Create your Institution Page in Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience

November 6, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

The Institution Page is a way to broadcast
important messages and links to everyone at your institution. You can access the Institution Page from the
base navigation in the Ultra experience, making it easy to discover what’s going on around
campus. Add distinct modules to highlight events,
processes, or announcements. To get started, you can add your institution
logo, and a banner image – simply select the edit icon, paste the image URL, and select
Save. You can also edit your school’s name by
selecting the text. Next, select Create Module to add information
through either Helpful Links or Custom Content modules. Helpful Links can direct students to important
pages like university announcements or local news. You can build the module and preview the content
as you go. The Preview area at the top shows you how
the module will appear to users. In the Module Banner section, catch some attention
by adding an engaging title, image, and description. Next, in the Module Content section, create
your custom links. You can add links by selecting the plus. You can also edit, reorder, and delete links. When you are finished, select Save. By default, new modules are hidden from users. When you’re finished building a module and
ready to share, select Visible to users in the visibility settings. Once you’ve created your first module, add
additional modules with the plus sign. The Custom Content module is your blank canvas. In the Module Content area, use the editor
to build out the module. Use the editor’s functions to format text,
include links and images, and embed videos. While organizing your institution page, select
the More options link to edit, or delete modules and use the Move module icon to sort. And finally, if you want to preview the page
as it appears for instructors and students, at the top of the page, in the Viewing page
as menu, select All Users.