Coniston Activity Centre experience (BSc Accounting and Finance)

November 8, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Before I went I was dreading it, I’m not an
outdoors activities girl at all. I thought I was just going to get there and everybody
was going to know each other. We were just told its mandatory you’ve got to do it, that’s
it. But it wasn’t like that at all and I really enjoyed it. Actually I loved it.
There was a mixture of activities. Group activities. Team building activities. Sailing, canoeing, kayaking, cycling and gorge walking. And then on the last day there was just more group
activities but you got to choose what you wanted to do so there was quite a lot of variety
while you were there. I definitely learnt to work as a team, I wasn’t
very well while I was over there but my team really looked after me so I learnt how to
lean on people when I needed them and take my strengths and use them as well so it was
a good way to show different skills that different people have and work together. There’s representatives
from big firms such as PwC, Ernest Young, KPMG. I had a huge talk with lots of them
because they give lots of detail about what to do next, what to make sure you’re
doing and all the routes into the accounting world. When you go to interviews they always ask you what type of group activities you’ve done
in the past and its something you can reflect upon and something a bit different that employers
will definitely like to hear about. Things like teambuilding, being open-minded, they
definitely will enhance me in my interviews for big firms and show the skills that I’ve
learnt over University. Yeah I definitely would, I’ve heard lots of
people that say they want to go again and will pay for it with their friends. Me and
my friends are looking to book it for the summer because we all loved it that much we
all just want to go back and have fun again. This is an opportunity where you don’t have
to pay for it so you might as well take it but I know so many people who will want to
do it again and pay the own money out of their own pocket so definitely take the opportunity
and I probably will again.