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September 21, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

– I’ll eat the banana.
I’m not gonna dip it in ketchup. – (FBE) A little dip.
– Mm-mm. – (FBE) You can do it.
– Nope. – I’m sorry, stomach.
We’re having some weird [bleep] today. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) It’s a big thing online
when people hear about the foods that are supposedly favorites
by really big celebrities. So, we thought it’d be interesting
to make those dishes and see if people
like them or not. – Really?!
– We’re having Nobu? Kidding. (chuckles)
– (FBE) We’ll be having you try a celebrity’s favorite dish,
and then have you try to guess whose favorite food
you think it is. – Okay. That’s gonna be tough,
but it’ll be fun. – It’s gonna be kind of fun.
I follow E! News. – I’m already gonna bomb this.
I know nothing about celebrities or their personalities
or the food they like. – (FBE) So, here is
your first favorite food, which is popcorn
with Tabasco and pickle juice. – What?!
– Ah, I thought it was about to Sriracha popcorn.
I was like, “This is my favorite food. Is this me?” (laughs)
I’m kidding. I’m not a celebrity.
– That’s so random. What the hell? I can’t really taste the pickle juice,
but the Tabasco on it is pretty fire. – I taste the pickle.
I don’t taste Tabasco. – Never been a fan of pickle juice
or pickles in general, that is. So, that right off the bat
is weird to me. I don’t mind spicy popcorn.
– It’s not bad. I don’t like pickles
and I don’t like Tabasco, but I love popcorn.
And I feel like they combine really well.
They mix well with the salty. – (FBE) Whose food
do you think this is? – My brain keeps saying Gordon Ramsey
just ’cause I know it wouldn’t be it, and I think it would be funny.
– Ryan Reynolds. – Is it weird that the only name
that comes to my mind is LeBron James? – Mike Wahlberg?
– Jennifer Lawrence? She seems like someone
who would talk about pickles. – I’m gonna go with Selena Gomez. – (FBE) This is one
of Selena Gomez’s favorite foods. – YOU’RE LYING! (laughs)
– (FBE) So, Selena Gomez is outspoken about her love of pickles
and revealed on Jimmy Fallon that this is one of her favorite combos.
– I mean, cool. Good for her. – I’m 1/1 and I will take that
for today. That’s interesting. Wow. Good [bleep], Selena Gomez. – (FBE) So, here is your next,
which is a peanut butter… – Ah!
– (FBE) …and grape jelly sandwich with Cheetos in it.
– Man. They gotta be hot Cheetos, not regular Cheetos.
– I’m excited to try this, because I like peanut butter
and jelly, and I like Cheetos. If there are two things I like,
how can you go wrong? – I kind of like that the Cheetos
add this crunch to it. You can’t even taste the Cheeto. – That is disgusting!
Who likes soggy Cheetos?! Instead of biting down
and going crunch, it’s just like you’re biting down
on layers of cardboard before your teeth connect.
– I kinda like it, but I’m not gonna keep eating it,
’cause it’s kind of cheesy and stuff. – (FBE) And whose food
would you think this is? – It seems like a Bruce Willis
kind of thing. – Michael Cera. I’m just saying
random celebrities names now. – Oprah Winfrey maybe?
– It makes me think of Disney Channel, so I’m just gonna
throw out Nick Jonas. – I feel like I’m trying
to guess funny people, and it’s just normal celebrities.
I’m like, “What weirdo would eat this?”
Chris Pratt or something? – I’m gonna go with Ryan Gosling. – (FBE) This interesting combo
of peanut butter and grape jelly with Cheetos on white bread
is Channing Tatum’s favorite. – Yeah, Channing. This is
a Channing Tatum dish for sure now that I think about it.
– I mean, he was in “21 Jump Street.” He was probably high
when he invented this. And he was like,
“This is SO good!” Like, what could make a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich even better? Cheetos. – (FBE) Okay, here’s another. – This is banana and ketchup? – (FBE) This is a banana,
and you can dip it in ketchup. (chuckles)
– I’m not– I’ll eat the banana. I’m not gonna dip it in ketchup.
– (FBE) A little dip. – Mm-mm.
– (FBE) You can do it. – Nope.
– Peanut butter and bananas make sense to me.
Not ketchup. It’s so weird! – Who’s eating th–
what celebrity…? Ah! (laughs)
(muffled) I don’t like it. – I hate it already.
Like, why? Why do you enjoy this? I want the other side of the story.
– I’m sorry, stomach. We’re having some weird [bleep] today. Mm-mm. Not a fan
of that AT ALL. – (FBE) Do you have any idea
whose favorite food this is? – Maybe Justin Bieber.
– Michelle Obama. (laughs) – (chuckles) Ariana Grande.
– Jim Carrey. – This seems like something
Johnny Depp would do. – It’s just people who get bored
of the craft service table, and they don’t have enough catering
or something, and they just start putting random things together.
What is this? I don’t know. Who’s another stoner?
Seth Rogan? – (FBE) Beyonce apparently
loves ketchup so much that while she was pregnant,
she allegedly had cravings for bananas dipped in ketchup.
– (gags) Gross!
Ketchup on burgers? Fine. Ketchup with fries? Fine.
Ketchup on fruit? Get the [bleep] outta here!
– Who would do that? That’s a fallacy.
That’s a rumor. Unless it comes directly
from Beyonce. – But she’s Beyonce.
It’s the same thing as Channing Tatum. I’m sure people will probably
go home and eat this and be like, “Beyonce eats this.
Good enough for me.” – I would never have thought Beyonce.
I thought she would be on some whole different diet,
like calamari, stuff like that. – I understand that she had
a craving for this when she was pregnant,
but I don’t know. I mean, it never said
she liked it when she wasn’t pregnant. – When my mom was pregnant,
she was craving marshmallows with lemon and popcorn mixed up.
It’s just weird. it’s not something
I would eat, personally. – (FBE) Next, we have
a spaghetti chili pizza sandwich. – (laughs) What?!
How do I even bite this? – I like spaghetti.
I like pizza. I like food all over my face.
It’s actually really good. I would eat that.
– I don’t even know. This is the 420 special.
This is a Willie Nelson type dish. Ah!
(chuckles) (snorts)
That’s just so wrong. This feels so wrong in my mouth.
– Wa-ha! (chuckles) It’s weird, because
when you’re chewing, you can taste the pizza,
and then you feel the little pieces
of spaghetti floating around. And I feel like my brain’s confused.
I’m like, “What are you eating?” – It literally just tastes
like amusement park food. – I guess I can say I’ve had worse,
like a banana with ketchup. Man, y’all got me doing
some weird [bleep] today. – (FBE) Whose food
do you think this is? – I’ma go with Rihanna.
– I’m gonna say Jack Black. – J.J. Watt.
– Kevin Hart. – Robert DeNiro for sure.
– Jennifer Lawrence? – In an interview with Glamour Mag,
Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she invented this weird combo
of spaghetti noodles and chili sandwiched in between
two slices of pizza. – (laughs) That’s… wow.
Jennifer Lawrence? – I feel like she’s really funny,
like cute, like, haha, like a regular person.
And so, I see her doing something like this
for some reason. – She got Papa John’s or something,
takeout, Domino’s, got the pasta, pizza combo.
Pfft, put it all together. – This definitely seems
up her alley. She definitely seems like one
of those girls who are like, “I’m not one of those girls
who doesn’t eat. I’ll go to McDonald’s
and get a Big Mac.” – From what I’ve heard
from previous interviews she’s done, she’s always been super casual
and just been like, “Oh yeah, I have no problem
just laying out,” eating a whole pizza by herself
and things, just super open about that stuff.
So, I’m not surprised that she just throws random [bleep]
on her pizza, puts two of them together, and like,
“This is a sandwich.” – (FBE) Here’s another.
It’s ramen with egg, butter, and garlic parm.
– No way! Is this just-
is this just cup noodles? I ate this every single day
in college, because I was poor. – That doesn’t sound bad. There’s no real flavor going on here.
You’re eating wet noodles. – This could be anybody,
’cause I do this. – I got a good chunk of egg in it,
but I feel like it doesn’t make too much of a difference.
– I would rather eat an entire banana in front of someone,
making eye contact than eat noodles.
I get so self-conscious. Just, like, do I slurp?
Do I not? ♪ (hums) ♪
It’s warm. It’s good. I used to eat uncooked ramen noodles.
I would literally just sprinkle the powder on top
and be like, “Chips!” – I don’t like that texture.
There’s too much going on in there. It’s slimy, goopy.
It’s like raw meat. – (FBE) Do you have a celeb
in mind for this one? – (sighs) Man, this is–
I feel– this is something I bet you a lot of people do,
so I don’t know who the [bleep] eats this.
– Who are you? Can I go with a Hemsworth?
– (FBE) Sure. – (giggles)
– Timothy DeLaGhetto’s favorite food. – Reese Witherspoon.
– Will Farrell. – I guess I do not keep up
with what celebrities are eating aside from Kylie Jenner,
which is why I said Nobu. Is it Kylie Jenner?!
Oh my god! Wow! (laughs) Really?
I would not expect that at all. – (FBE) We couldn’t do this episode
without doing Kylie Jenner’s famous ramen recipe.
It’s a cup of noodles with additions of butter…
– What? – (FBE) …garlic powder,
and an egg. – No way!
– I don’t see Kylie Jenner eating this,
which is so weird. – It’s not Kylie Jenner’s.
This is something that’s been around. She just does it, too.
– Needs some pizzazz. There’s no pizzazz.
Very basic. – (FBE) So, to end the episode,
now that you’ve tried each of these, which would you say
was your favorite of all the celebrities’ favorite foods?
– I think my favorite was the popcorn
just ’cause I do love popcorn. – The pizza sandwich was pretty good.
– I’d say the peanut butter and jelly Cheetos.
– Kylie Jenner’s snack is my favorite one.
– Banana with ketchup is disgusting! I would probably go
with Jennifer Lawrence’s, ’cause hers was filling.
It actually didn’t taste bad. – The pizza spaghetti sandwich.
I’m sure there are plenty of people in other places
who eat this weird [bleep]. They’re just not celebrities.
So, it’s probably a little bit more influential,
because they’re celebrities. It’s kind of funny,
but it’s also kind of creepy. Like, why do you wanna know
what I’m eating all the time? Get off my back. (chuckles) Just let me eat
my spaghetti sandwich in peace! – Thanks for watching us eat
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