Career profile – Secretary – Italy

December 4, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

The administrative secretary must have specifics skills regarding to accounts management and ensuring compliance with the procedures of the fiscal-tax. He shall draw up the financial statement He sets and manages cost accounting, budget plan, analytical balance, and the general accounts for the control phases He takes care the relationship with the financial system (banks and finance companies) He uses IT tools for the administrative management The administrative secretary has a different configuration in relation to: company size, type of activity and organizational decisions relating to the administrative function. The level of complexity understood as a range of assigned tasks and level of autonomy of the work it is directly related to the context and more specific, the size of the company: in the small company increase both the range of activities and the level of autonomy of the person who works in an organization without specialized figures. It is require a high attention skills and concentration backed by a willingness to work for goals and focus on results It is require also an orientation to the solution of the problems expressed in the ability of self-control methodological approach It ‘also required a high level of care to privacy and protection of company’s data and information that can be found in the archives of the company It ‘also important to have a propensity for empathic management of relationships addressed to colleagues, bosses, customers and partners who have relationships with the business’ administration. It is fundamental a strong work ethic regarding to behaviors and to written or verbal relationships EQF level: IV MAIN ACTIVITIES 1 Setting up the accounting documentation 2 Registration of accounting documents and legislative fulfilments 3 Management of receipts and payments 4 Management of analytical balance and control system 5 Management of business’ financial 6 Management of the annual business financial statements Good Morning, I am an administrative secretary for the SNES srl Our company dealing with heating systems, installation and maintenance I take care mainly the management of the client portfolio, administration, care of customers, and to carry out a filter between the company and the end customer. I relate also with our technical staff they take care the technical part of our work. My work is a rather interesting and certainly variegated. I received an initial training that was important but mostly it was crucial to my training the experience that I have acquired during the years. It is very important