CARES Module 1 | SHS Strand: Accounting, Business, and Management

November 9, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Do you like planning budgets? Are you money-savvy? And do you want to learn how to grow a business? If you answered ‘yes,’ then the ABM strand may be for you. What is the ABM strand? What do the letters A, B, and M stand for? The Accountancy, Business, and Management Track focuses on concepts of financial management, business management, and corporate operations. Under this strand, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the world of accounting and business management. Even if this strand has Math, you still wouldn’t need to take Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Because the subjects you’ll focus on are subjects that will help you succeed in the corporate world and entrepreneurship. Some of these subjects are Statistics and Probability, and Business Math. In taking the ABM strand, you’ll pick up words like ‘assets,’ ‘profitability,’ and ‘financial accounts’ – concepts that will ensure your company or business is earning money. But what other subjects fall under this strand? Well, you’ll pick up General Knowledge, Organizational and Business Knowledge, Information Technology Knowledge, Accounting and Finance Knowledge Intellectual Skills, and Communication Skills. These will help any company or business run successfully. Aside from knowledge about accounting and business, ABM will also teach you how to become an effective business leader and a team player. The following are some of the college courses you can choose from after taking the ABM strand Accountancy, Business Administration, Agri-Business Commerce, and Hospitality Management. In taking the ABM strand, you can become the following: Accountant, Banker, Customs Broker, Entrepreneur like Bo Sanchez, or an Economist like Winnie Monsod. You could also start your own business, or run someone else’s! For more information about the ABM strand, visit and head to the Senior High Tracks section.