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November 19, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

[Gary] Yes, Bai. [Bai] So just to expand on that answer, so
if you are in a month like so you’ve got a one-year term and you take the box to actually
in the term. She go months and months, you can only go
see a 2.9 as per the increase but if you said fix contract 1 year, you got to renegotiate
that point, then you can bump it up to it whatever. [Audience member] it’s just a very specific
thing on the rental agreement. It’s not a residential tenancy agreement. So it does not have it in and so you have
a very good contract. [Gary] You know I always say — I encourage
my clients to write addendums to their contract and then after writing that contract like
send a copy to residential tenancy branch and then get them to provide approval in writing,
so that if ever arbitration comes like oh that’s not legal, it’s not allowed, will I
got the email from residential tenancy branch thing that’s okay. Right?