Housing Options at Furman University

November 7, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Nathan: Hi I’m Nathan.
Courtney: I’m Courtney! Nathan: And we’re going to look at some of Furman’s housing options today. Courtney: Let’s go check it out! Nathan: So we’re here at South housing. Courtney: And as a campus security measure, you need your Pala-Card to get into any residence hall in campus and you only have access as long as you’re living in a residence hall. This is a typical freshman residence hall room. Nathan: In the room you’re going to get a desk, a chair, a dresser, and a bed which could be lofted or bunked. Then you and your roommate will share a mini fridge and microwave unit. All rooms come with an air conditioning unit which you control with a thermostat on the wall. Courtney: This area of campus South housing has community style bathrooms so there’s one large shared bathroom for every hall. And all the residence halls are co-ed by floor so it’ll a floor of girls, floor of guys. Nathan: Coming in as a freshman, you’ll fill out about a 40-question questionnaire asking you about the type of person you are in regards to living. Do you wake up early in the morning? Or do you like to stay up late at night? Do you want a clean or a messy room? Do you want it cold or hot? And then they match you with someone in your grade coming in. Courtney: There is a laundry room in every building. At Furman, laundry’s included in your tuition so you don’t need quarters or anything like that. You can do it as often as you want. We have a system called LaundryView. You can go online and see how many washers and dryers are available before you head to the laundry room! You can also have a text message sent to your phone when your laundry’s done. Nathan: Welcome to Lakeside! Courtney: There’s a mix of freshman and sophomores living in Lakeside. There’s also the Greek residence halls over here so sophomore pledge classes live together on fraternity and sorority halls. We also have the engaged living community over here which is a living and learning community and they usually take a class together. Nathan: Majority of the bathrooms here in lakeside are the suite style option meaning two bedrooms connected with a bathroom. There’s a kitchen on every hall which is really nice. There’s these huge Lakeside parlors downstairs where you can rent it out for any organization and have a meeting down there, just enjoy some quiet study time, hang out with friends while enjoying the Lakeside view. Welcome to the Greenbelt community. There’s four eco-cabins here. Courtney: You can apply to live in these as a sophomore, junior, or senior. When you live here you just commit to a sustainable lifestyle. Nathan: That would include composting, recycling, maybe signing up for a sustainable science course. You get a kitchen inside as well as laundry services in each cabin and a parking space outside. One of the signature things about living here in the eco-cabins is no place here on campus has a better view. We’re here at North Village apartments. Courtney: It’s guaranteed housing for seniors and most juniors live here as well. There’s about a hundred students in every building. Nathan: There’s some recreational facilities out front like a basketball court, sand volleyball court, and a pavilion with some grills so you can have a block party if you want. Courtney: And if you live on the first floor then you have a patio and if you live on the second or third floors then you have a balcony. The apartments come furnished. The living room comes with a couch, an arm chair, and four bar stools. Then the kitchen comes with the refrigerator and the microwave and the oven. Then the bedrooms come with a full size bed and a bureau and a desk and a chair. Nathan: There’s two bedrooms and a bathroom off one side of the living area, two bedrooms and a bathroom off the other side of the living area. Courtney: Depending on where you live it’s about a ten minute walk, five minute bike ride to the academic heart of campus. Nathan: These are the North Village apartments. We hope you enjoyed them and it’s something to look forward to. Alright so we are 100% residential and we just want to share why we think that’s awesome. Courtney: I love it because freshman and sophomore year you’re living in the residence halls. You’re closer to some of the main campus buildings, the academic heart of campus. You’re very much a part of the Furman community. Nathan: I just love it because I call it the seven years of friendship. As a freshman, you still know seniors three years above you and as a senior you still know freshman three years below you. Courtney: So guys, these have been some of the different housing options at Furman. Nathan: Courtney and I have enjoyed spending our time with you. Courtney: For more information check out the Furman website or better yet come to campus for an overnight visit as a high school senior.