Create Your Resume Online with Novoresume Online Resume Builder [Completely Free]

December 3, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Hello, welcome to LM Skills Academy. I’m Md Munna and today I am going to tell you how you can create your resume online for free. You do not need to pay any money on this website. You will have to log in and you can do that using your Gmail account. You can create resume for free and also download for printing. This website is where you can create resume for free and I will tell you now how you can do that. These days, the competition to get job is very high and availability of jobs is less. When you send your resume to a company, the company checks your resume first and if they find it suitable for the position then shortlist your resume and you get the call for interview. If your resume is not good, you won’t get the call so you should your resume on such websites where you get plenty of resume templates. Let me show you the various designs of resume. As you can see, there are many designs given here. If you create your resume using these designs, it will save your time and also make good impact when you send it to a company. Let’s see how to use it. First you have to visit this website After that, click on ‘Get Started for Free’ button. You’ll come on Resume templates page that I just showed you. You can see few sections here -Resume, CVs (resume for more experienced persons) and Cover Letters. We have to create a resume so let’s see how to do that. I’m selecting this first template. To select this, click ‘Create My Resume’. It will ask you to login. I have not yet registered on this website. To login, I’ll click on ‘Sign In’ and click on ‘Google’. These days everyone has a Google account so there is no need to create a separate account. It’s better to use Google account. I’m already logged into my Google account on this computer so I do not need to enter my password. This is my Google ID. I will click on it and login to the website. If you are not logged into your Google account, it will ask you for password. Just enter the password to login. Here it is asking for our experience level. If you are a student, select ‘Student’. If you are a Graduate and have some work experience, select ‘Graduate’.If you have work experience of 1-5 years, select ‘Intermediate’. If you have more 5 years of work experience, select ‘Senior’. If you want to work as Freelance or work from home, select ‘Freelancer’. I’ve more than 1 year of experience so I am clicking ‘Intermediate’. Here it is asking if it should send you any offers or not. I click ‘May be later’ as I do not need any offer now. Please note that this has taken my details from my Google account. My name Md Munna and email ID is already mentioned here. I need to fill the remaining information. Here there are few categories created like Work Experience as I had selected for experience. If you select Student, this Work Experience option will not appear. Organizations – the companies where I have worked. Certificates – if I own any certificate like Microsoft certifications etc. Personal Projects – if I have worked on any project, I can mention that here. Education – I have to mention about my studies here. Skills – any ability to tell the company through resume. Language – all the languages I know. Interest – I can mention my likes and hobbies here. Now we will see how to fill the details here. Here see the option for photo. If when I click, it gives an option of ‘Upload photo’. If you want to add photo you can do that here. If you do not want to add photo, click the remove button and the photo section will be removed. Now it has my name. I enter ‘Computer Teacher’ in Professional title. Short and engaing pitch about yourself – you can write your short introduction in 2-3 lines that you want the employer/company to know about you when they see your resume. I am removing this section as I do not want to write about me here. Under Work Experience, you can add your designation here in Title. I am a computer teacher so I am mentioning this here. I’m mentioning my company name where I am working now. If you do not have any experience, you won’t need to write company name here. For experience, if you want to show the start and end date you can add here. You can mention all the information that you want. You do not need to fill every detail here. I am mentioning that I am presently working since 07/2019. Accomplishment/Task/Responsibilities – what are my responsibilities in the company as Computer Teacher? I have to mention that here. I’m not giving more details here as it will take long time. I am just showing you here process to create resume and download it. To add Skills, click and type the skill and press ‘Enter’ key to another skill. I’m here adding another skill – Counselling. Reporting In Language, Im entering English and Hindi. If you are seeing any additional options and do not need it, you can delete that by clicking the remove button. Interest – watching movies, reading technology articles. This way you would have understood how you have to enter your details. Please note if you have to add more than one company, you can click ‘Add Organization’. I have till now given work experience of only one company. If I have to add a company where I have worked earlier than the current company, I will just click ‘Add Job’ and get the boxes to add details. This way we can add all the details we want. You can use ‘Theme’ option to apply different color themes on your resume. From the ‘Layout’ option, you can change the design of resume by clicking ‘Pick Me’. You can also change your experience level here for your resume. You can also change resume template from ‘Templates’. After entering all the details, click ‘Download’ button here. It will first save your details and download your resume in pdf format. Once the file has been downloaded, you can click the file and it will open like this. You can see that my resume has been created with the details I had given. I can print it, email it or save in my computer. You have seen how easy it is to create resume online with Novoresume and it is completely free. I did not have to pay any fee, I only had to login using my Google account and enter my details. The user interface is also very easy so I could understand its design features easily. I used the options and clicked Download button to downlaod the resume on my computer. So use this website and use the options to create your resume. I pray that you get a good job. If you liked this video, please share it with others and subscribe this channel. Thank you very much for watching this video today.