All services of the university library Bochum

November 8, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Phew…it’s so early! But I need to get my presentation done… In order to wake up properly, I’ll treat myself to a coffee in the café. At least I’ve made it as far as the library! I lock up my stuff here and then I’m ready to start. There are many different work areas in the library. I can choose one according to my needs. Here I can work in silence. In the group rooms, I can study and discuss things with my fellow students. Library inductions can be very useful. They are a great mix of input and learning by doing – a great preparation for writing an assignment. At the information desk, I can ask anything: if I am having trouble finding a book, how to use a database or if I just want to know where the toilets are. You find the books on the first to the fourth floor in the book stacks. There are also loads of E-Books and electronic journals, which I can even read at home. I always have my USB-stick with me. Then I can leave the heavy books in the library and get the pages I need as a pdf. Scanning is free here. The library is open from 8 in the morning to midnight during the week. I can easily borrow the books via the height-adjustable self-checkout system. I can return the books anytime via one of the library return machines. What a long day! But my presentation is almost done now. And it was really quite nice here.