Institutional Legacy Initiative

December 4, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

I’m Miranda Peters Director of
Collections at Fort Ticonderoga. I am very excited to announce the
Institutional Legacy Initiative. The Institutional Legacy Initiative is an
oral history project aimed at documenting first-person accounts of the
Fort Ticonderoga Museum and the Pavilion the summer home of Fort Ticonderoga
museum’s founders the Pells, which was built in 1826 and is a National Historic
Landmark. The Initiative will collect and record the stories of individuals who
worked for the Pell family, the Fort Ticonderoga Museum, or who visited the
Pavilion as family or guest from 1909 to 1987. We have already preserved dozens
of hours of recorded materials pulled from our archives: [John Pell speaking in 1986] I’d like you to give me $500,000 and he said, ‘What for,’ and she said ‘to restore the fort,’ so he said ‘just wait a moment while I get my checkbook.”” We seek stories. Stories that show the human connection, the
people, showing what glimpses of life was like. We are preserving the stories from
the people that make Ticonderoga such a remarkable and unique place. I invite you
to be a part of this. Please reach out. Without you, this project isn’t possible. We hope to talk with you soon.