Accounting – University of Northern Colorado

November 21, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

I’m Megan Bonds and I’m majoring in Finance and Accounting. My name is Carrie Daniel and I’m an accounting major. My name is Jake
Neel and my major is accounting. When I came to visit, Professor
Mcclatchy gave me a tour of the building
and kind of talk to me about what the
different options were and she had suggested doing the double major and
it kind of just fit in well with what I liked to do, regarding like
the math and the organization. Upon coming here I found out like you
know, the Malcolm Baldrige Award like it’s insane how much success this place has had and being here
I feel like that success is almost passed down to me as a student I feel
like being here is going to help me succeed in whatever I’m doing. I think the best thing about accounting is is the versatility. A lot of people come
in thinking that it’s just math and its just crunching numbers but in accounting you can do tax, or
you can do audit, or you can do valuation and within those different areas you get to
know everything about businesses you’re not
just going in and looking at the numbers, you get to know how the business works, why the business works, who the
business manages and how it works within it’s industry within
the entire market. So it’s not just the numbers, you get
learn everything. My favorite classes has been the student
Foundation Fund Class and that’s our investing class for finance and I really like that one because we get to
use all the concepts that we learn in class and apply it to over a world scenario because we’re
spending actual money, and trying to make a profit for the college. Accounting seems like such all-inclusive program from professors
who were there to help you academically, and for your career,
whatever, the students, we have such
a bond amongst each other that we come into class and we’re all having
a conversation when the professor walks in. We all know each other we know what each other are interested in what we plan on doing, what firms we want to get
with, and we’re all kind of a team. as as a group of students in the
accounting program and I really enjoy that. The accounting faculty really feel that
it’s very important to help students find jobs before they
leave and I actually have the pleasure of having
already accepted a job offer and I haven’t even graduated yet, so that’s very exciting and I know the the way for most accounting majors. They already have jobs lined up before they graduate. At UNC I feel like all the students really want to be involved and be a part of their education and help
other students learn.