Fast Boat Builder. Lewis is Born to Engineer…

November 17, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

The RIBs, ah the RIBs are awesome The seven and a half metre, you get a lot of excitement You get more of a lift-off Whereas the ten metre You don’t feel the waves as much Once you put the throttle down It just zooms And that’s the one that does seventy knots Yeah that’s pretty awesome My A-Levels I soon realised weren’t for me I had my whole life ahead of me There was no point just sitting around Doing something that
wasn’t going to suit me I actually went into labouring, bricklaying,
groundworks Ended up meeting Island RIBs The boss Alex, he said there was work for the winter Come and give it a go A couple of months later I was signed up as an apprentice It’s definitely the best decision I’ve made A RIB is actually a rigid inflatable
boat Every day we’ll be doing a different job One day you’ll be making a seat out of fibreglass The next day you could be building a fuel tank You’re not expected to know everything You’re actually in the workplace getting taught how to do it And then eventually I’ll be able to do it
myself Which is what the apprenticeship is all about The Worshipful Company of Shipwrights and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation Sponsored me through my apprenticeship I do one day of college, four days in the workplace You’re not just another apprentice
you’re actually an individual Whenever I see each rib that we’ve built I think yeah, you know I got to help build the hull I got to help build the deck and do the electrics It makes you so proud You actually get to build
something from scratch To a complete boat that you get to go out on the water in And go really fast and hit lots of waves and have loads of fun I didn’t know what I was going to do or
where I was heading What career path I was going to take And then I found boat-building And I thought it was absolutely incredible I gain two sets of qualifications over
four years of college It means I can go all around the world This apprenticeship is an apprenticeship that suits me And I get told that I suit the apprenticeship as well