Girls in a College Fest feat. Shreya Mehta, Revathi Pillai & Chote Miyan

November 18, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

50. 10. And some change. That’s all. With this money, we can only
afford one pass for college fest. We’re three and we’ve only one pass. Seriously, not fair. But… …I’ve a plan. We three will enter college fest
wearing the cleaning staff uniform. Nobody checks them. Everybody has watched ‘Dhoom 2.’ I’ve a better idea. You and Sana will be locked in suitcase. I’ll enter with original
pass and with a suitcase. So you’re going to lock us in the suitcase. You mean I should not breathe.
I should die of suffocation for you. FYI… I’m claustrophobic.
This doesn’t work for me. Alright girls! I’ve a real plan. Today evening,
I’ll secretly go to the xerox shop, when there’ll be no one. And then with a melodious
voice, I’ll say… ‘Shopkeeper!’ Please make two duplicate
copies from the original one. And add it to my account. Please. Sure. That means we’re going to
enter the college fest with… …one original and two duplicate passes. – This plan is shit.
– Exactly. That’s a name of the plan. This plan is shit. Sorry, dude! I’ve a deadline. I had to reach home on time. And anyways, there’ll be guys in the fest. And my parents strongly
believe that after 7 pm, a girl and a guy can’t be just friends. That’s why I won’t be
able to attend the fest. What do you mean? Do you’ve any idea what
happens in college fest? A sudden wind blows in the auditorium. Light music plays in the background and
you enter while snapping your fingers.Koi Mil Gaya…And you get your soul mate. It’s very simple. Hey, where are you? She’ll learn it. – Look at this.
– So funny. Malvika and Sana? Why did you both bunk
the chemistry lecture on Monday? Ma’am, Monday we were… – …volunteering for poster making.
– Yes, ma’am. And what about Tuesday? – Tuesday?
– We had a meeting with the sponsors. Yes, ma’am. Too much of work. From today, we’re going to
attend all the lectures. – Sorry ma’am.
– No need. Why ma’am? Actually college fest is starting
from tomorrow, so I’ve to do shopping. Since I want to look great. I’ve heard that this time Fawad
Khan is also coming in the fest. Bro, not here. Here we’re going
to put the posters of sponsors. Brother, not here. Here we’re going
to put the posters of sponsors. Okay, guys! Moving forward. Sir, not here. Here we’re going
to put the posters of sponsors. What? Take my swear. No, wait. Take Fawad Khan’s swear. Oh, my God! Fawad Khan. Alpha-Charlie, It’s Xaviers who killed it. They’ve invited Divine
as a celebrity guest. Yeah. News is confirmed. Listen, we’ve to act
cruelly with the cruel. For more media coverage. We should call Kartik Aaryan then. Because from the last eight years, he has given only one expression
in each and every movies. I think we should contact Hardik Pandya. Between famous singer
and famous cricketer, controversy gets more famous
through media coverage. I think we should contact Hardik Pandya.
Over and out. So guys! After calculating everything,
the celebrity guest budget is… …zero. Fine. Let’s call KRK. Over and out. Hey, please open the door. I want to go. Hey, madam! You’re already inside the college. I’ve to go home. I’ve a deadline. They’ll not open the door if
I don’t reach home on time. What? what do you mean? And who’s going to attend the college fest? Haven’t I told you that what
all happens in college fest? A sudden wind blows in the auditorium. Light music plays in the background, And you start dancing.Keh Do Na…
Keh Do Na…
And you get your soulmate. It’s easy. It’s very easy. Hey, where are you? Still not learned. She will. Sorry! By the way, I’m Akanksha from Delhi. Hi Akanksha from Delhi. Why should we chose you as
an anchor for college fest? I can crack very good jokes. I can easily pull the crowd.
For me it’s like snapping fingers. We don’t want intelligent
humor to pull crowd. We want poor jokes. So from today onwards,
everyday after breakfast… ‘…Housefull 1.’ – After lunch…
– ‘…Housefull 2.’ – After evening snacks…
– ‘Housefull 3.’ – And before sleeping at night…
– ‘Housefull 4?’ No. Watch ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil.’ Try next year. Next. Let’s go! It’s better you attend the college
fest rather doing zumba alone. Haven’t I told you that what
all happens in college fest? – A sudden wind blow in Audi…
– …Wait a second. I’m participating in an online contest. Where I can upload my own video with
#NOMOREDEADLINE By doing this, I can get a chance to
feature in whisper’s next music video. – Wow! Nice.
– Yeah. And I’ve also convinced my family.
So now I can attend the fest as well. Your career is set. – By the way, let me ask you something.
– Yeah. How do you know about what
all happens at college fest? You’ve never been to college. Right? Yeah… Actually I’ve seen in DCE fest. DCE? Delhi College of Engineering? Dharma College of Extra
Curricular Activities. In the fest, they dance, sing a song,
swim and fly fighter planes as well. And they get their soulmates. It’s easy. Very easy. You’ll learn. Here you go. It’s 50 for parking. This year it’s free for
the final year students.