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November 18, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. We get a lot of requests and a lot of questions about singing and I just want
to go through a bunch of requests that we have. Now before we get started here
and I’m gonna repeat myself a few times, when I answer these questions. I remember
vividly going through trying to figure out when a vocal coach says just do this
or another vocal coach says do that and they don’t really demonstrate it
themselves and they don’t really prove it out themselves so you’re kind of left
going well gosh you know you told me how to do it or you read it in a textbook or
you read it online somewhere but you’re not physically demonstrating this
for me. Can you please demonstrate what it is that you’re talking about and man
I just spent I know a couple decades of going to some of the world’s greatest
vocal coaches and most of them could not demonstrate what they teach. So that
drove me nuts and in fact it’s what drove me to doing my singing course
called How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else is that I could be very explicit
and very simple and not get bogged down with big technical terms and big fancy
ways of trying to make me look good and pretend that I have all this great
knowledge of the voice or pretend or really have great knowledge of the voice
whatever that means but and then not really be able to explain it to you
clearly succinctly and simply okay. So as I go through some of these questions I’m
gonna you know try to do my best to do just that so you really apprehend this.
Now please also understand that when you ask a question it is multifaceted, there
is a lot to this so it’s not just one answer here, one answer there and not
one-size-fits-all. Or there could be multiple answers or there could also be
a combination of you know you start at this point and then you do this and then
you do this and you do this. So to give you a quick five-minute tutorial or a 5
minute answer is really I want to use the word irresponsible. No one is going
to be able to just get it from one quick tip or a quick answer but at least it’ll
clarify a lot of things for you to really help have you see the vision of
how you can see yourself doing whatever question is that your answering and I’ll
do my best to answer those questions okay. So with that said I’m gonna put
this at the head of a lot of these little or a lot of, not little but big
questions that I have coming in, to really again clarify and just make
simple for you to understand how to do some of the things you guys want to know
okay. So with that said let’s get started. and the next question is how can I sing
on pitch ooof well that’s a good question because the way that you get to pitch
and the reason that people have bad pitch, vary from person to person. It’s
not a one size fits all. How I like to look at pitch myself personally is I
like to see it or think of it like a color or something I know that I I can
go to and go oh that’s that that note okay. Now some people will get out a
tuner and they’ll just sing into to a tuner (sings) and when the tuner goes green they know
they’re an A or G or whatever that note is they’re looking for but the way I
have liked to learn how to teach people how to be on pitch is to have a pitch
reference. So something you can audibly hear arly here and something that and by
the way I don’t mean to be ambiguous and esoteric about how how I look at color
when I see pitch because you have to in chords where you’re singing a note
that’s very difficult to find in a chord like a tetra chord or a poly chord which
is a chord on top of a chord and you’re singing like a jazz thing or something.
Some notes are a lot harder to find than others but in a really basic sense I
like to think okay here’s an A. So you’re going.. right. So it’s kind of like a Cessna
Aircraft you got two engines and one’s going (sings) and as soon as they start
to resonate and they’re clean and the resonance is consistent, you know that
you hit the note okay so (sings) right you have to kind of you know fish
around a little bit and search for that note. Bingo I hit the note right. So I have a
pitch reference and start out by by having identified you know whether it’s on
guitar or whether it’s on piano or you know whatever you have as a pitch
reference, use that and fish around for that note and try (sings) and when you
finally get to that point where you’re able to get to it quicker, you’re not
having to go all over the road to find it. Some people say Ken I’m morbidly deaf I just couldn’t even do that like what you
just did. I don’t even know how to do that. Well that isn’t isn’t true. Have you really tried is the question and have you
actually recorded yourself and listened back to it so that you’re familiarizing
yourself with your own sound and what your voice relationship is to pitch
right. So now let’s do it over over a chord here so . Now there’s different notes in the chord (sings) and you may accidentally land on another
note in the chord and that might resonate like those little engines on
the aircraft because it’s actually in the chord but you really got to start
with what’s called your anchor note or your root note. Right so trying to kind of hone and zero in
on that note (sings) and get a little quicker at it okay. Now as you start to advance a
little farther and then I like I said I cover this in my singing course and I
go through a whole tutorial on how to find this. Is you want to take notes we
just did a thing on how to write a song, how to write a good song and I want to
take you to this chord progression because it’s fun to just take..his chord progression only has one moving note which is you know right and we want to
find that note. Let’s say we want to get that note that’s in the song and it’s
let’s just say the song goes (sings) you’re try to find that note right so. You visualize it going half a step
so you think it’d be like you’re going down a ladder or going down a stair step.
So you know that the first note is (sings) think of yourself only walking down to the
next note. You’re not going down to two stairs or three stairs or four stairs. You’re not going up a stair, you’re just going down a stair so (sings). So all
I did was I walk down three stairs. Yay I got it right okay. So again this is an oversimplification there’s a lot of ways to approach this
but it’s one really strong and powerful way that you can do this on your own is to
try to find.. first find the note resonate with the notes so that you’re in
pitch and then when you’re singing a song or you’re gonna play chords that
have moving parts in them like that. Try to pick off the note in the chord so
that you can sharpen your skills and get to that pitch quicker okay. Hopefully
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