Do You Still Need A Bachelor’s Degree?

December 4, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Do we still need a Bachelor’s Degree? How do you define success? Build Business and make money or study hard,
go to college, earn a job and make money! Well, either ways there is one final chapter
and that is money! So, what according to you are the initial
pages to get through this final chapter? A degree or an education? Well, we must say that it is not the degree
that matters, but the education! Often we have all heard “To get a job you
must earn a bachelor’s degree!” But today it is essential to deflate this
myth and focus on something that is more practical and relevant. With this, we don’t mean that a degree is
entirely useless but we hereby discuss about the relevance of practicality rather than
a scroll of paper! In today’s scenario, we must accept that
our generation has become more concrete than ever! We focus more on experiments and less on theories. Today, we can make money out of almost everything,
all we need is a creative mind and a little focus! Now, let’s discuss how some of the most
unconventional methods have set foot in the business industry and have earned billions
in no time! Let’s begin with YouTube! All of us are very much aware of this entertaining
social media platform, “YOU TUBE”! But do you know how much this platform can
make you earn? You can probably be a billionaire in no time! And guess what? You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to
upload a humorous video on You Tube! All you need is some entertainment and of
course a recording equipment! Isn’t it amazing? No College, No Bachelor’s Degree, only some
fun and there you are, striking the riches! Well, that’s not the only one! There are hundred other ways to put money
in your pocket and that too, with no bachelor’s degree! Wait, there’s more! We’ll now introduce you to some of the most
famous personalities who have unlocked their doors of fortune without any Bachelor’s
Degree! Do you know Mark Zuckerberg? A co-founder of Facebook who is also among
100 wealthiest and most influential people in the world! He is a dropout who let go college in order
to work on the popular social networking site, Facebook! Since then, Facebook has been successfully
connecting people all over the globe. What an achievement Zuckerberg! Steve Jobs, who was a co-founder of Apple
is another important figure who dropped out of college after his first year. He then went to Homebrew Computer Club Meetings
and started working for Atari. After two years of working with Atari, he
successfully founded Apple! After few rough years, Apple set its reputation
and since then, has been doing wonders! Lady Gaga is one of the leading singers who
have made a strong reputation in the music industry. Since her childhood, she has always had a
flair towards singing and by becoming an international pop star, she has proven the same. But do you know, Lady Gaga never went to college? After completing her school, she extended
her career towards something that she always wanted! She made the best decision indeed! Entrepreneur and Businessman, Bill Gates is
another figure who dropped out of Harvard University in his junior year so as to work
full-time on Microsoft. Do you know Bill Gates was one of the toppers
in high school? But even after scoring so well he decided
not to continue with his graduation and finally dropped out! But it hardly matters, when no degree makes
you the founder of Microsoft! Talking of Michael S. Dell, we must know that
Dell had little to no interest in school. Where his parents insisted him to stay in
the classroom, he enjoyed after school ventures! His parents always wanted him to become a
Doctor but his interest only laid with the computers and after his first year, he realized
that he needs to focus full-time on his business and finally dropped out! Dell then continued to sell computers and
took his company to grow year after year. He finally became a leading entrepreneur that
too with no bachelor’s degree! Do you still think that a bachelor’s degree
is that important? Well, if you do, keep your eyes and ears stuck
to your screen because here, we have some more good news for you! Okay, so guys if you think that the door to
get in a leading company is shut for you because you don’t have a degree, it’s time to
take a chill pill because just after you finish your school, these companies have got some
mind-boggling opportunities only for you! Google and Hilton are the two companies who
are keen enough to realize that book smarts don’t necessarily make good employees with
strong work ethics. They believe that people with innovative minds
and creative ideas make the business grow in a better way! What a wise thought indeed! On the other hand, google employees believe
there is a huge diversity of work and something for everybody at Google! So, if you want to work with this topnotch
company and a bachelor’s degree is becoming a hindrance, you don’t need to worry anymore! Ernst & Young is another exclusive professional
services firm which stands by the idea that a person is not judged through those paper
scrolls but through their smart work! Such employees often come up with brilliant
ideas which paves way to nothing but success! Maggie Stilwell, managing partner for talent
said, “Academic qualifications will be still taken into account and indeed remain an important
consideration when accessing candidates as a whole, but will no longer act a barrier
to getting a foot in the door.” At the same time, employees here believe that
the people, the assignments and the work, all are flexible reaching out to make amazing
experiences for the employees! So, you guys with no bachelor’s degree in
hand, don’t worry, your career has a long way to go! If getting into a publishing industry has
always been your dream, Penguin Random House has come up with something wonderful for you! They are accepting applications without any
bachelor’s degree! Yes! To get into this leading publishing house,
you don’t need a degree but some amazing work and an astonishing idea is a must! Another leading company, Apple is no longer
looking for employees with degrees but smart minds! Employees here believe that there are limitless
opportunities, decent salaries and amazing work environment! So, any of you, if you wish to work for this
leading company and your degree is stopping you from that, go ahead and grab the opportunity
because Apple is no longer looking for a degree! So, if you guys think that a bachelor’s
degree would make a difference in your career, you must know that the reality is changing
and it is no more the same! Wonders can still happen! What is your opinion about the importance
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