Celebrities in College: Rahul Gandhi | TVF

November 19, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Son, I know you’re at an age
where you only want to play around, but the family business… We even need
to follow our tradition. Which is why I’ve decided
that this time, you’ll be the president of the cultural
club president and not the sports club. But, mum, I don’t want to, I’m not ready. If you finish your lunch like a good boy,
you’ll be ready by 2019. But I don’t want to. You won’t get your pocket money
if you don’t agree to this. Listen, wear this holy thread.. – They will think you’re one of them.
– Okay. and if sambit asks you about
caste don’t say italian. May I come in, Sir? Who are you?
Teacher madam… Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Sorry, brothers. Sorry, sir. Sorry, teacher sir.
I got late. Because this morning,
when I woke up in the night, I went to my balcony. – And I saw a chicken barking…
– Quiet! Pappu, how may times have I told you
to put butter on your bread every morning. Not iodex. Come and mark your attendance
every morning. After that you can go to the ground
and smoke some cheap drugs. I’m tired of dealing with you now. Look…Sir! Do you know who my mother is? In our college, there are 1500 girls. 10 girls out of 7 girls
are committed. thanks to the ladies
who I’ve recently met. If anyone has supported Pappu, it’s these women, brothers.
It’s these women brothers Oh, that’s commendable. More than half the girls in our college
are stuck with the government college guys. This fool, Shashi, sits with
the dinosaurus all day to talk to them. Well, well, my dear hermanos, I prefer
to call it the Thesaurus. And the point of the matter is that,
that cute Mehr. from Mass Media, she has created a precise fissure
in the pericardium of my heart. And found her way into it’s
left atrium and ventricle But just because I’m indispensable part of
this exasperating farrago of douche bags, she refuses to go out with me. Lord, are you even there, Lord? Shashi bro, look, I didn’t understand
a word you said. – But I understand your pain.
– I hear it. Let me tell you something. There’s no girl that’s single.
You have to make her single. Which is why, this time
in my science project I’ll make a machine… That converts a commited girl from one
end to a single girl in the other end. Shove commited girls from one end
and take out single girls from the other. The guard let the cultural president
– Modi’s friends, Mehul, Vijay and Nirav to go buy
cigarettes from the back gate. and that too faster than
Jupiter’s space velocity. When I tried to do the same,
he held my hand. When I asked why? He couldn’t look me in the eye. ‘Cause the guard himself has
become a partner in crime. Rahul baba , I was holding your hand and looking
around to make you cross the road. What happened when I let you
go alone last time? You stopped in the center of the road
and caused a traffic jam. Look, I was standing in the middle
of the zebra crossing ’cause I wanted to see a zebra
cross from there once. This is funny. Leave now, it’s time to get back
to work and sleep now. Couldn’t you put a
nipple on the glass? That’s okay.
Thank you. Bros, Modi has to give an answer about the
rafale deal scam. He has to tell us, why he’s stuck such expensive
posters of Rafael Nadal all over campus. To fill his friend Anil’s pockets, he
bought a 5000 buck poster from him. However…Perhaps… However, I’ve bought a similar
poster from Palika Bazaar. After this accusation you’ve thrown at him,
do you have any evidence? Sir, I knew you’d ask me for evidence. Which is why I’ve got the evidence along.
Look at this poster. Your mind is rotten ’cause
of eternal virginity. Does this look like Rafael Nadal?
That’s Dino Morea. It’s Dino Morea. Listen up, brothers. Listen to me…
Hear me out. Hear me out?
See, the situation is such… I’m not RSS like you all. I’m not a really smart student. I’m a class repeater. And if a class repeater doesn’t
play PUBG in the middle of his classes, then how will he repeat his classes? Listen, hear me out… You all call me “Pappu”. Y’all can cuss me as much
as you want to. But let me tell you something. Inside you all..
Inside me… I don’t have any hard feelings anger or hate towards any of you. I will install PUBG from all your
playstores and make you play the game. I’ll make you all play the game. For a 100 people… Quiet… Listen to me…
I’ll make a gaming room for a 100 people. And you all can use it to play. Bro, has Didi missed the party
’cause it’s for the UP guys. No, it’s not like that. Priyanka is helping Robert with his work. There are more plots to be
conquered today. do you know what
Sambit was saying? He said your parties were lame. – Modis parties were more fun.
– Listen, to me… Modi is hosting a party
for the first time in campus. But our party is partying here
for the past 60 years. Ask any party animal on campus. Lady animal Ask any lady party animal. They’re saying something for
the first time. About having fun. And this fun…
This fun… I want to give it to every student
on campus. Well, if that’s the case, even us UP guys
want a part of this fun. Of course. Rahul, where did you score this from? I’d gone to my grandmom’s place
a few weeks ago. Itarsi Itawa? I scored it at Italy. Let me get high, man.
I’m a pilot. Listen, I’ll tell my friend
Divya Sampandana… Spandana I’ll send you a ‘join party’ invite
on Twitter. But our party has a rule for the past
60 years, to ‘puff puff pass to your family’. Rubbish! I’ve been asking for the past 10 minutes
and he’s not been passing. Did you like this doobie
Then smoke it up. Smoke one puff, here you go… We are not some worker class
people who smokes to get high. Don’t lookn at my dimples, take it… – Take it, bro…
– Akhilesh what are you doing? Behenji has hosted a party in
the girls hostel after so long. Let’s go. Behaving like an animal
despite being my son. Listen to me… Where are y’all going? Listen, guys… Only Digvijay stands by my
side in times like these.