Bob the Builder Snowed under NASCAR Commentary

December 3, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Happy Father’s Day. It’s go time in Iowa Didn’t think well, I’m forced to get three. Why did it get into turn three you can see We’re crisper Bell The toys the right choice directly for customers a very important event momentum both mature to which we saw a new coaster getting that momentum But then he went right to the top and three and four and we can see that all day long drivers running at top lane at the racetrack I love the options three wide for second two wide behind and that’s Nemechek on the outside of the 18 Harrisonburg, and what about that run Nemechek that off turn four you can see him really closing in on Noah Creek city It’s like that 23 cars hooked up here early in the going a lot of slipping a flat. We’re gonna be here today at Iowa So much give and take on a start or a restart here because as you talked about Lane selection is so Important once it settles down we’ll find out who has won. But right now Custer’s show started on the pole illness jumped out front is advantage already a second well What Cole likes right now is these guys two-by-two behind him that’s allowing them to drive away get that little bit of a gap on The guys that are running for second third right here Christopher Bell at Noah crimson And it’s also going to allow him to keep his tires pressure as the runners on this could be it Yeah, freakin you’ve raced here. I’m curious Do you use your tires more? If you’re running that bottom or to use a more caring more speed in the corner up high on the track I think right now from what we’ve heard from the drivers This tire doesn’t have quite as much grip at the past when they brought up a little bit higher in the track They’re not having to turn the wheel why this bunch with that race car? They’re not scrubbing the speed with that tire That’s why we’re seeing them fall migrate up to that top side of the racetrack roll down Good race here for second need to let everyone know right Ellis drive into 99 Today for BJ McLeod post is for it posted for a start violation Get road and serve his country And look at this racing back in the facts all vo7 a great black junior Josh Williams was there and now for six Harrison Burt Austin Cedric and Zain Smith met a car I think Saint Smith has been three wide since this race is started almost this is a guy that only has 18 laps on this Racetrack so far it is career leading up to this race and very nice job by him this weekend But they’re put in some interesting positions right now. Just out back there. You see Justin Allgaier already into the top ten Justin’s up to the eighth position and he’s gonna join this three-way battle That he led 182 laps here in one boat stages a year ago After starting 11, he mentioned in Riggin 14 today, you would think is an enormous penalty at the start not the case He is driving right up through there and got three more victims waiting in front of you and you think about a guy like Justin on the car He knows how he wants his race car to feel in the race Conditions and it’s a little surprising to see him off by 14th But he knows where it wants that car to be 10 15 and 20 laps into a run That’s obviously what he had set up for yesterday and what limited practice we did get When you have the experience that someone like all car has you’re gonna learn that early you’re gonna figure that hurry exactly How well your car will run on the long haul Justin Haley started in the back because of an engine No problems for the second Xfinity started Iowa, and he’s making up ground already 17th where 8 laps in you know? I love our visor cam right here. It shows the amount of character that this racetrack in Iowa has Right there by Justin Haley. He caught the Bucks Just run there as he got back to the gas pedal wheezes on a car jump sideways I was a nice saved by him But this racetrack is rough all the way around especially through wanted to on the entry in the middle right there And we see the driver. Just give me shard It looks like your shots aren’t oh goodness Bouncing all over the place and that’s just how violent the ride is but look at this correction and save