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– Can we just talk about
how revolutionary this is? – I’m getting a little frustrated
they don’t really just pick a style. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ ♪ (Spanish guitar music) ♪ – Ooh, it sounds nice already. – A little guitar action going on.
Is this Spanish guitar, though? – Damn, this sounds nice.
Oh, who’s this? – You have to know who this is.
– I have no idea who this is. – Is it K-pop?
It looks like it’s gonna be K-pop, but with guitar.
– ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – Spanish guitar mixed
with a different language is messing me up. – Ooh, okay.
This is a great mix. – Can we just talk about
how revolutionary this is? K-pop is already
taking over the world as is. Spanish music is just amazing. – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – I’m not really sure
what I’m watching, but it’s entertaining. – Ooh, this is sexy.
– It’s such a catchy melody. – This is good.
Oh my god. I don’t know why
this wasn’t on my radar at all. – You know what this reminds me of? The Cheetah Girls
when they’re in Barcelona. I watched it. – It’s not really my thing,
but hey, I know a lot of people like K-pop. – Ooh, okay.
About to explode the place. – I used to be a huge K-pop fan.
I used to be really into 2NE1, f(x). And then, I don’t know.
For whatever reason, I kind of just stopped
listening to K-pop for a while. I’ll definitely start listening
to them after that one song. I’m sold. – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – (laughs) This boy. – ♪ Mamamoo, Mamamoo ♪ – Wait. Mamamoo.
I think– is that the group? – Is it Mamamoo?
I know who Mamamoo is, but I didn’t know this–
– (laughs) – It’s so cute! – Okay, I like the way
they do their music videos. – This song almost sounds
like it could be a Broadway show tune. – This kind of reminds me
of Hairspray sort of. – Okay, this is actually pretty good. – It’s giving me 007 vibes. – If they weren’t speaking Korean,
you would think this is in America. – ♪ (rapping in Korean) ♪ – They can make any style
of music work. – Dreamgirl vibes,
I’m feeling it. I’m–
– ♪ (belts note) ♪ – I almost threw this laptop. – Okay, vocals. – Same, dude. – Oh my goodness. Yes! – It had that vintage look to it,
and then they threw in some rap. It’s mixing so many
different styles and eras. – I kind of just vaguely
heard about them on Twitter, and it was kinda
just etched in my brain. And so, now that I’m watching them,
I understand why people have been talking about them. – This sounds different
than the last two, too. – I’m getting a little frustrated
they don’t really just pick a style. – I think this is probably
their simplest music video. Yet, it’s just as impactful. – ♪ (rapping in Korean) ♪ – I love her voice. It’s so deep
compared to the rest of them, and it sounds fantastic. – How’s every song a bop? – They didn’t definitely skip
on the budget for the filming of this. – This one– okay,
this one’s kinda generic again. – (snapping along) – Oh, the scenery. – They have
the most epic music videos. Almost unnecessarily epic. – (sighs) I’m so– oh my god.
I’m so impressed. – It’s almost like they have it all.
They have the– they have it visually
with their music videos and then also, the music itself.
They have the best of both worlds. – Even if I don’t like the music,
I could just watch the videos all day. – That’s true.
– But their music’s bomb. – (FBE) So, next up,
we’ve also got a medley of three of their live performances.
– Ooh! I love live performances. – Ah, all right. Now,
I can actually judge their singing. – (Solar) Let’s get it.
– Yes, get it. – Yes.
– ♪ (rapping in Korean) ♪ – Oh my god.
They’re so badass. – This is totally different! – So now they’re a rap group?
I’m very confused. – Uh, okay.
Oh, they got some guys, too. Okay. – They’re so good. – Oh my god.
They’re so clean, their enunciation. – This is so simple,
yet for some reason, I’m living for it right now. – Okay. This is
completely different again. – Again, a totally different–
it’s like a different artist. – Oh, this is pretty.
That color coordination, too. – (sarcastic) What is this?
A Celine Dion song from 2002? – If I had my eyes closed
and I heard this, I’d probably start crying. – ♪ (belts note) ♪
– Whaa? (laughs) – Okay, so you’re the one with range. – Yes, girl! (claps) That was great. I’m getting teary. – Whoa. – Their voices are so pretty. – Ooh, they’re wearing suits now?
Oh, I’m with this. – They are– ah, I can’t get over
how cute they are. – They are so pretty.
– They look so effortless. – I’m getting Janelle Monáe vibes. – Yeah, this one is super poppy.
This is a super pop song. – I know whose music I’m adding
to my Spotify playlist next. – Ooh. I love this. – Just be an artist
and pick a style. I just feel like they don’t even know
what they’re trying to do. (chuckles) – It’s flawless and effortless.
I’m running out of words. I don’t have enough words
to describe them. – (FBE) So, that was
the Korean pop group, Mamamoo. – That’s such a cool name. I don’t know what it means,
but it sounds cool. – I actually heard them
at work one time on a Pandora station. So, I was like,
I have to figure out who they are, ’cause this is impressive. – (FBE) Now, their fandom has been
requesting us to cover them nonstop as of late,
so here we are doing it. – I’m so excited for them.
– No way. – I have read the comments,
and I’ve seen Mamamoo multiple times. – (FBE) So, as we know,
there are several K-pop groups, each with their own kind
of unique style and sound. What did you think about them
compared to maybe, say, other K-pop groups and artists that you’ve seen?
– (snickers) [Bleep] if I know, bro.
I haven’t heard any other K-pop other than “Gangnam Style” by Psy. – They have a lot more guitar,
like, acoustic guitar in their songs, I notice. But besides that,
I would still say it’s pretty generic. – These girls literally
kill any style of music. They’re so versatile. – All the songs we sort of
saw from them, each super different
from each other. You almost can’t put ’em
in one specific genre, because they’re just like,
“No, we’re gonna try it all.” – It’s kind of like a softer version
of some of the intensity that we get from some of these other groups.
It kind of works from them. – They’re breaking apart
from other girl K-pop groups, because a lot
of the other girl K-pop groups are real cutesy.
It’s more tough and more 2018 woman. – (FBE) So, in an interview,
Mamamoo stated the meaning behind their name, quote, “Mamamoo is like
a sound a baby makes. We were named with the idea
of the world approaching our music from an instinctive level.”
– What the [bleep] does that mean? – (in baby voice) Mamamoo.
Mama– I can kind of see it. (laughs) I hate that I’m baby talking myself. – (FBE) What do you think
of that logic for a name? And do you think it works for them?
Or do you find choosing a name based on baby sounds
is an odd choice? – I think whatever works for them
works for them. – I don’t think
we can really criticize, because we have bands
like Red Hot Chili Peppers, you know? Which, great band,
what’s up with that name? – They’re trying a little bit
to be artsy, but I mean, if it ain’t broke,
don’t fix it. – The description for the title
makes absolutely no sense. What does this have to do
with instincts? You’re not called Primal.
You’re called Mamamoo. – They’re almost kind of
playing on the whole idea that they’re very natural
in what they do. So, that’s cool,
’cause that’s one of the things I saw. Nothing was really forced at all.
Meshed together well. – Their latest EP, “Red Moon,”
is the second part of the group’s new project
called “Four Seasons,” the first one being their EP,
“Yellow Flower,” which was released on March 7th, 2018. “Four Seasons” is a concept
in which Mamamoo will showcase four mini albums,
each representing a season, a member of the group,
a color, and an element. – Okay, that’s unique. – (FBE) The latest EP, “Red Moon,”
focusing on the summer season themes, and many believe
represents member Moonbyul. What do you think about that concept
to release music as a group and have each EP focus
on a single member? – That’s cool, but I feel
like it’s the same thing as their– it’s the same problem as their songs.
They try to do too much at once. – Instead of doing one full album
and dropping a huge album, you’re doing an EP each season,
which, to me, seems like more work. – That’s a good idea…
– What a good concept. – …’cause I feel like a lot of times
when there are groups of people, there are ones
that outshine the other ones. – Like an Avengers type of thing?
Like phase one, focus on this singer. Phase two, focus on this singer.
Phase three, focus on that. And then phase four,
bring it all together. You know, it sounds fun,
so I like that. – I love that. It makes complete sense
to spotlight different members for different albums.
I’m more interested in the music now than before, because I wanna
know who the girls are. – (FBE) So finally, after hearing
some of their music and learning a little bit more
about the group, do you think that you’ll
be listening to the rest of Mamamoo’s “Four Seasons” project?
– No. – I definitely would listen to it.
I love it. – I’m actually interested
in listening to the “Four Seasons,” because the fall’s gonna come out,
and then winter. I need all four of them. – Probably not, to be honest.
But it’s not bad. – Definitely. I like it.
I think they’re definitely bringing something unique
and different to the K-pop industry. – Unless it’s forcibly
put upon me… nope! – Absolutely. I’m waiting
for the winter season, honestly, ’cause I’m a Sagittarius,
so I’m ready for this one. – Yes, I probably will listen.
– Twenty One Pilots is coming out with new stuff too, so…
– Not the point of this video. – I’m gonna not be listening to them.
I’m listening to Twenty One Pilots. – Yes. Bad ass girls,
they empower me. They inspire me. Maybe watching them
and following them. Maybe they could sprinkle
some pixie magic onto me, and then I could one day
be where they are. (chimes tinkling) – Thanks for watching
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