How To Make Money From Home $100 Per Day

November 15, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

okay in this video I’m gonna show you
guys how you can make easy money selling words that’s right words does that sound
weird to you well good and you need to stick around see this whole video see
how this is done all right now I’m going to get you started on that right now all righty guys welcome back to the
video as I said earlier I’m gonna show you how to make easy money selling words
and the market is wide open I mean it’s very few people doing this alrighty so
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in motivational video as well okay alright guys well with that stuff out of
the way here let’s go ahead I’m kind of anxious to show this to you here today
it’s a really cool thing anyways what we’re going to do is come over here to
our opera browser and we’re gonna open that up and we’re coming back to our
favorite site here this site fiber fiber comm everybody with it right see it
right there in the address bar there and this site is really
great because you can make a lot of money with it and do a lot of things and
if you need services or you need things done for you you can certainly hire
those out here for pretty cheap which I’ve used this site quite a bit to help
me in in my business as well okay alright so like I said we’re gonna learn
today how to sell words so what we do here is to come here and in the search
engine I’m just going to type in like word art see that word art press ENTER
and that loads us up here and you see that people here are selling services
doing word art with words in art shapes in different
shapes and stuff you can see there’s quite a few people here doing this
actually very many people doing it as you can see there’s quite a few here
that are doing it but when I say not very many people but this is a wide open
market like I was telling you you’ll notice it right up here right here it’s
only a hundred and eighty-three people that are doing this 183 people are
selling this service so it’s pretty wide open this is a fairly new market that
you can get into right now if you jump into this quick before there’s you know
thousands of people catch on to this and they’re doing this okay alright so what
you want to do here of course you want to come and join you have to join first
fiber if you don’t have an account just click on join and sign up and then after
you get signed up they’re gonna probably send you a confirmation email like most
sites do and then you confirm that email and then you can sign on in and you sign
in and you want to click on become a seller here and when you click on become
a seller you can come over and then you start you know click on that there and
then set up your account notice it wants me to sign in I haven’t
signed in yet but it’s easy enough click become a seller and you want to set up a
gig right you’re gonna set up a word art gig just like you see these other people
have done right here pretty cool huh and like a face right
here you got like different shapes and person different words out of words in
words I mean just different all kinds of different things here so you create your
gig put up some nice pictures and set up your gig in this you want to find
somebody that’s got a good rating with like this one right here is a 4.9 rating
star rating and with a hundred and forty three jobs done and this can you can
also put this stuff on t-shirts too okay but so for example when you set up your
gig you want to click on one that’s that’s a good one like that and set up
your gig and sort of model your gig after somebody that’s successful like
this you know you don’t definitely don’t want to copy this or anything like that
but you can use this to go by and sort of set yours up and and then get you
some good pictures which you know I’ll show you how to create this here in a
little bit okay all right so and then put pictures on
your gig to show people tell a little bit about your gig and then a little bit
about you the seller you know just some description about yourself and so on and
so forth down here and then you want to come down and to the bottom in all the
way through their reviews and then you want to use their tags here you see
these tags right here you want to use those tags to put them on your gig which
will help you rank up higher in fiber and get your you know get jobs quicker
also that helps rank you even in Google as well for this service because fiber
is big-time high up in the Google search engines okay because of their amount of
traffic so what you want to do like I said you want to set your gig up and
once you get your gig ready it’s ready to go
then what you’re going to do is you’re going to come over and you’re going to
open up like a word processor okay like you know maybe if you’re running Mac
it’ll be your word processor with them if you’re running Windows like I am it’s
gonna be like WordPad or if you have Microsoft Word installed on your
computer either way it’s a word processor now so
let’s say for example we want to do a words I’m going to use football as an
example here in this in this example because I’m a I’m a big football fan and
I like NFL football okay so we’ll use that example so let’s say what we do is
we’re going to type in we’re just going to use four or five words anything to do
with football right so for example touchdown alright so we type in
touchdown and then you’ve got referee right and
and let’s see what else you got how about gridiron right that’s what you
call a football field is also known as a gridiron and then let’s say penalty and
because of penalties in football right and then Oh what else let’s just say
pass like a football pass right all right now work for you for you folks
over in England or maybe in Africa or even maybe Australia I don’t know the
football to you is known as what we call here in the United States we call it
soccer okay but we’re talking what I’m talking about here is doing a shape in
American football American type football here so once you get your words typed in
here then you just want to start kind of shaping them right so you can just kind
of move them and start getting them into a shape best you can you can move them
down you know there’s no real easy way to do this like this and just sort of
you want to get them in sort of a shape like a football something similar like
that you come on you mean to tell me you guys
actually thought I was going to have you do this manually and a word processor
now don’t get me wrong if if you’re good with a word processor you could probably
do this but it certainly takes a lot longer now come on you guys know me
better than this you know me better than that I’m all about one of two things
either it’s gonna be free or cheap and it’s gonna be easy right that’s what I
always show you guys so I got you guys a three offer just a little bit now let’s
get back to it here all righty guys welcome back here yeah yeah I’m just
messing with you guys you’re not gonna have to do that all manually because
that’s awful lot of work and awful hard for what little bit of money that you’re
gonna charge for your gig on Fiverr there okay now I’ve got a much better
way let’s get back to it here what we’re going to do is going to come back over
here to our opera browser here and actually go to another website here okay
and it’s a I’m gonna type in its word if I spell it right we’ll be good word and just go to that website right there
and you see right here and this is where we’re going to do this at and it’s free
to join us free to do this this can be done anywhere in the world of course you
know fiber can and so can this right here this is good for anywhere in the
world it’s all free too okay anyways okay so anyways when you
come here to word art comm you see it right there in the address bar word art
dot-com and then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna sign up here you want to
sign up now this is a cool thing about this click on sign up here and you can
do a local account here you know just pick a username and your email address
and password and then check the I accept the terms of the policy right and then
if you want they’re there the newsletter and offer some things you can check that
box there too and don’t forget to check this damn gadget box here again
check that and then click sign up or you can just do it much easier and sign up
with your Facebook account your Google account or your Twitter account okay now
and then then once you do that you log it with this log your ID and they will
send you an email but it’s not a confirmation email it’s just when you
sign up it’ll log you directly into your account so I’m gonna go ahead and log
into my account here and I use Google I log in with my Google account all right
so it’s got me logged in here and all you got to do is just right away it
brings you to this and all you got to do is just click on create new word art and
this is so easy and it loads up there there’s a little thing here that allow
you to create your word art in any kind of shape that you want okay now we’ll
use the same example I was going to use football earlier right past don’t think
about have had seen you guys try to do that in a word processor that’s just
about impossible although if you’re good with word processor you could probably
do it maybe just take longer than this this is a whole lot easier right here
guys alright so anyway it’s going to come here and let me create let me
choose the shape let’s come down here and now you got all kinds of shapes that
you can choose here all right you can do this is everything here they got all
kinds of stuff I mean it’s just amazing and just you know you can see the
columns here on the left that you can click on to get specific but you see
they have all kinds of things here anyway so anyways I’m gonna choose a
football here right there we’ll just highlight football and I’m gonna come
back to our words right here so let’s go football and then you can even use as
many words as you want okay so let’s just say football and then past we’ll
use the same words that we used in the word processor example there right
alright so and then let’s just say penalty all right and
then we’ll add another one and let’s say touchdown right and then we’ll just say
what’s another one for we could use for football well it’s just all Brit irons
what we used it before right in our quarter processor all right then we use
BM we’ll just type gridiron so we’ve got what five words I mean you can have as
many words as you want it’s just amazing at least down all the way down through
here just as many words as you want so but for this example we’ll just use
these five words right here so we’ve got football anything to do with football
here we’ve already got our shape you can change the font to whatever you’d want
here they got lots of pretty cool fonts here you can do with this and so for
example I’ll just choose the bangers font here right all right and then we
can do a layout in how you want the words to look and in any particular
layout here and I’m just going to leave it at auto alright and then you can do
your density a health you know how you know I suppose how many words you want
or deci of the words of whatever but I just leave all this at the default and
then the style you can work with that too in terms of the color color emphasis
of your words and so on and so forth and your background you can make it
transparent there’s a lot of cool things you can do with this with this site
right here with these word arts and stuff here and so on and so forth all
this you can make changes to I’m just going to leave it alone at the default
settings here pretty much for our example now you can also type here and
create give it a name give your picture a name and we’ll just say simply
football right okay and then all you do then is just click on visualize and it’s
going to create it for us here and there you go so you see you’ve got all the
words that we typed in all of those words are right here in this
in this shape and it’s already in the shape of a football so you see guys this
is all free you can do this for free here now they do have a paid version on
this at this site as well that I suppose it allows you to the paid version allows
you to download higher quality images but as it is this is in 720p and so but
if you wanted to create one in like HD or hide alter high definition or
whatever then you would need to sign up for an account for that but just as it
is on the free one here is simply good enough ok
so yeah you can create your any shape you want and all that right here then
what you do is course you’ve got your gig set up over here on Fiverr right we
talked about that what you do is when you get a customer and they want they
want a word art done and you know any shape or any any way they want it done
you just take your order and you simply come over here to word art sign into
your account here on word art alright and then you just begin to create you
just click create create your shape or whatever it is that they want here’s all
the shapes I mean you can it’s just there’s all kinds of stuff here
and whatever they want it and you make it and I imagine it probably just take
you and they’ll give you the words that they want to use in it and so on and so
forth this custom matter going to take you just a matter of probably 10 minutes
to create this and get this job done for them and then give it back to them in a
file because it’s a downloadable file jpg or PNG file pixel files you know and
download it and give that file back to your customer on fiber and then you make
money now some of these people set their starting at five dollars here which
seems to be the most here and then there’s a 15 when there’s one for 10-15
it seems like if the prices are between 5 and 15 dollars so maybe you could set
yours at 10 you know and it’s ten dollars a pop in the main thing about
this as if you’d be getting in on this early
because this is a wide-open market this is a hot market right now people are
wanting these types of things and it can be done and they can then once they get
to picture then they can have it made into lekha they could have it made into
like a poster if they want or or Frant have it framed and a certain size
picture and they can do that their own self but you’ve made their original
picture word art and gave that file to them and then there of course there they
can do whatever they want with it but you can see the thing about this is is
it’s a wide open market because there’s only a hundred and eighty-three people
doing this on Fiverr right now and you can actually set this service up on
conquer dot IO – I did a video here a couple of days ago on conquer of how
well you can use it and there’s not very many people using that and that’s an
up-and-coming site similar to fiber and you can do it there as well ok guys well
guys that’s what I had for you today I wanted to show you this cool a neat
little way to make you some extra money and actually get a pretty good gig going
where you could probably make a full time income out of this once you get
your you know your rankings up on in this category on the fiber and get good
at it and people recognize you like you all righty guys well that’s what I want
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