High School You Vs. College You

October 12, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

– So what do you want
to do after high school? – Well, I definitely want
to stay in California, and my first choice
school would be Stanford. USC is way up on there too! – What are you going to do after college? – (sighs) I have no idea. – High School You – College You – High School You vs. College You – High School Punctuality. – Oh no! I can’t be late
again or I’ll get detention! What time it is? – It’s 7:58. You’ve got a couple minutes. – (sighs) Thank God! – College Punctuality. – It is 12:30, sir! You are late! – (laughs) This course is an elective. – High School Angst. – Everyone else here is so stupid. God, I can’t wait to
get out of this school. – College Angst. – (sighs) Everyone else here is so smart. Asian excellence means nothing in college. – High School Crushes. – (sighs) I love you. – College Crushes. (deep breathe) – Hey, Allison! – Oh hi! – How’s it going? – High School Drinking. – Guys, got this from my older brother. – College Drinking. – Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Whoa! (cheering) – Get wasted! – High School Meals. – Are you going to eat
all of this for lunch? – Yeah, my mom made it. – College Meals. – Is that all you’re going
to eat for lunch today? – Yeah, it was like ten cents. – High School Parents. – You can’t tell me what to do. No, you shut up! Okay, whatever. Bye! – Who are you talking to? – (sighs) My mom! She’s the worst. – College Parents. – Alright, I’ll call you as much as I can. Okay, love you too. Bye! – Your mom sounds so cute. – I know. She’s the
best. I miss her so much. – High School Homework. – Hey, you want to get lunch? – Do you not want me to
get into a good school? – College Homework. – Do you want to get lunch? – Umm, yeah, for sure! – High School Fitness. – (sighs) Screw gym class. – College Fitness. – (sighs) Why is everyone here so hot? Jesus! Alright, I’m going
to do some push-ups. – High School Friends. – You know, you are the
only person that gets me. – Awww, Eugene! Thanks! You’re so sweet. – College Friends. – But it’s required
credit. We have to take it. – I’ll take it next semester. – I know. But I feel like– (chattering) – Post-College – Did you ever talk to Allison? – Yeah, I finally talked to her. – You two are so embarrassing. – Shut-up! You’re like
what? Almost thirty? – (chuckles) That’s like ancient! – I am not that old, excuse me. Hello, respect your elders. – Just ignore him. – Whoa! Listen to me. – God, I was suck a dick! And an ass! – It stands up that way. (chuckles) – No, my hair is not that tall.