College Voting 101

November 15, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

So this is college life, I guess. How do you like it so far? Oh, it’s good. Making friends, joining clubs,
finding the good food… Getting ready to vote for the first time? Crap. I forgot about that. You? You forgot? I don’t believe you. Didn’t you register to vote the day you turned
18? Miss “I Want to Be Heard and Every Vote Counts”? Miss “Women Weren’t Even Allowed to Vote for
100 Years so Party in 2020!” The suffragettes would be so disappointed
in you. First, it’s suffragists. And, I don’t actually know how it works now
that I’m in college. My mom actually went through this in grad
school, so I can help you out. It’s pretty easy, but you’re gonna have to
make a decision. Do you want to vote here or at home? And it matters because… Well, you live in a different congressional
district here than at home, for one. And also, there’s a school levy on the ballot
at home, for another. OK. Well, let’s say I want to vote back home. What do I do? You can register to vote on line using your
home address. And I know you’ve already registered, but
it’s a good idea to double-check, just to make sure you’re on the list. OK. Then what? Then you’ve got a couple options about how
to actually cast your vote. Let me guess: Go home on election day and
vote at my normal polling place? Yep But what if I can’t make it down on a Tuesday? Then, you’ve got two options, but you’re going
to have to plan ahead for them: You can vote early at the Board of Elections
in your home county starting any time after registration ends in October. So, if you’re planning to come see me, then you could do it then. Um, yeah But I’m not really sure if I can make that happen. Well, then you can always just request an
old-fashioned mail-in absentee ballot. You fill out a request form and send it in,
and then they’ll send you a ballot at school. And then you fill that one out and send it
back in before the election. Easy! OK. Well then that’s something in my mailbox,
too. But let’s say that I want to vote here instead
of back home? You can do that, if you’d rather. So what would you do first? Go on line and register with this as my new
address. Yep. Same website. No problem. And then I would go vote at my new polling
place? Yes. But what if I’m super busy or have an exam
and can’t make it? Well, just to be safe, I would vote early. You can always request a mail-in absentee
ballot. Plus they have the early in-person voting
thing in every county in Ohio. That sounds doable. But I’m just going have to do this again next
year, right? What do you mean? Well, I’m not going to live here forever. But this dorm is so nice and You’ve got all your horse friends, I guess I’ll just have to remember to change my address
next year. Well, I have full confidence in you
and even more confidence in the reminders you’re gonna set on your phone. What about my brother in Texas? Does he do the exact same thing? Yes, if he wants to vote in the Ohio election. As long as he registers, he can vote any of
the three ways I just talked about. But different states have different rules. So I would suggest
that he go to the Texas Secretary of State’s website to check the rules for Texas. And what about my roommate from Boston? Yeah. She can check the Massachusetts website for
rules there. But as long as she’s 18 and registers to vote
before the deadline, she can vote in Ohio. And I get all my candidate
and issue information from… The League of Women Voters, as always. That would be You know, for a high school kid, you’re pretty
informed. Thank you. I know I am. So where is this “good food” you speak of?