Central Michigan University: ‘Our past is prologue. Our focus is forward.’

November 17, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Together, we will navigate the challenges
and opportunities before us. Together, we will creatively seek ways to
serve our future students and embrace life-long learners and set ourselves apart from our
peer institutions. We are strong in so many areas, but we need
to find our niche. Our calling. We cannot be everything to everyone as so
often told to me over the last year, but we can be the right thing for the right student
because for them Central Michigan University is where they belong. This university, our university will be invaluable
to them. This is where they will thrive. This is where they will discover their passion. This is where their trajectory of their lives
will be set or reset. Students will choose CMU if we show them the
why because we know we have the power change lives. We must go out and tell that story. We must believe and share the message we are
not just a good university but we are truly striving for greatness. And let’s work together to be great, this
year, next year and 2030 and beyond. The past is the foundation that enables us
to turn our focus forward. CMU, we have a rich history and tradition. We must celebrate it, but not become stuck
in it. We must look forward to how great things can
and will be in our future. Our wonderful past is prologue to a tremendous
future and that is where our focus must be.