Applying for University

October 11, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Applying for university or college can
seem confusing at first – but once you understand it, it’s actually quite simple.
First, your child needs to choose the subject they want to study. They’ll be
spending a lot of time studying their chosen subject and will need to stay
motivated to be successful, so encourage them to pick something they’re good at
or have a definite interest in. All applications are made through Your child can apply for five courses at universities or colleges. Each
course has specific grade requirements and some courses will also need grades
in certain subjects. To support their application, your child will write a
personal statement and their teacher will write a reference, both describing
why they would be a good student for the course. If a university or college then
wants to offer your child a place, they will make a Conditional Offer, specifying
the grades your child will need to achieve. Your child then selects one
offer as their Firm Choice and another as their Insurance Choice in case they
don’t meet the requirements of their firm choice. On results day, if your child
has met the conditions of their firm choice they will be automatically
accepted to that university or college. Congratulations! If they haven’t met
those conditions but do meet the conditions of their insurance choice,
they will be automatically accepted by that university or college instead. If
your child doesn’t meet the conditions of their firm or insurance choice,
they can find an alternative through Clearing. Universities and colleges
advertise any courses that still have places available, and students can phone
to ask if they can be accepted on those courses with their achieve grades.
If your child is worried that they might not meet their grade requirements, they
can begin researching other options through UCAS before results day. You
can support your child by encouraging them to get advice from their teachers
and from current students. A great way of meeting current students is by helping
your child to attend open days, so they can look around potential universities
or colleges and the cities they are in. Some universities or colleges can even
help to pay for the cost of visiting so remember to ask.