the Student Success Office. You know, some words just come out all the
time. It’s okay. No worries. So. I’m asking you all the question because I’m
not sure exactly how to answer this to the best of my ability. “I’ll be living in Brampton during Orientation”,
as Saru wanted to know, “what transportation services are available from Brampton?” So, to my knowledge, from Brampton you can
get easily a bus. I’m not sure if it’s a direct bus. Go buses, I think. Yes Go buses come directly here, and it’s
very easy. You just get on the bus, have a nap on the
bus, and just come to Waterloo within probably an hour-ish. An hour, an hour and a half. Pretty convenient. In addition to ride-share, you have Greyhound. You have a lot of regular transportation options
happening year-round to take you to various places. So it’s very easy to stay connected. You have, as we’ve mentioned, we have a lot
of bus services. Also with your WatCard, as you will be able
to observe in the Countdown to Campus series, your WatCard allows you to take the GRT buses
(Grand River Transit) throughout the Waterloo Region. So take advantage of all of that. Look at all of this information that was shared
in this is in the Countdown to Campus series again. So congratulations to Lauren again. We were very happy to have you here at our
first live chat. We look forward to seeing you on July 17 for
our second live chat, which will cover things with culture and how to get involved on campus. So that being said, thank you so much. Have a lovely evening, morning, or afternoon. Whatever time it is for you. I look forward to seeing you next live chat
and when you arrive here. So, see you soon guys. Bye! Bye! Bye!