Hillsboro Police Department Citizens’ Academy

December 4, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

The Hillsboro Police Department is very
proud to offer our Citizens’ Academy. People in the community have a chance to
peek into what police work is really about. Our officers, detectives, and
professional staff spend time during these sessions talking about their areas
of expertise. “We got to participate and try out things like shooting the weapons
or looking at the police cars or going on the tour, there was nothing about it
that wasn’t fun or interesting” Attendees of the citizens academy come from all
walks of life and we find that that really enriches our officers experience
because it really is a two-way street of communication, we also get to learn about
you and what’s important to you and the issues that face our community. “Getting
to see the human element of everything that goes on was the most surprising for
me.” “And it was just, I learned so much within 12 weeks of the program it was
just so it was it was eye-opening for me the biggest thing is it’ll surprise you,
every day is something different and you think you know what’s going on
and then it’s a little more enlightening, so definitely a good experience to go